Wooden fence - main types

The article will talk about what a wooden fence is, what advantages have fences of this type, what types exist, what materials need to be used to extend the life of the tree. Photos of examples of the use of fences of the described type and video, revealing the features of installation.

Wooden fence - main types

The fencing of the area around the perimeter, made with the wooden picket fence

Features of the design and its advantages

Improvement of the country plot begins with the establishment of a fence. For its production is often used wood shtaketnik. With the help of it are formed fences that help designate the boundaries of the site. They do not obscure its territory, do not prevent the penetration of the wind. As a result, the inner space is constantly blown out, creating favorable conditions for plant growth.

Wood today is a very affordable material that has a very affordable price. It can be easily combined with other building materials. And in each case, such duets can boast of their advantages.

The tree responds well to processing; if necessary, a damaged element can be easily replaced with a damaged element in a fence. Installation and repair of the fence is easy to do on their own. In the presence of the elementary skills of a carpenter, the solution of such a problem would not be difficult. If the wood was correctly chosen, if it was processed correctly, with good care, the picket fence will last a couple of decades.

Wooden fence - main types

The traditional production of a fence from a picket fence

The design of the fence, assembled with a picket fence, is extremely simple: Wooden planks of the same size are nailed to the transverse lags at the same distance from each other. Fastening lag is made on the supporting pillars. They dig in and concreted into the ground.

Fences made of wooden picket fence can be of different shapes, different heights. They may have different widths of clearance between the slats. Thanks to this, it is possible to create original constructive solutions, to make simple and decorative fences capable of decorating the site with its intricate appearance and to demonstrate the good taste of the owner. The versatility of such fences, ease of installation, ease of care - criteria that ensure the continued popularity of this type of fence.

Wooden fence - main types

Fence assembled from slats of different sizes

Different types of wooden fence

Based on assigned functions , shtaketniki are divided into decorative, garden and fencing. With the help of the latter, the area around the perimeter is enclosed. Until recently, one type of product was used for designated purposes: the strips were sharpened or rounded, and then attached to lags with a gap. This technique helped to streamline the elements and create the same canvas with them. It could be painted and, thus, slightly diluted dull appearance.

If the owners do not want their site to be viewed from the inside, they can choose a deaf picket fence and fill the planks as close as possible to each other. This design boasts a more stable structure. It will be difficult to make a hole in it and climb inside private properties.

Wooden fence - main types

Picket slats tightly nailed to each other

Today the number of design techniques has expanded. To make the fence a special color wooden planks can additionally be fired, tinted. They can give an artificially aged appearance, they can be decorated with forged linings.

The method of stuffing rails was widely used. Looks very effectively fence "chess". He strap attached with an offset equal to the width of one strap. The space between two adjacent elements closes the bar, nailed from the "wrong" side. The photo clearly shows that such a fence allows you to solve several problems at once. On the one hand, it reliably closes the space of the local area from prying eyes, on the other hand, there remains a gap between the slats, which provides air flow.

Wooden fence - main types

A fence made of a shtaketnik attached to logs according to the chess pattern

The fence of the ranch is packed from slats that fill the space located between two lags, with the help of which the height of the fence is formed. After assembly, an open type fence is obtained. The main purpose of its installation is to delimit the territory and block access to internal possessions. Often such a scheme of packing the fence is used when it is necessary to quickly protect the area under construction. In rural areas, similar fences are used to contain animals.

The fence of the “ladder” picket fence is assembled from the slatted planks that are located horizontally to each other. They are overlapped.The result is a very beautiful fence, having a fairly respectable appearance. He passes through himself and the wind, and the sun's rays, while maintaining the inaccessibility of the site for prying eyes. The described design helps to create fences, on the surface of which moisture does not accumulate during rain. This will significantly extend the service life of the fence.

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Wooden fence - main types

Fence of the ladder fence

If you take a long wooden planks and lay them crosswise, you will have a wooden grille. It may be straight or oblique, but in any case, for greater stability along the perimeter, it must be attached to the frame.

Garden shtaketniki reach a height of 40-60 cm. They are designed to distinguish between individual functional zones formed inside the perimeter of the local area. Today is becoming popular carved picket. He has excellent decorative qualities, the aesthetics of the wood itself is not disputed by anyone either. There is a mass of techniques to create a carved fence.

When choosing a horizontal thread, it is possible to obtain an intricate pattern in which geometric figures are skillfully combined with each other (drops, lines, circles, rhombuses and spirals). For manual execution, a special tool is used for designated purposes. This work is very time consuming. Given the popularity of such products, some manufacturers offer carved picket fence, made in the conditions of workshops. They are sold in the form of separate sections, the assembly of which is reduced to fastening each of them to the finished crate from the log.

Wooden fence - main types

Example of horizontal carving
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Contour thread allows to obtain a three-dimensional pattern. Previously a pattern is transferred to the board, then it is cut with a chisel. For this wizard form blind holes. To enhance the effect of volume, grooves and protruding parts are painted in different colors.

Lace carving looks the most attractive. It is made the easiest. First, a hole is drilled on the picket plate, a jigsaw is inserted into it, the pattern is cut through with the help of it, the master gradually moves along the outlined contour.

Wooden fence - main types

Planks for a shtaketnik decorated with contour threads
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If a horizontal or lace threading technique is used, the craftsman works on each strip of the picket fence. Then, with the help of them, the fence is knocked down like a normal fence. Boards with a contour pattern are prepared in advance; they are first joined into a single canvas, which then, as a separate module, is attached to the crate. Most often, the contour technique is used when it is necessary to decorate the finished fencing fabric with additional elements.

The installation of a carved picket fence is done in the same way as usual:

  1. First the perimeter of the future is marked the fence , in the corners are installed pegs, then the threads are stretched between them. Along them with equal pitch is indicated the location of the supporting pillars. Pits are dug up in them, up to 70 cm in depth.

  2. The first mounts the most extreme pillars . They are aligned in height and are poured with concrete . On their top stretched by them. The height of intermediate supports is then calibrated over them.

  3. After the concrete grasps well, you can attach transverse logs . Usually wooden beam is used for designated purposes. It is fixed to the supports with screws and nails.

  4. When the frame is ready, you can proceed to fastening picket strips .

The video tells how to assemble a wooden fence:

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Additional processing of wood

It is impossible to leave the fence in this form, it is necessary to process the tree with paints or antiseptics. They will form a layer that will be able to protect the tree from moisture, from rotting, from mold, insects and rodents.If there is a need to paint the fence in some juicy color, it is still necessary to pre-treat it by impregnating a penetrating action. And only then, when its layer dries, apply paintwork material.

There are a large number of paints that are suitable for processing wooden picket fence. The choice of a particular composition depends on the objectives pursued by the additional decoration. If you need to completely hide the textured wood pattern, you need to buy covering paints. They fit well, form a dense layer, beyond which it is not visible what material the fence is made of. When it is necessary, on the contrary, to emphasize the texture of the tree, you need to purchase lessirovochnye compositions. After they are applied, a transparent or translucent film remains on the surface of the products, having a glossy or matte shade.

Wooden fence - main types

A fence covered with glaze compositions

It is also important to pay attention to the color of the paint. Light shades will make the fence airy, light and weightless. It will be perfectly combined with surfaces decorated with natural stone or concrete. Typically, this design option is chosen for painting the garden picket fence used inside the local area to form separate zones. In this way, for example, one can impose a well wall on all sides, then an unsightly technical object will not be evident. The fence will attract attention and please with its presentable appearance.

Fences enclosing the perimeter of the area are usually painted brown or green. In the first case, they become similar to monumental large buildings. Which adds a sense of security. In the second case, the fence is dissolved in green.

Once you have painted a picket fence, you will have to constantly do this every three, four years. It is desirable for this to use the same paint that was laid earlier.

You can see how to paint a fence made of picket fence by airless spraying in the video:

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Summary on the topic

The wooden picket fence has long been very popular with owners of suburban real estate. It has a fairly simple appearance. But if additional efforts are made to it, the fence easily turns into an impregnable barrier or a light openwork ornament. Today, such products are used to protect the perimeter of the site, to design flower beds, small architectural forms and outbuildings.


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