photos and planning schemes, a plan for an exemplary design of the garden area

The article will deal with the arrangement of a small suburban area of ​​six hundred square meters. Optimal planning options and design of the whole territory will be considered. Below are the options for home placement, parking, recreation areas, gardens, outbuildings and so on. Layout of the 6 hectare site requires compliance with certain rules, which allows for convenient and comfortable zoning of the entire territory.

photos and planning schemes, a plan for an exemplary design of the garden area

Proper planning allows you to achieve comfortable zoning of the area

The importance of planning

Planning is quite a long process that requires maximum attention. Over zoning a small area must work a good specialist. This will avoid annoying mistakes and create a very comfortable area for permanent residence. Such a step will help to create all the buildings that will meet all the requirements and standards. The whole territory will be used rationally, the dimensions of all planned buildings will be correctly chosen and there will be places for outdoor recreation, a garden and a vegetable garden. All buildings and elements of the site will be located in full compliance with sanitary standards and will ensure maximum comfort of stay.

Planning and zoning

An important factor is proper planning and zoning of the site. It is necessary to determine what the buildings will be and their sizes. The task is very difficult, given the size of the site, so it is necessary to cooperate with specialists in solving such issues. Proper zoning and design is carried out taking into account the characteristics of each zone and its immediate purpose.

photos and planning schemes, a plan for an exemplary design of the garden area

It is very important to determine the size of future buildings

It is recommended to divide the whole area into different functional areas, if there are no buildings on it yet . In some cases, buildings can be transferred, but this is an additional investment of time and money. Before starting work, a detailed plan is drawn up. We need to think about the layout of the house and starting from it to work on the rest of the buildings and zones.

The 6 hectare site plan may include the following zones:

  • parking / garage, are made near the exit / basement ;

  • recreation area with a gazebo and barbecue facilities, a small sauna with a veranda can also be built here;

  • playground with a sandbox, in the summer you can put an inflatable pool;

  • farm building for storing equipment or keeping birds;

  • bathroom and outdoor shower;

  • beds for growing vegetables, orchards, and so on.

Zones can be combined in different versions. The owner of the site can optionally add some own ideas. But it is very important to always take into account the overall style of the site and its area. It is important to determine in advance what should be on the site.

photos and planning schemes, a plan for an exemplary design of the garden area

It is important to determine which buildings and elements will be on site

When planning and zoning a site, it is necessary to adhere to the established norms and requirements, including fire safety. Otherwise, the site owner may be penalized. The residential building should be located at a distance of 5 m from the street and 3 m from the fence of the neighbors. Farm buildings should be placed no closer than 1 m from the garden. These are very important requirements that must be met. In addition, if the site will have a compost pit, outdoor toilet or shower, then it is absolutely impossible to place a gazebo and especially a playground near them. They should be located as far as possible from each other.

Features of the area

The layout options of the 6 hectare site are based on the characteristics of the territory, or rather the forms, can be of several types:

  • Square . In this case, problems generally do not arise, all issues with zoning are solved quite easily. The house can be located in the middle of the plot, farm buildings and similar elements are located in a remote corner. On the opposite side of the house or in front of it, you can equip a recreation area and a playground. It must be remembered that the garden should be near the economic block, and near the arbor - the garden.

photos and planning schemes, a plan for an exemplary design of the garden area

On square plots you can place a house in the middle of
  • Rectangular / elongated . In this case, the house is better to put near the short side of the fence. Departing from it, you can create the necessary zones (play, recreation, household building, garden, vegetable garden). You can make any sequence, however, a playground and a gazebo looks more attractive near the house than with a garden unit.

  • The letter "G" . In most cases, a gazebo or a seating area is made in the projected area. Then the house is put, next to the nursery, and only then the outbuildings, the vegetable garden, the garden, which are planned alternately on the long side.

A parking space for a car or a garage in any case is best built closer to the exit from the plot. In some cases, a residential house can be put not in the middle of the plot, but closer to the exit and you can attach a garage to it or make a carport. For a landscape of 6 acres, this will be an excellent solution and free space saving.

photos and planning schemes, a plan for an exemplary design of the garden area

Parking space at the exit
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Design of the territory

The landscape design of the 6 hectare site allows visually increasing the total area. To improve the overall appearance of the territory, you can use different plantings of flowerbeds and front gardens, decorative elements and so on. However, it is important not to overdo it and everything must be in harmony with each other. Flower beds can be made along the established fence, as well as near the house. It is not recommended to use tall shrubs or trees at all, as they can strongly shade the territory. Optimal use of lawns and various beds.

Decorative elements will help not only to decorate the territory, but also bring a special zest to it. In this case, designers recommend using a free or geometric style. This allows you to achieve a very spectacular view and make the site neat. It is good to adhere to strictness in front of the house, but when creating a recreation area, to give preference to the free style. So the site will be more convenient and attractive. But we must remember that if you overdo it with a free style, then it may have an abandoned look.

photos and planning schemes, a plan for an exemplary design of the garden area

Decorative elements will decorate the territory of the site
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If the planning of the garden area of ​​6 acres is planned for planting a tall tree, then it should be only one. Weaving plants and shrubs can be used to decorate the fence. It is better to make all tracks winding, because straight lines will visually reduce the area. Flowers on flowerbeds should be bright and contrasting with each other.

Garden, recreation area and playground

Even in such a small area you can create a garden and a nice garden. For shrubs and trees can be allotted about half of the entire territory. But it is important to remember that the trees themselves should not be very tall so as not to obscure the plot. Approximately 15-20% of the area

can be left as a garden. You can find out how to properly plan a building plot from the video: celebrations and meeting guests. On the allotted area is to put a gazebo or a bath with a veranda. Nearby you can even build a decorative fountain or a small artificial pond. If frequent receptions are planned for guests, then it is better to put a gazebo close to home so that it is convenient to take out food if there is no barbecue, stove or barbecue. With very limited space, portable fireboxes can be used.

The playground should be placed in such a place so that it can be easily viewed from anywhere in the site and at home. For her, choose a flat place with good lighting during the day. However, it is important to remember that during the period of the highest solar activity a shadow should fall on the playground. For this purpose special canopies are sometimes used.

photos and planning schemes, a plan for an exemplary design of the garden area

Playground with good lighting

By observing all the requirements, norms, rules and tips you can achieve a very good result. To build a comfortable house and leave as much space as possible on the plot, it is worth choosing a two-story project. On the ground floor, the living room, kitchen and utility rooms are mainly arranged, and on the second floor living rooms are made for family members and guests. This is a good economy of the territory, which can later be used for other important purposes. But in order to achieve the best result, you need to work with an experienced and qualified specialist. Only in this case, you can guarantee comfort and convenience.

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A site plan of 6 acres with a house should be developed by a specialist who is well aware of all the nuances and features of the zoning of such small areas. On the site you can place all the necessary buildings and will leave enough free space. It is important to think over all the details so that the stay is as comfortable as possible.

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