What they fear when buying a country house or a plot - the main fears and myths

Buying a home or a country plot is akin to getting married: with a good deal, this event happens once in a lifetime, and the price of mistakenly choosing a life partner can be very expensive. In turn, fears when buying a home or a plot do not allow the buyer to sleep peacefully and slow down the process of making a deal. However, if you give your "nightmares" the will, you can stay without renting your own home, roaming through rented apartments or huddling in the "Khrushchev".

What they fear when buying a country house or a plot - the main fears and myths

What are they afraid of when buying a house

Consider the most common fears that prevent people from getting their vacation home:

Realtors and agencies

The first and most banal is the fear of dishonorable, and at times openly criminal realtor. This fear comes from the restless 90s, when the real estate market only became like a civilized business. Everybody had terrible stories about gangs of "black realtors" who stupefied buyers with drugs and sent them into slavery.

The money prepared for the purchase of housing, of course, was taken away. Of course, in this super-profitable segment of the market there were, there are and there will be both scammers and decent professionals. In any case, you should not be afraid of anyone, but it is imperative to secure the deal as much as possible. To do this, you must contact the well-known real estate agencies in the city with an excellent long-term reputation. Ideally, if the company is included in the professional association of realtors at least at the city or regional level.

Yes, they will take money for their work and maybe decent money, but it's worth it. Saving time and again - money and a guarantee of security of the transaction are more expensive than any money. Whereas when interacting with an unknown person who appears to be an agent from a company, it is a double risk. Especially if the purchase of land or a house occurs for the first time.

What they fear when buying a country house or a plot - the main fears and myths

Unscrupulous realtors exist due to ignorance of laws and lack of experience in the construction industry
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The ruble will fall and hit the pocket

In our crisis age, the loss of money due to economic force majeure is the fear that takes the second place of honor, and the bronze keeps the nightmare to comprehend the fate of the deceived shareholder. And the first and second concerns, of course, have a real basis. Plots of most channels in the last couple of years are full of stories of people left without shelter and without money.

What they fear when buying a country house or a plot - the main fears and myths

Waiting for bad news - the scourge of the information age

- In this case, the output is one: carefully study the selected project, the terms of the transaction, the documentation, the readiness of the country house for delivery, the cleanliness of the site for possible pitfalls, advises Andrei Azarov, director of the Moscow real estate agency "Elite Housing" .

- An additional advantage will be the availability of mortgage programs for the selected site or cottage. Because it means that the financial institution that worked on the object, checked it "from" and "before." As for the fears of the fall of the ruble, it is not so simple. In my practice, there have been cases when land purchasers who had large currency savings only won in the situation with the maximum fall of the Russian ruble. In addition, a sharp decline in prices is always on hand to those who are planning to buy good housing on favorable terms.

Of course, there is always a risk of losing savings in a constantly changing economic situation. But on the other hand, this aspect will help speed up the decision in favor of a long-planned house purchase.

What they fear when buying a country house or a plot - the main fears and myths

In some cases, a currency drop becomes a step up
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Loss of money and overpayment

With non-cash payment of the transaction, the buyer often fears due to the lack of control over the movement of funds. To get rid of this nightmare, it is better to choose a bank cell for financial transactions.

The scheme of work with this tool is extremely simple: the buyer puts the funds in the cell, and the seller gets the opportunity to take them only upon the presentation of the housing documents to the acquirer. In fact, a letter of credit or bank transfer works in a similar pattern, only all processes occur in virtual mode.

If a responsible and decent real estate agency is involved in the transaction, there is nothing to fear.Timely transfer of documents confirming the ownership of the buyer and receiving money for their work, primarily in the interests of realtors.

What they fear when buying a country house or a plot - the main fears and myths

With the right approach, non-cash payments are a reliable payment system

- In addition to payment the selected site or house needs to pay for the work of a realtor, checking the purity of the transaction in certain bodies, possible repairs, registration of land ownership, relocation, finally - comments on the situation Elena Mariy, director of the Novosibirsk real estate agency Lotos

- Many people think that this is a huge waste. In fact, today there is a very flexible system of discounts, bonuses, individual programs, “weekend” purchases. In any case, in real estate agencies standing firmly on their feet. The total cost can be calculated in advance by making a specific plan and writing all the items into it.

Double sales and karma

Another terrible song about the main thing is a double sale of a plot or a cottage. Many people are afraid to spend millions of dollars and remain at the bottom of the trough. In fact, in the cottage settlements the purchase of housing under equity agreements completely excludes "double standards". In the case of buying a house with a history, you need not be lazy and carry out a legal inspection of housing.

What they fear when buying a country house or a plot - the main fears and myths

To buy a house or a plot does not turn out to be raw in a mousetrap, you must carefully check all the nuances of
It can be interesting ! The article at the following link: whether to buy unfinished - economic and legal aspects.

The title insurance, which has been in great demand recently, will secure the transaction as much as possible. This type of protection of a real estate transaction protects the buyer from invalidation. And also does not give the former owner the right to request the cancellation of the transaction and the return of housing for some reason. The most common of them, officially prescribed by law, is the incapacity of the seller, the sale of the object by one of the spouses without the consent of the second, subject to equal rights to housing. Sale of real estate is under threat to the health and life of oneself or close ones, in the presence of serious diseases from the seller and a number of some other circumstances.

Another fear, more typical of women, is unfavorable astrological predictions, fortune telling on charts, prophetic dreams that do not bode well for the deal, bad energy at home and other mysticism.

What they fear when buying a country house or a plot - the main fears and myths

Oddly enough, but superstitions even live in atheists

- no matter how funny it didn’t sound, but buyers who don’t believe in bad or good fortune and energy of the house rarely come to us, especially when it comes to resale housing, Elena Mariy, director of the Novosibirsk real estate agency Lotos, shares.

- One has to convince that no one died a violent death in the house, there are no ghosts in it, and no one will draw energy at night. What can I say? The ubiquitous Internet, television and fiction are the three “whales” on which the superstitions of modern man hold.

To continue to believe in them or to purchase housing at your own risk, as they say, is a matter of everyone’s choice. A professional realtor for his part, in any case, will listen and help.

To believe in karma or not is a personal matter for everyone. But what really should not be neglected is the legal status of the land plot. According to Russian law, today there are two forms of land ownership: individual and common-share. If the developer created a dacha non-profit partnership before the construction of the village began and invested all the money in this association, then the subsequent purchasers of the site or house on it will be required to enter into it and purchase a share.

For details on the allocation of land from shares, see the following video:

In the case of individual ownership of each piece of land, a separate certificate is issued , and the general needs and spending on them relate only to utility issues. It is clear that participation in the NPD is fraught with great risks, since it is necessary to adapt to the majority and put up with some inconveniences. The ideas of the newly acquired property of the owner may come at all "not to the court."

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Summing up the review, it is worth noting that fear has large eyes, whereas there are no insoluble problems. Even with such a serious deal as buying a home or a plot. The main thing is the sequence of actions and interaction only with professionals.


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