Analysis of the country house for compliance with environmental requirements

Environmental impact assessment is the analysis of a residential facility for compliance with environmental requirements. In Russia, it is governed by the federal law "On Ecological Expertise". Private country houses are not subject to the law directly, and no one obliges their owners to this procedure. Let's see why it is still important to check the cottage and the land under construction for environmental safety.

Analysis of the country house for compliance with environmental requirements

Reliability of a house in the first place lies in its environmental friendliness

Reasons to think about

Construction of a property at any stage Starting from the choice of land requires careful planning and control. If you are going to build a house in the country, the future owner must foresee all possible causes of future problems. Eco-expertise is an excellent technique that helps to identify the most unpleasant of them: violations of sanitary standards and environmental safety requirements.

In the article "6 problems and 7 solutions for suburban construction," we dealt with issues of deception when selling land for construction. One of the unpleasant news that a buyer may expect is that the site is adjacent to economic or industrial facilities with a high environmental load. For example, with large-scale construction, livestock complex or agrofirma. In this case, only eco-expertise will show whether the construction is safe and what additional measures should be taken. Or the site is partially or completely in a specially protected natural area and requires mandatory eco-expertise. That is, not only the potential harm from the environment is studied, but also the harm from the house itself.

Analysis of the country house for compliance with environmental requirements

Eco-friendly home security is a guarantee of the health of the whole family

If the house is already built, the owner can find out if it is safe to live in it and work. Yet this is a place where families spend a lot of time and therefore must be confident in compliance with housing and sanitary norms. Such attention to ecology may seem superfluous, because it seems that everything is in order in a country private house, unlike in urban developments. But cases of identifying hazardous substances and exceeding the limit values ​​of pollution are not unique, and therefore deserve attention.

Chemical expertise

Air, water and material samples from which the house and furniture are built should not contain radon, formaldehyde, mercury, phenol, heavy metals and their compounds. Chemical analysis is performed for the presence of these substances. Especially dangerous is the excess of the norm of formaldehyde and phenol, which are contained in vinyl wallpaper, plastic, chipboard, insulating materials. In the norm of these substances in the materials should be a minimum, confirmed by the FEZ (sanitary-epidemiological conclusion).

Water is tested for compliance with the standards for salts and metal ions. If a land plot is examined, the same parameters are analyzed.

Analysis of the country house for compliance with environmental requirements

Chemical expertise will finally put the "diagnosis of cleanliness" at home

Private companies offer, among other things, diagnostics of radon sources. It is a toxic natural gas released from the crust of the earth and accumulating in the basements of residential buildings.

A laboratory test report provides detailed information on all classes of hazardous substances found in the home. If the environmental impact assessment reveals irregularities in newly built housing, it is much better than to find out about them after the emergence of health problems.

Physical examination

In addition to the obviously harmful chemical pollution, physical pollution can be detected in the house or on the site, namely noise, vibration, electromagnetic, radiation and even light. Vibrometers, sound level meters, photometers, electrometers, dosimeters - this is a list of instruments for physical eco-examination.

It is the measurements of physical parameters that give reason to abandon the construction on a site located close to a noisy construction site, railway or industrial facility.

Biological expertise

Examines the microflora of air, water and furniture surface samples. Normally, they should not detect pathogenic microorganisms, mold spores and other fungi.

Analysis of the country house for compliance with environmental requirements

Fungi and mold are also not the best "neighbors" whose presence it is better to know in advance and take timely measures

In contrast from chemical and physical pollution, unfavorable microflora difficult to fight. To get rid of formaldehyde, you can replace the furniture in the house and pick up linoleums and coatings from natural components, install an air cleaner. But it is quite difficult to neutralize the fungus and bacteria. The reason is that this type of pollution appears rarely, but only in the case of impaired air exchange and problems with moisture insulation and dew point. And these are serious technological shortcomings of construction.

About the nuances of carrying out an environmental impact assessment in a video interview: all sorts of shortcomings at home. Responsible construction companies during the construction of the house strictly monitor compliance with all standards and choose to work proven suppliers of building materials. To protect yourself in advance, consider incorporating mandatory eco-expertise into a construction contract.

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