turnkey projects in modern style, prices in Moscow

The most popular housing in Moscow is apartments. But to have a good rest after a hard day at work is unlikely to work out. Outside sounds will be constantly heard from the open window and from behind the walls. Giant concrete boxes are surrounded by smog plume. So you want to run away from him. Therefore, many are trying to move from the noisy bustling capital and build houses outside the city. The perfect solution is modern wooden houses. They have a lot of advantages compared with other types of housing.

turnkey projects in modern style, prices in Moscow

The modern wooden house has many advantages - beauty, environmental friendliness, comfort ...

The advantages of wooden houses in the country

  • Fast construction . On average, the construction of a house from a bar takes 3-6 months. If you build a house from another material, you will need more time. Such rapid construction is made possible by minimal shrinkage of wooden houses. Bruce - practical material. From it can be built at any time of the year. Construction can even be carried out in the winter. Due to the minimal shrinkage, the work is carried out continuously.

  • Aesthetics . Only at first glance it seems that the wooden buildings were in the distant past. Today they are experiencing their rebirth. Wooden houses occupy a place of honor among the leaders in modern style. They have a flawless appearance due to the absence of knots and unevenness of the texture.

  • Variety of projects . The timber can be safely called a universal material. From it is possible to build structures of any complexity. Exterior and interior design depends only on the imagination and the wishes of the owners. As a result, you will get comfortable and stylish accommodation.

  • Environmental cleanliness . The tree is an environmentally friendly material. It is not capable of harming human health.

turnkey projects in modern style, prices in Moscow

The house may be small, but quite practical
  • Durability . Modern houses from a bar impress with service life. You can be sure that the building will serve not only you, but also your great-grandchildren. The timber itself is a durable material. It is resistant to rotting, fungal and insect infestation. Thus, the house from a bar is an excellent investment in the future.

Thermal insulation and cost savings

Wooden buildings have good thermal insulation properties. It is possible to live in houses from a bar at any time year. This can be achieved through durable docking bars. At the same time there is no need for mandatory sealing walls. With proper work between the bars there is no gap.

Another important advantage of building with the use of a bar is cost effectiveness. The main item of expenditure will be in the first construction period. The final decoration and preparation of housing for the settlement will require small investments. Repair in a wooden house will be much cheaper than in the construction of another material. This is due to the fact that the premises can be limited to sanding and painting walls. The wall of wood and without finishing has a spectacular appearance. Inside the wooden house is cozy and without wallpaper. In addition, the tree has a pleasant aroma. It will continue for a long time.

turnkey projects in modern style, prices in Moscow

A large terrace, a balcony is not yet the ultimate dream of a modern house

Inside the house there will always be clean air and a healthy microclimate. Wood has a porous structure that allows it to "breathe." Wooden walls allow more oxygen to enter the premises. Inside the house is maintained a constant level of humidity. Thus, wooden housing can be safely called beneficial to health.

Building a house from a bar is a real opportunity to get high-quality, warm, comfortable and beautiful housing at an optimal cost.

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Construction stages

Houses from a bar are built in several stages :

  • selection and development of the project ;

  • calculation of the budget ;

  • coordination of details with the customer;

  • construction of the foundation ;

  • installation of wooden box ;

  • laying engineering communications (water, sewage, electricity, gas);

  • finishing housing.

A beam is an ideal building material, usually of rectangular cross section, although some of its types have a rounded or complex shape. Bars can be of any length, so you can create custom interior and exterior solutions. Modern technologies allow to conduct all types of communications to the house.

turnkey projects in modern style, prices in Moscow

Bar can be different, in fact, as well as the final result of construction

Modern exterior styles

Modern style is perfect symbiosis of form and material. Architects offer several design directions:

  • Minimalism . It combines the convenience and the almost complete absence of decorative elements.

  • Modern . Its features: a multi-level roof, many corners and an asymmetric facade.

  • Hi-tech . This is an innovative style that is characterized by clear lines, regular shapes and versatility.

Also the house can be built in Russian, Finnish and half-timbered style. Very popular is the direction of the Hoof House.

turnkey projects in modern style, prices in Moscow

Asymmetrical house - on the one hand the one-story house smoothly enters a house with an attic
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Variants of projects for houses from timber

Houses from timber can be one- and two-storeyed. Depending on the degree of readiness and taking into account the wishes of future owners, projects are divided into the following types:

  • Model . Template decision. This option is the most budget. It combines simplicity, functionality and efficiency. However, a typical project does not take into account many nuances such as the type of landscape and soil, the wishes of the customer, etc.

  • Combined . The basis is a typical template. The project makes some adjustments to the wishes of the customer.

  • Individual . You will have at your disposal an exclusive house from a bar in a modern style, which has no analogues. When developing a project, the slightest wishes of the customer are taken into account.

For a family of 2-4 people, a home with an area of ​​100 m 2 will suffice. If we talk about the cottage, then this is enough for the company to spend 5-6 people. Such housing will turn out without excesses, but quite comfortable. It will be a bathroom, kitchen, vestibule, a couple of rooms, sometimes a wardrobe.

To give, you can build a house 60-80 m 2 with open space planning. It implies the absence of partitions and maximum free space. If you plan to year-round living, then in the house you can equip the steam room or sauna.

turnkey projects in modern style, prices in Moscow

A pretty fountain will soon appear in front of the house

Squares 100 m 2 are enough to build a two-story structure . Especially popular is the house with the attic floor. This is not just a rational use of the attic. The house with an attic floor quickly warms up. This layout is perfect if you are going to be in the country from time to time. In addition to the attic in the house may be a garage. This is an economical solution in terms of construction and heating. The house and the garage will have a common wall, which will save on building materials. Due to the heating of the living space in the garage there will always be a comfortable temperature.

The house can be equipped with a terrace. It is not just a spectacular architectural move, but also an additional place. For example, on the terrace you can put a table and chairs. Get summer dining.

The larger the footage, the more comfortable the housing will be. The area should be calculated depending on the number of family members and their financial capabilities.

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What is the cost of

The following factors affect the cost of construction:

  • Project. You can use a typical project. However, it is better to turn to professional designers and architects. They will make the author's project, which will take into account the peculiarities of the landscape, the type of soil, the view from the windows, your budget and special requests.

turnkey projects in modern style, prices in Moscow

Regardless of the complexity of the project, its calculations and creation should be entrusted to a professional
  • Number of floors and walls . The more partitions in the house, the higher the cost of the project. The number of walls determines the number of rooms in the house. Construction of a two-story house will cost more. However, this design will pay for itself in the future. You get housing with a large living space. In addition, two-story buildings can save space on the site.

  • Ceiling height and wall thickness . Large footage of rooms increases the consumption of building materials. The beam provides an opportunity to build a house with different thickness of walls. This can be useful for saving money and creating original interior solutions.

  • Type of roof . There are many materials to cover the roof. They vary in cost.

  • Accessories . These include doors, windows, ceilings, etc. The more complex the project, the more components are required.

Modern wooden houses can be very different, which is confirmed by the following video:

Construction prices vary greatly. The cost of housing turnkey starts from 1 750 000 rubles. For this money you can build a one-story house with an area of ​​121 m 2 . For 2 100 000 rubles it is possible to erect a two-story structure with the meter area of ​​128 m 2 . At 3,200,000 rubles a dwelling will cost 248 m 2 . The house will have two floors. With a budget of 4,000,000, you can build a comfortable two-story house with an area of ​​295 m 2 . At 5,000,000 rubles will cost the construction of a two-story house with an attic and carport. Its length will be about 380 m 2 .

turnkey projects in modern style, prices in Moscow

On the surface, a simple two-story house can be quite expensive
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of wooden houses from companies represented at the exhibition houses "Low-rise Country".


Wooden houses in a modern style symbolize solidity, reliability and naturalness. Spending time in such housing is a pleasure. His beauty will not leave anyone indifferent.

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