price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

Building a house consists of several important stages. When the installation of the truss system is completed, it is necessary to install the spotlights for the filing of the roof. This should be done to protect the roofing space from birds and rainfall, also to ensure proper ventilation of the roof. The choice of what will be the filing of the roof, is determined at the design stage - plastic or metal, and can be made of wood. What are spotlights, what they are made of, size and cost, features during installation and operation, answers to all these, as well as many other questions can be found in this article.

price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

The installation of spotlights is the final stage in the decoration of roof hangers

What are the spotlights

  • Wooden .

Wall paneling is a widely used and inexpensive material for cladding facades. It is also used for filing the roof. The wooden decoration of the building always attracts with its simplicity and comfort. If the panels are protected from external influences, then with their appearance they will please the host for many years.

price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

Wooden planks require mandatory treatment from the negative effects of moisture
  • Plastic .

The most common material due to its availability and low cost. Plastic soffits for the roof are very popular in the application because of the ease of the elements, ease of installation and can withstand temperature fluctuations. The color will not fade with time, if a properly designed roof does not allow direct sunlight to fall on the plastic panels.

price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

Plastic soffits are an affordable way to complete the roof finish
  • Aluminum .

The great advantage of this material is its weight in comparison with other metal soffits. The low degree of expansion and contraction prevents the panels from deforming into the roof structure.

price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

Light and non-deformable due to temperature changes, aluminum panels
  • Copper .

The most durable - a lifetime of more than 100 years. But the most expensive among its competitors. Usually, copper panels do not have a color coating, therefore, over time, the outer surface will be covered with a thin layer of patina, which in turn is a good anti-corrosion coating. It must also be remembered that contact of copper parts with other metals, for example, aluminum or galvanized steel, will cause an oxidative reaction. If copper coating is used on the roof of the house, then spotlights are recommended to choose, also, from copper or from plastic.

price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

Copper soffits are durable, but in case of contact with other metals
  • can oxidize Galvanized steel .

Today it is the most promising material for spotlights in modern construction. The main advantages of metal panels are their strength, durability and fire resistance. In the manufacture, metal and aluminum soffits are coated with a multi-layer polymer coating, which protects the panel from corrosion and sets the desired color. In this case, the color saturation, over time, remains the same. Galvanized steel is a more affordable solution compared to copper and aluminum panels, but requires special attention due to the increased weight of the structure. It is necessary to take into account in the project a reinforced crate and high-quality fasteners.

price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

Heavy steel panels - for fixing you will need a strong crate and fasteners
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Additional elements

Various additional elements are used to ensure the aesthetic quality of the whole structure and to connect soffits with other elements of the roof. Here are some of them:

  • J -profile . Starting strip for filing horizontal and vertical surfaces. Attached to the ceiling bar.

  • J chamfer . Wide panel covering the end of the overhang.

  • H profile . Connecting plank - joins the ends of spotlights with each other during installation along the wall.

  • External and internal angle. Allows you to harmoniously bypass the right angles in the truss system.

  • L -strip . Closes the crate and wide pie overhang from the end of the rafters.

price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

Layout of parts when attaching the spotlights

Installation of spotlights

Hem the eaves or gable overhang can be in different ways. It depends on the construction of the roof, how to choose spotlights for the filing of the roof, the size of the additional elements and the complexity of the batten.Usually, short panels are used and mounted across the main overhang line. Thus, it is possible to harmoniously fit the spotlights into the roof structure of any complexity. The panels are cut to the desired length and mounted in place, while the distance from the wall to the edge of the overhang of the roof can be anything.

You can install soffits along the wall. The advantages of this method are less work on cutting panels and speeding up the installation process. In this case, it is necessary to calculate the width of the overhangs, taking into account the width of the spotlights themselves, in order not to cut them in length and to take into account the presence of an additional batten for connecting the panels at the junction.

The presence of perforations in the panels allows to organize the ventilation of the roof. Perforation can be partial - on the center line, complete - on the entire area, or without perforation at all. Solid panels are usually used for filing ceilings inside a building, in gazebos, verandas or in vestibules.

price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

To prevent condensate from accumulating between the soffits and the roof, the panels are made perforated

The design feature of the soffits on the roof is based on quick and high-quality installation products. Installation of panels consists of several stages. First, bars are installed along the wall perpendicular to the trusses, on the edge of the overhang, and immediately against the wall. Then guide profiles are attached to them. J-profile - used when mounting to the ceiling or F-profile - attached to the wall. They establish the main line and close the ends of the spotlights, hiding irregularities when sawing. Prepared panels are inserted into these profiles and fastened with screws. At the end of the work, the outer part of the overhang is covered by a decorative corner - an L-profile or another J-profile. If the width of the overhang is less than 40 centimeters, then the spotlight is held by the guide profile. But, if its length is longer, it is necessary to provide for additional fastening of the soffit itself.

The installation of spotlights is shown in the video:

You can also combine combinations of additional elements in complex roof structures. For example, instead of the L-profile you can use two J-profiles to connect the horizontal and vertical planes. The ends of the overhangs can also be closed with soffits. The panels themselves have special locks on the sides. During installation, these locks on the panels catch on each other, this makes it possible to use a minimum of fasteners and significantly speeds up the work.

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Cost of spotlights

One of the main questions when choosing building materials is its cost. Almost all spotlights have standard sizes - 3 meters long and 30 cm wide. To date, the market offers a large range of spotlights for the filing of the roof, the size and price of which will help any developer to meet the budget. Various brands and sales offices for spotlights are represented in Moscow.

  • Holzplast .

The products of this German company are popular not only in Russia, but also on the European market. With the help of Holzplast roofing elements, the exterior of the house will harmoniously fit into any architectural plan, and the roof will be reliably protected from adverse conditions.

price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

White-coated soffits will suit any home decoration
  • Mitten .

High-end finishing components from a reputable Canadian manufacturer guarantee the high performance of their products. Products are manufactured in a wide range of colors, have reliability and durability, thanks to which they are in high demand all over the world. Soffits are easy to install, easy to clean, have an increased resistance to damage.

  • Grand Line .

In the European and Russian market, it firmly occupies a leading position, it produces both metal profiled products and PVC products. The unique designed form of the soffit vinyl creates an inconspicuous junction of the panels during installation of the eaves. Protection against fading, flexibility and impact resistance. Installation can be done almost year-round.

price and size, buy spotlights in Moscow

In the production of soffits, compliance with the technology in the first place

In order to buy soffits for roof binder, it is necessary to take into account the size and color of the panels. Price also depends on the scope of delivery.

The table shows the estimated cost of the material:

GrandLine, white (3 x 0.303 meters) from 393 rubles / m 2
GrandLine, brown (3 x 0.303 meters) from 453 rubles / m 2
Holzplast, white (3 x 0.232 meters) from 380 rub / m 2
Mitten (3 x 0.305 meters) from 599 rub / m 2
GrandLine, (color to choose) (3m) from 527 rub / m 2
Gentek (3.66 m) from 1,213 RUR / m 2
OZLK (3 m) from 4 712 rub / m 2

How to choose with ophites for roof hangings in this video:

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How to choose the material from which the roofing should be made is always behind the customer. You can use plastic soffits or metal, light or dark. As a rule, this task is always performed by an architect or designer. From this choice depends on how the house will look, and how durable will be its structural elements.

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