country and garden houses, the price of construction

When choosing materials for building a country house or garden arbor, many prefer wood. In modern construction, minibuses are increasingly chosen because it can be used to build an object in a short time and at the lowest price. The surface of the material is planed, so the houses of the minibus do not require external and internal decoration. For the manufacture of used different wood species, most often coniferous. Finished products are subject to forced drying. This minimizes shrinkage and deformation of buildings from a bar, the tree does not crack during operation.

country and garden houses, the price of construction

Summer house for the rest of the minibus

Pros and cons of the material

The minibus resembles an ordinary building in appearance the board. But this is only at first glance. At one end it has a protrusion along the entire length (it is called a thorn or a crest), on the other - a recess (groove). When installing the butt crest of one bar tightly fits into the groove of the other. The result is a very solid construction. In addition to strength, this compound contributes to the insulation of walls and prevents the ingress of dust and water into the room.

This type of joint was also used in Soviet times on flooring boards. Such boards are also called grooved. The most common size of the minibus is 45x145 millimeters (taking into account the height of the spike). The length of a standard product does not exceed 6 meters.

The main advantage of the material is obvious - the mini bar is environmentally friendly. Firstly, the material itself is made of natural wood and does not contain harmful impurities. Secondly, at construction a minimum of synthetic substances is used (or not at all).

country and garden houses, the price of construction

Minibus in section (drawing diagram)

The main positive qualities of the minibus are listed below:

  • The material is much lighter than other building materials from wood. It gives the chance to build houses from a minibus on the facilitated options of the base. The result is substantial savings.

  • Pre-drying of the material minimizes the percentage of wood shrinkage, installation is carried out in one stage, you can operate the building immediately after the completion of construction work.

  • Wood is a wonderful decor. There is no need to carry out external and internal finishing works, the house already looks aesthetically.

  • Cost compared to log buildings or profiled timber is significantly lower.

  • The air temperature in the rooms is maintained at the optimum level for a person. Wooden buildings have good thermal insulation, so in the summer they heat up slowly and retain heat in winter.

  • The speed of construction. For qualified specialists it takes from 2 to 4 days.

  • The use of specialized construction equipment is not required.

  • The kit for the finished house is made in a short time (from three days to two weeks depending on the complexity).

  • Accessories for construction are made on high-precision equipment, and during the installation process they do not require modification.

country and garden houses, the price of construction

The minibus is a suitable material for building a summer house for living in the warm season

To disadvantages (although it would be more correct to say restrictions) include the following features of the material.

  • The minibus is not suitable for building large structures. Of course, it is possible to build, but the cost of supporting structures will make the project unprofitable.

  • Fire safety requirements for wooden structures are higher than for concrete and brick structures. However, the treatment of their special flame retardants solves this problem.

  • If the building is supposed to be on a plot of land with problem soil, you will have to spend money on a more solid foundation. But, it is necessary to understand that the construction of a house from any other material will require the same foundation, and the materials for the house itself will cost more.

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing houses from a minibus. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Which buildings are erected from a minibus

A country house from a minibus has a significant difference from the traditional ones - a small thickness of the walls. This imposes certain restrictions. These walls can not be used as the main supporting structures for other parts of the structure. For example, if in a classic wooden house the door frame is attached to the wall, here it rather acts as an additional support for it.

country and garden houses, the price of construction

A minibus pavilion is a rational solution for a country plot

Yes, for multi-storey buildings intended for permanent residence, this option is not completely fit. The scope of its application is slightly different, it is mainly focused on buildings that are used in the summer. Or those that are used all year round, but do not require constant heating. However, for construction in the summer season from May to October, such buildings are quite suitable. A few examples of what can be done from the minibus:

  • summer houses;

  • hozbloki;

  • toilets, showers;

  • baths, saunas;

  • woodpiles;

  • gazebos from the minibus not uncommon.

But, this does not mean that it is impossible to build a capital home for a permanent residence from a minibus. It is possible, and this has been done successfully for a long time in other countries, for example in Finland. The technology has been called the "double minibus". It looks simple - two parallel walls are erected at a short distance from each other, the space between them is filled with a heat insulator. The result is a full-fledged room that can be heated without fear that the heat will go outside.

How a minibus gazebo is assembled, look at the video:

Foundation for wooden houses

The light weight of the building allows you to do without powerful foundation. The following lightweight options will do:

  • Ribbon. It is a closed loop of interconnected reinforced concrete blocks or monolithic concrete. Passes under each wall of the house, does not require much penetration into the ground. The most common option.

  • Block. The design of it is the same as that of the tape one, but it is built only from the foundation blocks and necessarily deepens. It is used mainly in cases when a basement or garage is intended on the ground floor.

  • Pile. Usually used in construction on problem soils (clay, high content of humus in the soil, high humidity). Piles are deepened to more dense layers of soil, and they become a support for the foundation. A garden house of a minibus on stilts may not have direct contact with the ground.

country and garden houses, the price of construction

The strip footing for the house of the minibus
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What is included in the home set

The main components can be divided into three groups: the foundation, the wooden part, the roof. The standard set includes the following materials:

  • piping (covering rim): it is a wooden base made of timber that is installed on the foundation and serves as a support for the walls and floor;

  • logs (the bars from which the grate is assembled for flooring);

  • grooved floorboards;

  • walls ( a set of parts made to a certain size, with all the necessary cuts and holes, ready for installation);

  • doors and windows;

  • rafters (bars, on which the roof will be mounted);

  • roof boards;

  • wind strips (corners covering the ends of the roof) and trim on the windows and doors.

Overview of the minibar house in the video:

Assembly stages

Each construction object by -It is unique. But, all country houses from a minibus are built in the following order:

  • foundation construction;

  • waterproofing of the foundation;

  • piping installation;

  • set lag;

  • fixing the first row of minibus for walls;

  • building walls to the desired level;

  • assembling the roof sheathing;

  • laying the roof;

  • installation of windows and doors.

country and garden houses, the price of construction

Building the building from the parts included in the home set

All wooden components must be treated with antiseptic compounds before installation . This will save the garden houses from the minibus from rotting, mold and fungi.

Approximate prices in Moscow - turnkey construction

Unlike most sawn timber, minibars are rarely measured in cubes. Usually sellers offer their customers ready-made house sets. After reviewing the catalog, you can always choose the appropriate option for yourself.

How much is one square meter of a house is difficult to say. In addition to the footage, factors such as the presence of a veranda, roof construction, number of windows and doors, and decorative elements influence the cost. Also, when ordering additional options (plastic windows, iron doors, decoration), the cost increases. But, the larger the area, the less will cost 1 square. m

country and garden houses, the price of construction

The plan of the house of the minibus and the finished building corresponding to this plan

Approximate prices of 2017 for the garden houses of the minibus (Moscow and area) of the same performance (porch, gable roof, 3 windows, one door):

  • 18.5 sq. m. m, - 320,000 rubles. (8649 rubles / sq. M);

  • 30 sq. M. m, - 425,000 rubles. (7,500 rubles per sq. M.);

  • 48 sq. M. m, - 631,000 rubles. (6896 rubles / sq. M).

This cost includes basic materials for the house, the foundation of reinforced concrete blocks and the cost of assembly work.

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Minibrus for building a house is the optimal ratio of price, quality and construction time. Where there is no need for buildings for permanent residence at any time of the year, this option can be safely considered the most suitable.

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