how to choose by price category, types, methods of management

Many modern warehouses, trade pavilions, production facilities and garages are equipped with rolling gates. Why is this type of gate so popular, what are its advantages over swing doors, how to choose the size and profile of the roller blind for the garage? We will understand in detail these issues, which will be useful for people who want to install such a gate in a garage or other room.

how to choose by price category, types, methods of management

Rolling gates

Design features

Visually, the gates resemble roller blinds or blinds that fold in the upper part inside closed casing. The design of the gate is integral, with the possibility of installing additional elements. Rolling shutters for the garage are manufactured for openings with a width of 1.5 to 4 m and a height of up to 2.7 m.

The operation of the lifting mechanism is not difficult. When a signal is given for opening the gate, the horizontal bar, using an electric drive, begins to rotate on bearings located at the edges. The profile curtain is wrapped evenly, as its lateral movements exclude vertical slats. Similarly, the garage door closes when the drive moves in reverse.

Rolling doors are made from aluminum or steel based on the following elements:

  • Metal profiles of varying degrees of durability.

  • Two guide rails located in the vertical plane.

  • The horizontal bar needed to wind the profiles when the gate opens.

how to choose by price category, types, methods of management

Rolling doors are made of aluminum or steel
  • Electric or manual drive mechanism .

  • The package includes automatic lock or a device with a latch lock mechanism.

  • Protective cover to accommodate the rolled profile.

  • Unlocking device for opening automatic gates in the absence of electricity.

The package configuration taking into account profile types and the availability of additional elements depends on the installation position of the roller shutters and the customer’s desire. To facilitate the use of a roller lift and additional protection, there are some systems that are installed on request of the buyer:

  • Heated by rolling shutters in case of severe frost, for a soft lift of the canvas, which will extend service life of the drive mechanism.

  • Security alarm , triggered during a fire or when trying to open the garage.

  • Device remote gate control.

  • Special silicone or rubber seals .

  • Sensors mounted on the edge of the canvas for safe closing of the door (when they come into contact with an obstacle in the lower part of the roller shutters, they start to move in the opposite direction).

Note! The door equipment and profile types significantly affect the price of the product.

Types of products

Garage doors can be purchased mechanically or electrically operated. The latter are more expensive, but withstand a load of more than 30 kg, which is important for heavy steel sheets.

how to choose by price category, types, methods of management

Types of products

Mechanical control is intended for aluminum products. Roller shutters on the garage are made of steel and aluminum profiles three levels of protection :

  • Classic (low) level implies protection against dust and noise.

  • Medium level (usually steel profiles or extruded aluminum, often put in stores, warehouses) is a serious obstacle to breaking.

  • High levels with armored cloth (acquire serious banks, expensive shops) gates are heavy and high cost.

When choosing roller shutters one should pay attention to the profile view, as it affects the weight, strength, air flow to the room. Usually roller lamellas are made of several types:

  • Aluminum or steel with internal filler in the form of foam and metal thickness of 0.3 - 0.6 mm (suitable for small openings , have a light weight of 2.1 kg / m2, easy to manually control, retain heat, durable in bending). These products do not require anti-corrosion treatment, have an optimal price (from 15000-18000 rubles. With manual control and from 22000-24000 rubles - automatic) and good quality.

how to choose by price category, types, methods of management

Energy-efficient profiles with foam filling
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  • Extruded lamella weigh 2 times more than filled with foam - 4.5 kg / m2.The metal has great strength, thickness (1 - 1.5 mm), the profile is made inside with stiffeners.

  • Profiles with ventilation holes allow fresh air to flow into the room.

  • Models with transparent inserts to allow light to enter the garage will make it possible not to use artificial lighting in the daytime.

The operating temperature of the roller shutters in the garage is from - 30 ° С to + 60 ° С.

Installation methods

It is very important to make the right measurements for the installation of the gate. Roller shutters can be mounted overhead, built-in and combined with respect to the garage opening. At the request of the customer, the roller shutter overhead mounted on both the outside and the inside of the opening (usually made outside, where the protective cover is mounted above the door).

The built-in scheme implies fixing the box inside the opening (looking outside or inside the garage). With the combined installation scheme, a hole is made for the protective cover at the top of the doorway.

how to choose by price category, types, methods of management

Types of installation

The choice of installation method depends on the type of profile, location of the garage, the desire of the customer, the width of the opening. Surface mounted installation is a little easier and cheaper.

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Main advantages of roller shutter doors

Compared with swinging and sectional views, roller shutters on the garage can be installed on low and non-standard openings, do not need space for opening (in the case of small driveways or straight from the sidewalk of the roadway). The main advantages of this model are:

  • Resistance of the product to wind loads.

  • Preservation of compactness in open and closed modes.

  • Easy to install (even with a low opening) and the design of the roller shutter itself (no bulky elements).

  • Reduce heat loss when using seals and foam-filled profiles.

  • With careful handling, service life roller shutters of 10 years or more.

  • Corrosion Resistant .

  • Give additional air exchange of the internal space when installing special ventilation slats.

  • The presence of an emergency mechanism door opening.

  • A variety of colors canvases, provides ample opportunities to choose a shade that fits with the walls of the house, garage, shutters on windows, etc.

how to choose by price category, types, methods of management

It is possible to choose different colors
  • Remote opening from the car ( when installing the drive).

The disadvantage of this model is the difficulty of opening if the lifting mechanism breaks down (the web will have to be cut).

Sizes and prices

Depending on what type of transport the garage is built, (moped, motorcycle, passenger car, jeep), there are minimum permissible door dimensions for roller shutters on the garage. For example, the minimum width of a garage opening for a jeep is 2.8 m. Rolling products have the maximum possible width for steel profiles - 7 m. Consider the standard parameters and the estimated cost of garage lifting gates.

Width, m

Height, m ​​

Control Method

Price, rub.




7000 - 9000



19000 - 19400


2, 5

20300 - 20700



28200 - 28600


1, 5

Electric Drive

7200 - 7500



22000 - 23000

2, 5


24300 - 24700



37800 - 38200



59000 - 61000



67000 - 69000

From video You can learn how to choose roller shutters and rolling doors:

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Roller shutters are comfortable, compact, unpretentious and have a peculiar aesthetics, which makes such devices quite popular among car owners. But the long service life of such gates is possible only on condition of their competent installation, for which it is better to attract specialists.

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