Carpet - how to choose?

The article will talk about how to choose carpets, what features the described products have, what materials they are made of, what sizes and shapes exist, what color solutions are offered by modern manufacturers. Fashion trends, subtlety styling, ideas for use in the interior, photo and video ready-made production options.

Carpet - how to choose?

Carpet paths in the interior

Basic functions

The scope of the described products is quite wide. They are used not only in residential premises, paths woven from threads can be seen in the interiors of bars and restaurants, in public reception and public institutions. With the help of them are made the zone where the award ceremony.

Such products protect the floor in the room from abrasion. They help create the right atmosphere, absorb noise and retain heat. Walking feet on a soft warm surface is much more pleasant.

If you choose the right product, it will last long enough. On sale there are a great many different models. To make it easier to understand the proposed range, you must first determine the range of the most important criteria before purchasing.

Carpet - how to choose?

Practical synthetic path

Existing varieties

There is no clear unified classification of beautiful carpet paths. But experts all of these products according to the principle of manufacture are divided into two large groups: machine-made and handmade. Tracks made by hand, more flexible, they can be easily folded in half, while the place of inflection in disassembled form will not be noticeable. Such products always have a fringe, the side winding is made more roughly, there are always nodules on the wrong side. They indicate that the pile was knit by hand. This is the most valuable and costly method of manufacturing, with the help of it today are either elite models using natural raw materials, or homespun bedside mats, affordable.

Carpet - how to choose?

Homespun paths of cotton

There are always tags on the factory-made tracks, there is marking on the wrong side. She is a technical passport of the product. Studying the records, it is easy to understand exactly where the track was made, what is its serial number, what is the composition of the product. Be sure to specify the exact size and date of manufacture. Modern technologies and engineering solutions help to minimize time and labor costs, significantly reduce the cost of final products. The use of synthetic yarns can make carpet paths more durable and more affordable.

According to production methods

According to this criterion, carpet tracks are divided:

  • into woven ;

  • needle-punched ;

  • tufted (needle-pierced) .

Woven tracks look like textile fabrics. They have no pile, while creating different products using different techniques of interlacing threads. They help to form a special decorative effect, which resembles the appearance of paintings, embroidered with thread. Usually such technology is used today by small workshops. They produce floor mats, which very well fit into the rustic styles of design.

Carpet - how to choose?

Prefabricated needle-punching tracks

I-punching paths are a product of machine production. This technology helps to create products of different sizes, different colors at a very affordable price. Their advantages are obvious: a huge variety of texture and relief solutions, large variability in pile density, good moisture absorption and vapor permeability, high strength, good hygienic properties.

Tufted tracks are products in which the pile is formed with the help of tufts of wool tightly sewn to each other. They are difficult to confuse with anything.

By pile height

From this point of view, the tracks are divided into floors:

  • into products with short nap (its height reaches 5 mm) ;

  • on decorative items with an average pile (its height reaches 15 mm) ;

  • on carpets with a long nap (its height is more than 16 mm) .

The first type is most often used in hallway interiors, it will not trample down, collect dirt, it is much easier to take care of it. The second is suitable for the decoration of children's rooms and bedrooms for adults, the third for living rooms. When choosing the latest production version, you need to remember that high pile tracks collect dust. They will have to vacuum more often and ensure that the base is always clean.

Carpet - how to choose?

Carpets with high pile

According to the material of production

Taking into account this criterion, carpets and paths are divided:

  1. On fully synthetic products are the most affordable and most durable in operation. They are ideal for decorating rooms with high pedestrian traffic. In a residential apartment this can be an entrance hall and a corridor, as well as a living room. The appearance of the products is not much different from the natural counterparts, there is a huge range of various products for sale, differing from each other in the form of weaving, color, texture. Choose something suitable for yourself will be easy.

  2. At natural are the most expensive specimens that can boast the best technical properties. They have one drawback: the tracks woven from wool, silk, cotton will not last long. This circumstance explains why the popularity of this type of decor is gradually fading.

  3. On mixed tracks . Raw materials are used for their manufacture, in which 70% is natural yarn, 30% is synthetic. Such products in terms of tactility are not inferior to natural ones, their strength and durability can be compared with the strength and durability of fully synthetic tracks.

Carpet - how to choose?

Tracks from natural wool
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Wool paths take the lead in demand. The surface of such products to the touch is very soft and warm, the density is large, the thickness is the maximum possible. This decor option will serve faithfully for 20-50 years, its surface is able to demonstrate high resistance to dirt and wear. The only disadvantage of such a purchase is wool carpets - a problem for allergy sufferers. Wool constantly accumulates a static charge, under the rays of the sun the color quickly burns out.

Today, sheep wool, goat or camel wool are used to produce wool carpets. Products made with sheep's wool are the most affordable ones; those made from camel are the most expensive. This wool is stronger than other species, products from it retain heat longer, they do not electrify and do not cause allergies, but it is extremely difficult to find them.

Acrylic tracks in their technical characteristics are similar to wool tracks. They touch their exact imitation. Their main advantage is the absence of allergens. The texture does not accumulate electricity, does not attract dust to itself, repels water. Today, such products are often used to decorate walk-through rooms.

Carpet - how to choose?

Warm and pleasant to the touch acrylic

Cotton tracks absorb moisture well. On tactile sensations, they are much softer than wool, they are easier to clean and wash, but such products wear out quickly. They are inferior in durability to all other existing production options.

Polypropylene tracks are a synthetic product. According to its decorative properties, it is similar to wool tracks, but wins them at low cost. Simplicity of care, unpretentiousness, resistance to wet cleaning make products popular with potential buyers.

Polyester tracks always look very rich and expensive, while their price is quite affordable. Polyester to the touch soft material, very warm and practical. Such products are well cleaned, serve for a long time, models with high pile are not trampled. Therefore, today it is the most popular product.

Carpet - how to choose?

Polyester model with high pile

Bamboo tracks are very hard and rough to the touch, but they can boast an exotic look . Such products are often used in the implementation of Oriental or African styles. Similar characteristics have tracks of jute, sisal, seaweed.

Silk and viscose tracks are a noble luxury. Due to the rich pattern of such decor options look very impressive. The front side under the rays of the sun shimmers. It has a glossy shine, which further enhances the decorativeness of the described product. In the East and Central Asia, such paths do not spread to the floor. They most often decorate walls.

Carpet - how to choose?

Noble luxury from silk
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According to the method of manufacturing the base

With this indicator in mind, the tracks for decorating the floor are divided into:

  • Felt . Such products have the best heat and sound insulation properties, they are easiest to care for, they can be vacuumed and cleaned with water.

  • Jute . They have the most dense and rigid base, it is able to protect any floor covering. Very often such paths are covered with artistic parquet for preservation. Jute boasts high technical characteristics, but it is capricious in the care. It is impossible to wash and erase tracks with such a base.

The video reviews rubber-based half-woolen carpet tracks:

  • Rubber . Paths with such a base are ideal for decoration of the hallway, corridors and bathrooms, as well as other technical premises. Such products are not afraid of water, they can boast a special elasticity, softness, they are very pleasant to the touch. Care of them will not be difficult. Minus one - a limited range.

Carpet - how to choose?

Rubber-based carpets

Fashion trends

Annually designers around the world present new collections. They define the main pieces of fashionable decor. Anyone who prefers to keep up with fashion can follow new trends and, following them, constantly change tracks in the house. Practical people act a little differently. There is one direction, the fashion which never passes. This is a classic. It is much easier to buy tracks with a traditional carpet pattern, lay them out and fill the space around with an incredibly warm and homely cozy mood. If the house is decorated in a modern style, you can purchase solid tracks with geometric patterns. Such products, too, already soon the century continues to be relevant, and therefore, in demand and universal.

Carpet - how to choose?

Classic timeless and fashion

Laying details

It is extremely dangerous when the path slides under your feet. The risk of injury increases if such a product appears on the stairs or in the bathroom. Therefore, when buying a decor you need to pay attention to such trifles. If you need a path for the stairs, it is worth buying a product that bends well and takes the form of steps. Bath tracks are ideal for rubberized base. To the described products do not slip on the floor or on the laminate, you need to use special velcro. They are usually sold in the same place as the tracks themselves.

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Issue price

This is another important criterion that must be taken into account when buying tracks. If there is a need to purchase models cheaply, you should pay attention to the products created using artificial yarn. The cost per square meter of elite natural carpet starts from $ 800.

You will learn more about carpet tracks in the following video:

Carpet tracks in the interior

The products described are used with great pleasure to create a decor living spaces. For several centuries in a row a person has remained faithful to such a choice. And if earlier warm paths were used only for decoration of palaces and a chorus of noble grandees, today everyone can afford to buy a woven path.

Carpet - how to choose?

Carpet paths and stairs are an excellent symbiosis of design formation.

Floor paths are a good solution for protecting expensive flooring. They are reliable helpers for collecting garbage, dust and dirt. They are very convenient in operation, if desired, they can be easily rolled up, taken out and shaken out or put cars in the trunk and taken to dry cleaning.

The video tells about the features of the choice of carpet tracks in the nursery and corridor:

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In order to make the right choice, you need to think in advance and understand what the composition of the product described should be. It is important to consider where the track will be used. If in the passage areas (hallway, corridor) it is worth giving preference to models created with the help of synthetic materials in dark colors with the lowest nap. Such products will be easy to clean and clean.

Carpet - how to choose?

Soft carpets in the living room

The living room will look good silk track, in the bedroom of wool, in the office you can throw wide flooring with high pile, in the nursery ideal - mixed tracks, made of natural and synthetic yarn.

Product design plays a big role.To simplify the choice from this point of view is possible, if we start from the general concept of the room design. If this is a timeless classic, you should give preference to traditional Persian or Iranian products with traditional patterns. If it is modern, you need to choose tracks with a geometric pattern with a color scheme close to the color of the walls or furniture.

The size of the carpet is another important criterion. It is important to arm yourself with a meter and accurately measure the required track size. If a staircase or a corridor is formed, you need to take the width from the baseboard to the baseboard. Then this section will look very harmonious.

Carpet - how to choose?

Factory tracks of different sizes

If you buy a handmade track, the size cannot be decisive: it is difficult to find a finished product that is perfect necessary parameters. In the factory version of the manufacture to solve the problem is quite simple. Together with the seller you need to pick only the width. With this option, the footage is measured, the track is cut, and then, right in the store, the edges are processed with an overlock.

Note! Today, large trading houses provide a wizard to go to the house to make measurements and assess the exact size. It is inexpensive, but significantly facilitate the choice from the described point of view.

The video shows how to overlock the edges of carpet tracks:

When choosing the appropriate color for a carpet product, you need to keep in mind its main function. If this is the main decorative element of the design, then it can be bright, catchy. If such paints are already present in the finish, the floor must be neutral. Let the track in this case be monophonic.

Carpet - how to choose?

The path as a bright decoration of the interior, made in soothing colors
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It is good if its color will overlap with the main color of the interior trim. You shouldn’t buy very light carpets: practice shows that they can be quickly put up, get dirty and lose their attractiveness. As for the patterns, then there are strict rules. A product with a large ornament will visually reduce the size of the room and vice versa, a small pattern located vertically will visually lengthen the room and make it more spacious. The horizontal pattern makes the floor wider.

If the room’s windows do not face the north side, designers recommend using warm colors and paints for interior design. For decoration of the room, the windows of which face the south side are best suited for colder colors. When the room has little natural light, you need to buy orange or yellow tracks. They will make the room more bright, warm and cozy. Light green tracks help create a refreshing atmosphere. Black tracks are ideal for those who have pets or small children in the family.

Carpet - how to choose?

A bright path in a room where there is little light
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Summary of the topic

From the above, it becomes clear that when buying the products described there are different criteria to consider. Experts recommend a closer look at the proposed classification and use it to find a solution to the problem.


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