frame, stationary, the best design ideas

The own pool at the site sooner or later appears to all fans of water treatments. This material offers an overview of popular models, from inflatable and frame, to composite and concrete. After reading the article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various products, what is included in the package and what is needed for installation. The proposed selection rules will help you determine the best option for your site.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

The swimming pool as part of the recreation area

About the classification of swimming pools

Living outside the city is less associated with continuous cultivation beds, harvesting and subsequent processing. A modern city dweller, tired of dusty and crowded streets, wants to enjoy a full-fledged country holiday. But the rest may not be so comfortable if the summer is hot, and in the immediate vicinity there is not a single reservoir. A complete solution to this problem will be the installation of the pool.

The basin gradually turns into the desired element of the infield; the market is full of offers, in a variety of which is not easy to navigate. Often models are classified according to the method of installation of the pool; it is performed in one of two ways:

  • Installation on the surface of the soil . This group includes inflatable and frame structures that require the construction of a flat platform (suitable concrete or carefully rammed).

  • With penetration into the soil (often used for large volume models). Dig a pit in which the bowl is lowered. The material of the bowl can serve as a monolithic concrete, polypropylene, fiberglass.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

The frame construction without embedding in the soil

Pools in the summer cottage can be classified based on other characteristics:

  • By the way of using . Winter designs are projected in a complex with residential construction and operated year-round. Summer are located in the open air and are used during the warm season.

  • By volume and depth . Manufacturers offer children's or adult models that differ in both geometric parameters and depth.

  • According to the type of circulation system . Water filtration can be organized by overflow when the water fills the pool to the sides, collects around the perimeter, is cleaned and returned. In the skimmer (surface) design, water does not reach the sides. The upper, most polluted layer of water enters the filter unit using a special device - a skimmer.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

Skimmer-type skeleton model for adults

6 pool selection rules

There are criteria to help make the right choice. If you want to please your loved ones with a good purchase, you should consider the following issues in advance:

  • Location . Choose a place for the future reservoir. A smooth, non-shaded area is best suited, preferably away from prying eyes.

  • Accessibility of water supply . The parameter directly affects the displacement of the pool, because the water will have to be periodically changed. In order for the venture not to become too expensive, it is necessary to determine the method of water supply and discharge.

  • Budget . It includes not only the cost of purchase and installation. Pool - a system that requires regular supervision. Filtration and disinfection of water, care of the purification system will require periodic expenses.

  • Number of users . It directly affects the size of the structure, and, therefore, the budget of the future acquisition.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

Away from prying eyes
  • Frequency of use . The type of suitable model depends on whether there are hardening lovers in the family prolonging the swimming season until the first frost.

  • Age of children . Often choose a model designed for an adult audience. If there are small children in the family, it is rational for them to purchase an inflatable paddling pool appropriate for their age; in a few years they will grow up and master the adult construction. Alternatively, you can install a pool with a transitional bottom (multi-level), where it will be convenient for everyone, from young to old.

Popular varieties

The pool provides an opportunity to have a good time, not languishing from the heat and not leaving the site. Installation of the reservoir is carried out in one of three ways:

  • Ground . All temporary inflatable and frame models, the bottom of which is on the ground. They take up little space, just set up and fold when the summer season comes to an end.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

Convenient and safe
  • Fixed . The reservoir is designed for long-term operation and therefore is buried in the ground.Such a pool needs to be pre-designed; It requires mandatory installation of water treatment equipment. The shape, size and design of such a hydraulic structure depends on the imagination of the owners and the allocated budget.

  • Combined (indoor pools). A variety of stationary design with sliding pavilion. The pavilion is often made of polycarbonate and allows you to use the pool until late autumn (if you take care of the heated water).

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

Stationary pool under a polycarbonate roof

The following designs are among the most popular types:


A budget and fast way to get your own pool with the following characteristics:

  • Construction . Most of the inflatable models made of a double PVC film, reinforced with reinforced mesh. Air fills the upper edging.

  • Size . Models that are comfortable for adults have a depth of 1.2 m. The running are pools with a diameter of 2.5 to 5 m and a depth ranging from 0.7 m.

  • Setting . Inflatable models are famous for ease of installation; they are collected on a level (without slope and pits), thoroughly cleaned area. Installation takes less time than filling with water.

  • Pros . They are obvious: low price, compact dimensions and phenomenal installation speed. Any model of this type is transported without problems in a passenger car, assembled - moves around the site.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

Inflatable, compact, comfortable
  • Minuses . The design does not have a frame, so you can not lean on it and easily damage (especially if you have pets). The second drawback is that inflatable pools are not equipped with a filter and a skimmer (the filtration system may be more expensive than the structure itself). You will periodically change the water, clean the bottom, and also pump air.

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of landscape works. You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.

Frame collapsible

This hydraulic structure has a solid frame in the form of a frame and all-metal sheets; the bowl is made of three-layer PVC material.

  • Options . The bowl is equipped with a drain valve (to which a garden hose can be connected). In the walls are often provided for holes through which the filter pump is connected. The kit may include a water heater, filter, repair kit, lights, stairs.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

Frame collapsible model
  • Installation . Does not require much time (less than an hour). During operation, the pool at the dacha is recommended to close at night with an awning. After the end of the swimming season, the frame pool is dismantled and hibernates in the attic or in the garage, taking up minimal space.

  • Pros . The design has a greater margin of safety than inflatable. You can lean on the side of the frame pool (but you can not dive from it). Many models have a decent volume (3-3.5 tons) and are designed for a service life of 7 to 10 years.

  • Minuses . Before buying, it is necessary to determine how long it will take to fill the pool (if the pressure is weak, the process can take several days). It is also important to understand where you plan to drain such a volume of water, because doing so is often quite difficult (in such a framework, personal hygiene comes first). Another drawback is that the bowl needs annual replacement; poor-quality film can sag under the pressure of a mass of water.

About choosing a pool to give in the following video:

Frame fixed

They are resistant to low temperatures. Such a reservoir will stand without problems on the street from autumn to spring; its characteristics are as follows:

  • Size . Reinforced frame allows to produce large-sized buildings with a diameter greater than 7 m and a volume of up to tens of cubic meters. Volume sets the installation method - the larger it is, the less stable the pool is and the higher the likelihood that it will have to be buried in the ground.

  • Design features . The basis is a steel frame of individual panels with a multi-layer corrosion-resistant coating. PVC film resistant to UV and chemical reagents is inserted inside. The profile of plastic guides increases stiffness; The kit is complemented by a plastic top. Often such a pool is decorated with a decorative finish - lamination under a tree or stone.

  • Options . The standard kit includes a sand filter and a full-fledged skimmer.Packaging weighs more than 100 kg, which must be considered during transport.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

The frame stationary model
  • Installation . Frame stationary (they are sometimes called prefabricated) water bodies can be installed on the ground surface or recessed into it, in part or in full. They are placed both outdoors and indoors, the assembly takes 1-2 days, depending on the readiness of the site.

  • Pros . Frame pool, reinforced profile, easily withstands the winter cold, and you get rid of the need to disassemble, dry and look for a place to store it. When the summer season ends, it canned as a standard plastic or concrete pond.

  • Minuses . You will need to monitor the equipment and periodically (after wintering) to change the liner of PVC film. In order not to change the water more often than once a year, it will have to add chlorine and preparations that prevent flowering.

About the turnkey swimming pool construction in the following video:

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Of reinforced concrete

If you are a fan of reliable, durable solutions, then a solid construction will suit you. The pool with a monolithic concrete bowl is characterized by the following features:

  • Advantages . The reservoir will serve for many years; the shape and size of the structure is determined only by your imagination. You can equip the pool with various devices: arrange a spectacular lighting and countercurrent, build a waterfall, pamper the family with hydromassage.

  • Disadvantages . The place for installation must be chosen carefully - such a design cannot be transferred to another place. Financially the pool will cost more than the others; you need a project and a reliable team that implements it.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

Concrete basin with overflow and hydromassage
  • Disadvantages of an independent construction . The base of the stationary pool is always the same - a concrete mix is ​​poured into the pit. Deceptive simplicity makes some owners build a homemade pool. Such a path is fraught with errors that lead to a leakage (the most typical are the use of concrete without special additives, design errors, violation of the technology when laying the mixture).

Finishing is carried out in several ways, each with its own pros and cons:

  • Finishing with polypropylene (plastic). Lightweight, durable UV-resistant material for excellent air tightness. Polypropylene is attractive low price, which allows to reduce the estimated construction. Other important advantages are its durability and easy repair (the material is well welded). A minus (with some stretch) can be considered a modest color scheme - the pool will be made in shades of blue.

How to build a pool abroad in the following video:

  • Finishing PVC film . A film consisting of several layers is considered a good waterproofing agent, cheaper than tile. Among its advantages - durability, easy care, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, a wide range of colors. There are limitations: the film can not be used if the area has a high level of groundwater. Another disadvantage is that the PVC film coating does not allow the installation of lighting and massage nozzles.

  • Tiling . The usual tile for a bathroom is not suitable for finishing, the special tile for a pool with the minimum water absorption and a rough (corrugated) surface is necessary. The advantage of using tile material is an impressive color range and the possibility of using it for surfaces of any shape and slope. The disadvantages are similar to those of the mosaic: expensive, long and followed by continuous care.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

Finishing mosaic
  • Mosaic finishing . In the decoration of the pool bowl, two types are used - ceramic and glass; the latter is considered more practical because it is more durable and does not absorb water. Mosaic finish is one of the most aesthetic and durable; it allows you to finish the pool of any shape and in any color palette. The disadvantages are obvious: the indecently high price and the complexity of the finish. If you want to build a pool in the country and decorate it with mosaics, get ready for the fact that the work will take a lot of time, and the quality will depend on the professionalism of the performers. Decorating with mosaics (as well as tiles, by the way) is recommended to be used only indoors, since on the street the decorative elements will begin to lag after the first freeze-thaw period.Mosaic coating needs careful care, otherwise darkening of the seams and the formation of plaque are inevitable.

About the installation of the composite pool in the following video:

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The composite pool is a glass-fiber (fiberglass) bowl cast in an entirely factory-made way. This design has several advantages:

  • High quality . The product is made on high-tech equipment, with quality control at each stage of work and has a long warranty.

  • Design features . It differs in durability, tightness (does not demand an additional waterproofing) and the long term of operation. A glass fiber bowl is not prone to cracking and makes it difficult for algae to appear.

  • Aesthetic external qualities that make the pool adorn the site.

  • Installation . Composite bowl suitable for use outdoors and indoors; installation on a prepared piece of land takes little time, but there should be enough space for a crane (if the bowl is large). Indoor pool in the country of fiberglass - a long-term structure that will be used throughout the year.

  • Options . The product can be supplemented by a reverse flow device or hydromassage equipment.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

Installation of the composite pool

The main disadvantages of a composite reservoir are its high cost and low diversity suggested forms; Moreover, such a structure is difficult to transport.

What you need to know when buying

A pool of any type can become a highlight of a country plot, a center of attraction for all family members, and a complete recreation area. Looking forward to the opportunity to freshen up the owners should be aware of the very likely possibility of additional costs:

  • Options . You can save on it when you buy a pool, but, sooner or later, realize its need. Supply and discharge of water, its purity and compliance with sanitary standards are provided by various devices (not applicable to inflatable products). For different types of pools, a cleaning filter, water control sensors, a sheeting (awning), an ozonizer may be required.

  • Comfort . For regions where cold summers are not uncommon, you will need a device for heating water. If the pool does not have a ladder, it is purchased separately.

frame, stationary, the best design ideas

Heated swimming pool
  • Maintenance . So that the water in the pool is always clean and clear, without odors, requires proper regular care. An important element of care is timely cleaning with chemicals and regulating the supply of chemicals into the water; This will require a dosing station.

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Today the market offers such an impressive range of pools that making the final choice is very difficult. The difficulty lies not only in the number of models, but also in the installation conditions necessary for a particular option. Between the extreme poles (bright inflatable and classic concrete pools) is a huge number of options. From this variety you can always choose both an inexpensive seasonal reservoir for a small area, and a spacious main pool that will serve you for many years.

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