Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

The article will talk about what a garden swing is, which is better to choose models for giving, what technical characteristics to pay attention to when buying the described products. The proposed material contains a full review of existing models, lists the advantages and disadvantages of each. Photos clearly demonstrate the distinctive features, the video shows how typical metal structures are assembled.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Triple garden swings

History of creation and principle of action

A person likes to relax very much, swinging his body. That is why a device was invented that allows him to do it safely. Swing for each of us is a constant attribute of childhood. He has a very ancient history. There are references to this subject in ancient Greek myths, in the story of the death of Ikaria and his daughter Erygon. It describes how women rocked small children in baskets hung on green vines. Scientists suggest that the first cradles and become prototypes of the swing.

In some states of India, the custom is still preserved, observing that women gather for competitions once a year. The winner is the one that tries to soar above the rest. This action has a sacred meaning for the locals: the higher the woman soars on the swing, the more fruitful the year will be in the village where she lives.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Swings at fairs in Ancient Russia

In Russia, the described entertainment was very popular in the Middle Ages. They were so much fascinated by the people that the king had to sign in 1648 with the suggestion of Gavril Malyshev, who holds the position elected from the boyars' children, to sign a decree prohibiting swinging on a swing on holidays. This happened because drunken men mutilated and smashed to death, trying to show each other how strong they are in such fun.

In 1957, the Danish designer Nanna Ditzel invented a pendant structure, which instead of a chair had a seat that looked like a cocoon. It was suspended in the house from the ceiling or on the street to the tree. After three or four years, a new material was presented to the world community - plastic. Pop art has come into fashion. Updated all the furniture. On sale went plastic chairs. It was then that they began to make standard swings with gray plastic, which became the basis for making good garden swings.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Nanna Ditzel's Cocoon

Since then, the design of the described product has been constantly improved, technicians have come up with new designs, different types were born. But all products always share the same principle of operation. Models that do not have an electric drive swing like a pendulum. Such an action occurs due to the impulse of the force formed at the moment of squatting and straightening the human body. During the squatting period, the swings come to the highest point of support, at the moment of straightening they return to their original position. The more intensely a person moves, the greater the swinging amplitude becomes.

The range of motion has limitations. They are formed by the length of the suspension. The swing path is determined by the formula: it is equal to the distance from the point where the chain is attached to the center of gravity of the load. It is located approximately in the middle of the waist of the one who is swinging. When a person begins to bend the knees, the center of gravity changes, so the swing moves.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Models that do not have an electric drive

An electronic drive swing works on the principle of an oscillating circuit. It consists of a capacitor (two metal plates between which there is air) and a wire coil. When a positive charge is formed on one plate, and a negative one on another, a reaction is born, the product of which becomes an electric current. He drives the swing.

Spring models work under the action of squeezing and unclenching under the force of a spring push. When deciding what kind of swing is better to buy to the country, it is necessary to take into account the mechanism of their action and pay attention to different types of manufacturing.

Detailed classification of the swing

According to the type of execution, the products described are divided into several types. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to analyze the positive and negative sides of each model.


In most cases, these are single-person constructions designed for relaxing holidays. They are available today in two versions of manufacturing. The seat in the form of a cocoon mesh attached to a wooden frame is very popular. It has the shape of half an egg, attached directly to the ceiling or to a beam on an open summer terrace or directly in the garden under a tree.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Swing-chaise lounges, similar to the lounger

This model fits perfectly into any concept of garden design. Another type is like a sunbed. It is mounted on a metal rack.A special fastening system allows for easy swinging. To protect the bed from rain, sun and wind, a lightweight construction was invented, on which a fabric canopy is attached. This production version is perfect for those who like to lie in the shade of trees, read or listen to music, enjoying the beauty of nature.


Similar products are another symbol of a relaxing holiday. They allow a person to float in the air and at the same time do his favorite thing. In this position, you can lie down, read a book, drink tea, dream about something, enjoying the singing of birds. The main thing is to choose a suitable design. Today, there are two types of hammocks on sale: hanging and frame. They have different versions, the operation of each has its own positive and negative sides.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Hanging cloth hammock

Hanging hammock is a classic model that has a bed, it is fixed with the help of two supports. In the country, usually as they serve two trees, standing next to each other. If there is a desire to organize a stationary resting place, you can install two concrete pillars, concrete them into the ground, and make a shed above. As a rule, the bed has rigid strips on the sides, they provide a certain basis and greatly simplify the process of operation of the described product. A person, being inside such a structure, can sway from side to side, can rest motionless. The advantages of hanging hammocks include:

  • reasonable price ;
  • compactness of the product ;
  • simplicity installation and transportation ;
  • variety of options .

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Standard mesh hanging hammock

Some manufacturers offer an extended set of hanging hammocks, add mosquito nets or special mounts to them that can help increase the range between supports. This bonus allows you to more carefully treat the trees, acting as a support. Each model has one common drawback: low stability. A person being in a hammock in any sudden or careless movement may fall out of a lounger. Over time, the grid under the weight of the rest is stretched, the appearance of the product changes for the worse.

Frame hammocks are different from hinged ones in that they have a ready-made mounting system. It is a frame made of metal. On sale there are stationary models, there are collapsible production options. The second ones are convenient because you can disassemble and transport the lounger at any time to any other place. Stationary can boast highly resistant. They are solid, they weigh a lot, so when buying such a product, you must first find a suitable place.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Frame hammock with canopy
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The prefabricated and stationary frame can be additionally equipped with an side table, a canopy, mosquito nets, and other similar elements. There are different versions available for sale, some of them can be compared with space objects. They all have common virtues. These include high stability, safety and practicality. The canvas, thanks to the design features, is stretched evenly, the person on it does not have the feeling of being in the bag. The disadvantage of one is the higher price.

The hammock differs from the ordinary only in the shape of the bed. It is convenient to sit and read, drink tea and chat with family or friends. Such a product does not take up much space, it looks unusual, the manufacturers annually present new collections in which hammocks are presented in the most unusual forms of manufacture.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Comfortable hammock chair

When you purchase the described products, you should pay attention to the material from which the bed is made. None of the most thoughtful design of the frame or suspension will not save, if the place in which the person will stay and rest, will sag heavily and dig into the body. These qualities are most inherent in mesh models. Their popularity is falling today. And all because about ten minutes later, the mesh bed begins to dig deep into the skin. Many, to prevent such inconvenience, begin to place a mattress on the bottom. This increases the tension, the hammock becomes unusable faster.

The video tells the story of the appearance of hammocks, as well as its modern models:

woven products are more durable. They are comfortable, durable, but only if the box is formed with the help of dense weaving.For the manufacture of the bed is often used rattan, brazilian walnut shoots or vine. Rattan hammocks easily withstand a weight of up to 130 kg, but shrink over time. If you choose artificial rattan, you can use a hammock forever. Brazil nut is an expensive exotic. This product boasts high performance. Before manufacture, wood undergoes complex processing. The result is a raw material that allows you to create strong, durable hammocks that are resistant to temperature extremes. But they are incredibly expensive, so not everyone can afford such a purchase.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Wicker hammocks of oval shape

The best option for performance and cost is a hammock with a fabric bed. Manufacturers for its manufacture use cotton, burlap, flax, parachute silk, mattress tic, teno fabric, tarpaulin or nylon. A bed of cotton is very pleasant to the touch, it easily takes the shape of a human body, therefore it is more comfortable to be inside it. The described fabric is well breathable and absorbs moisture, contact with it does not cause allergies. But it quickly loses its shape, constantly wrinkles, after washing it gives a big shrinkage, its color quickly burns out in the sun. Therefore, experts recommend purchasing such hammocks only if you need to install them on a covered terrace or in the thick shade of trees.

The sacking has similar technical characteristics, but has a pointed texture. To make it comfortable to lie on such a surface, you will have to lay a soft blanket or a piece of some soft fabric under you. This, when using the product, creates a certain discomfort. This should be taken into account when choosing a hammock with a bed made of burlap to give.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Hammocks made of coarse sacking

Flax is a more durable and durable material than cotton, with both properties having similar properties. The disadvantage of flax choice is high shrinkage after washing. The material after it is heavily wrinkled and it is extremely difficult to iron.

If you hold your hand over the surface of parachute silk, you can feel a pleasant soft surface. The fabric has a very light texture, it is well breathable, not afraid of moisture, but quickly fade in the sun. For hammocks - this is the best version of the execution of the bed. If you try to protect it from the rays of the heavenly body, a very practical and comfortable couch will appear in the country.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Parachute silk hammocks

Until recently, sleeping mattresses were made from mattress tick, today fabric is actively used by manufacturers for sewing a bed. She is very mild, hypoallergenic. When choosing such a design for a hammock, it is important to remember that mattress tick absorbs moisture well. In the rain, this product can not be left. If you want to choose something that is called "forever", you should pay attention to the model, the bed of which is sewn from tarpaulin. This is a very durable material that can withstand any weathering effects, but the tarp is slightly rough to the touch. This is the only drawback of this choice.

Shade fabric, like nylon, as well as polyester, is resistant to wear, it is not afraid of moisture and sun. But the fabric sticks to the wet body, it is less pleasant to him than the analogues, made from natural materials. For many, this can be a fundamental criterion.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Hammocks from teno fabric
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Other important selection criteria

When buying a hammock, experts recommend paying attention not only to the type of construction and material of manufacture, but also to the dimensions of the product and the load it can withstand. This indicator is necessarily marked in the technical passport of the product. It indicates the maximum load, its excess causes damage to the product. Different materials have different maximum load. For example, a hammock, the bed of which is sewn from parachute silk quietly withstands 200 kg. Limit hammocks 80 kg.

The capacity of the product directly depends on how many supports it has. From this point of view, the range is divided into three categories: children, adults and family. The corresponding mark must also be in the technical passport of the product.

Hammock dimensions are another important criterion. There are standard models. Their bed looks like a rectangle with sides of 2x1.5 m. Such a hammock is considered to be single. On sale you can find much more spacious products, designed for two, three people. But practice shows that it is not very convenient to use them collectively.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

A hammock designed for one person

Summing up the preliminary results, it is worth noting that buying a hammock is a serious matter.To enjoy all the benefits of such an acquisition, you need to consider other important points.

In quality products, the rope with which the hammock is attached to the supports is a continuation of the bed. It is not necessary to acquire those models in which it is simply sewn to the central part. Both carbines, anchors, and dowels, any other elements that ensure safe operation of the product must be durable. Do not hesitate to ask the seller to fully disclose the model before purchasing: you need to make sure that everything is in place, that it is comfortable and convenient to stay in a hammock, that it does not turn into a cocoon when a person hits, that it is easy to get out of it if necessary. As a rule, in large stores several product options are set as a sample.

The video shows several types of hammocks:

And last, experts recommend giving preference to well-known brands. The top hammock swings are led by the companies Arlio, Cacoon and La Siesta. They produce products of higher price segment. Cheaper quality products are offered by Totem, Grilly and Outventure, their hammocks are less durable, but they are able to faithfully serve several seasons.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Hammocks from the company "Arlio"
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Swing sofas

If you ask the experts what garden swings are the most reliable, they will advise you to pay attention to these models. They belong to the garden furniture, which allows you to simultaneously decorate the local area and equip a cozy space for recreation.

Manufacturers today offer a wide range of similar products. Choosing something specific for yourself, you need to consider how many people will use such furniture. There are single, double, triple sofas, equipped with a hard or soft back. They can be hung on chains to the ceiling, can be mounted on A-shaped racks. Some sofas swing swing and take the form of a flat couch. Solid models have a clearly fixed back.

The video shows how a master of boards makes wooden garden swings on chains:

A distinctive feature of the products is a high frequency of vibrations. Sitting on them, you will not swing high, but you can, conveniently sitting down, shake yourself and enjoy a relaxing holiday. Most of the products described are made of wood. They are great for decorating gardens, but the tree is rotting. In order to extend the service life, the swing will have to be constantly treated with antiseptic solutions.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Comfortable swing-sofas for open terraces

The swing made of metal is the most durable product. They can be made from a metal profile, from a pipe of different section, from aluminum or chrome steel. Manufacturers staffed with mosquito nets and awnings. For the manufacture of covers for soft elements used water-repellent materials. Therefore, it is easy and convenient to use such swings. Even at the production stage, all the metal elements of the frame are treated with special coloring compositions that can prevent rust.

Swing sofas, created by the method of artistic forging, are similar to works of art. They look very impressive, invariably attract attention, but these products are much more expensive than standard models. This choice has one major drawback: metal swing sofas weigh a lot, they are immobile, they are difficult to move from place to place, for transportation you have to hire special vehicles. For families with small children, they are not very suitable: they have to monitor the baby more carefully, and this is all because there is a high risk of hitting the swinging couch.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Swing-sofas created by the method of artistic forging
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A lot of space is needed for swing sofas. Next to them should not be steep walls, large trees. Before installing the design experts recommend carefully inspect the surface of the site. Any flaws present on it will cause instability of the structure. This will prevent the product from being properly operated and will create certain risks to human security.

The video tells you what other criteria to consider when choosing a particular garden swing model from a medical point of view:

The best place for swing-sofas without a support structure is an open terrace or veranda . The product in this case is attached to the ceiling.It is better to buy sofas with a slight back bias back, they will be more difficult to roll over. Chains and rope yarns can be used for fastening; thin metal tubes can be preferred.

The wider the seat, the smoother the sofa moves. Swinging on such a swing, you can safely drink hot tea. A prerequisite for installation is free space (two meters in front and behind). Swing-benches are presented as varieties. They differ from sofas only in one thing: the absence of soft elements.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Wooden swing-benches

Additional bundling elements

Attracting the attention of potential buyers, manufacturers expand the bundle and offer As an added bonus, various useful devices. It can be a seat cushion, trimmed with a waterproof fabric, soft capes, warm gift wraps, awnings for protection from weather precipitation, cup holders and lighting systems. Their presence slightly increases the final cost of the product, but they allow you to relax more comfortably. It is important to buy those products from which covers can be removed and washed. The presence of a mosquito net is considered mandatory if the family likes to swing outdoors in the warm evening.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

In the configuration, awning, cape and soft pillows
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Features of operation

Garden swings should be installed in the shade of trees. If this is not possible, you should immediately purchase models with a sun-awning. Before assembly, experts recommend checking the complete set of the product, carefully study the instructions and strictly follow it during installation. Otherwise, the design may twist and sink, the load will be distributed unevenly, so swinging on such a product will become unsafe.

Once every two years it is necessary to conduct a technical inspection and lubricate all working units and hinges with technical oil. Once a season it is useful to wash removable covers and awnings. In the technical passport of the product the washing conditions, features of the mode, all existing restrictions of the temperature mode are indicated.

If it is not possible to remove the covers, they should be washed with a brush and water on the spot, and then dried in the sun.

Wooden structures are treated every two years with antiseptic compounds that can restrain the growth of colonies of mold and fungi, as well as prevent the processes of decay. Antifungal varnishes are best suited for the indicated purposes.

Garden swings - which ones are better to choose, how to properly operate

Painting the swing - annual procedure

Metal products made using hand-forged will have to be painted annually with water-repellent paints. If the metal model has a roof protecting the structure from rain, the product will last much longer than the one that does not have it.

After a rain, any swings should be wiped dry with soft rags. With strong wind, experts recommend removing tents. Otherwise they can bend and tear.

If the owners leave the cottage for a long time, they should make out the swings or bring them under a shed or to any other safe place. In this case, all structural elements must be clean and dry.

It is impossible to exceed the load specified in the technical passport during operation, it cannot be rocked strongly. This will result in rollover and injury. Do not sit on the swing too sharply, jump on them, swing in the standing position on their feet. Any point loads cause damage to the structure's hull.

The video shows 40 types of designs of modern garden swings:

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Generalization on the topic

It is difficult to say unequivocally which garden swings are better, which ones are worse. In each case, you need to individually approach the solution of the problem of choosing a product. It is important to take into account why garden swings are needed at the dacha, what functions are assigned to them, how many people will use such a product, where they will be mounted and where they will be installed. The safety of operation depends on the shape and design. The durability of the swing determines the material of manufacture.


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