Modern houses of reinforced concrete panels

A few years ago, a new technology that quickly gained popularity appeared on the capital construction market - three-layer reinforced concrete panels. And this is not the "Khrushchev", which built up Moscow in the sixties. Today it is a reliable insulated construction with increased strength, good sound insulation and with protection from drafts. Today we will tell about one type of such panels - three-layer insulated ribbed panels BENPAN Premium.

Structurally, the wall panel BENPAN Premium is a three-layer reinforced concrete ridge structure. The outer layer of the panel is made of B35 class fiber-reinforced concrete, the inner layer is made of B30 class fiber-reinforced concrete. Between the layers of fiber-reinforced concrete there is a heater and reinforced stiffeners.

The outer layer of the BANPAN Premium panel can have different textures:

Modern houses of reinforced concrete panels

Modern houses of reinforced concrete panels

Modern houses of reinforced concrete panels

Here we have collected the most frequent questions about the construction of private houses from three-layer reinforced concrete panels.

A panel house - is this a “cube”?

None. The panels are cast for the project and can be of almost any shape. And here are examples of projects of houses from these panels: it is not possible to say anything about them that they are boring or square.

Modern houses of reinforced concrete panels

Modern houses of reinforced concrete panels

Modern houses of reinforced concrete panels

In addition to flat panels, these are ready-made bay windows and floor slabs suitable for them according to the form.

Modern houses of reinforced concrete panels

How do panels connect?

BANPAN Premium panels are interconnected and with floor slabs anchor-studs. The panels are installed on the mortar, and all vertical joints are glued with construction sealant.

What are the overlappings made of?

The overlaps in the BENPAN house are made of reinforced concrete ribbed slabs with reinforcement and insulation along the bottom edge and along the ends. They are also produced at the factory.

Thermal insulation in ceilings provides good noise insulation between floors: such ceilings do not “walk” under your foot, and on the second floor you can dance and listen to music without disturbing those who rest on the first. These properties of the BENPAN panels are confirmed by reviews on the Internet.

What foundation is suitable?

A solid reinforced concrete house is noticeably heavier than a skeleton skeleton, so the choice of foundation must be taken seriously. The best option - insulated monolithic plate. You can also fill in the strip foundation, which is buried, as it should be, below the freezing depth, or the pile-grillage foundation (a combination of bored reinforced concrete piles and a grillage with a thin monolithic slab).

Are such houses built only according to standard designs?

Not only. You can choose a finished project from the catalog (there are more than five hundred of them there), or you can bring your project or tell the designers what exactly you want. The panels are cast for the project, so you are limited only by the laws of physics and your imagination.

How much does it cost?

A house of reinforced concrete sandwich panels costs about the same as a gas block house of the same size. On the site you can see and download a table comparing the basic construction technologies. But how much a panel costs as a unit will depend on its size and shape.

Concrete, production ... is it generally environmentally friendly?

The plant MOBIL STORY XXI, producing BANPAN Premium panels, is certified in the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ECOSERTIFICAT environmental quality management system . And BENPAN products are included in the Register of Innovative Technologies and Technical Solutions of the Moscow Territorial Building Catalog.

Whether it is worth choosing an individual solution for building a panel house, but the fact that negative feedback about the BENPAN boils down to the fact that this is an inexpensive and questionable production without confirmed data only means that the reviewers wrote it themselves. not faced with houses built on this technology.

Where are they being made?

The plant of the company MOBIL STORY XXI is located 20 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, between Kiev and Mozhaisk Highway. There are production workshops, office and warehouse premises with a total area of ​​22 thousand square meters. The plant produces a wide range of reinforced concrete and other products: windows, metal structures, small architectural forms. The main range of the plant is patented reinforced concrete structures under the brand BENPAN.

At the exhibition site "Low-Rise Country" you can familiarize yourself with the three-layer concrete panels BENPAN Premium in the BENPAN house at site No. 1.

See the projects of the company MOBILE BUILD XXI

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