How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

For centuries, the material for the entrance doors to the dwelling was successfully served by wood: an affordable resource with low thermal conductivity. But the modern homeowner, when it comes time to select the front door, focuses not only on the design and insulation characteristics. Important criteria are reliability, the ability of the door to increase the comfort of the household and serve as an obstacle for the attacker. Given the variety of proposals, how to choose the front door to a private house, you can not decide, based only on the cost of the proposed options.

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

Doors as a business card of the house

What are the functions of the entrance doors to a private house

Entrance door to Private house - a multifunctional attribute of the building, designed to serve for many years. Choosing her, the owner solves several important issues:

  • Thermal insulation. The higher the breadth, the longer the winter and the more severe the frost, the more important this characteristic becomes. The design should not only isolate the room from the cold outside, but also prevent heat from leaking from the inside, preventing the formation of cold bridges (fragments of the web with poor insulation). The problem is solved by seals and heaters, which also improves sound insulation.

  • Wear resistance. The fundamental factor that determines the practicality and resistance to weather vagaries, as well as accidental (from furniture being introduced) and deliberate damage.

  • Security. The entrance metal door to a private house meets modern safety standards (including fire safety) better than analogues made from other materials.

  • Design. Entrance doors in a country house should not fall out of the overall design idea. Thanks to modern technology, the design performs its basic tasks without disturbing the harmony of the architectural style. The choice is striking in the richness of decorative solutions - manufacturers offer models with mirror elements and inlays, with forging, glass inserts and various accessories.

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

A door that adds lighting and visually expands the internal space of the house

From which materials you can choose

The main entrance to the house attracts the most attention from the street. When it comes to the choice of material, it is necessary to consider the cost, functionality and visual appeal.


The material of such structures is sheet plastic and PVC profiles, with or without double glazing. The insulating properties of glass packs reduce heat loss. Outdoor doors for private houses made of PVC have their advantages:

  • relatively low cost and ease of installation;

  • durability;

  • soundproofing;

  • no corrosion.

Minuses: the design can be deformed under the prolonged action of the sun; melting releases toxic substances.


A popular option with many advantages:

  • Resistance to environmental influences (higher than that of plastic and wood).

  • Durable, durable, eco-friendly, fit well into any interior.

  • Sound insulation.

  • Thermal insulation. It is provided by the technology of thermal break (polyamide insert dividing the metal profile and eliminating the cold bridge).

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

The wooden model is perfectly combined with the stained glass inserts


No matter What material will appear in the housing industry, there will always be consumers who choose classic models from natural wood. The wooden entrance door to a private house is either made entirely from an array of different species (does not contain any additional elements), or from a combination of wooden boards and metal elements. Their advantages are:

  • Attractive appearance and variety of models.

  • Low thermal conductivity.

Some serious drawbacks prevent you from enjoying the classics:

  • High cost.

  • Expensive maintenance - the wood will inevitably crack and deform, therefore it needs to be periodically processed.

  • Low security (easy to crack).

  • Low fire safety.

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

Using fiberglass

Fiber glass

Such designs, due to their high insulating properties, are among the most energy efficient doors on the market. The advantages are not limited to this:

  • Safety: they have the strength of steel structures, but without their tendency to corrosion.

  • A variety of styles, the ability to imitate natural wood.

  • Unpretentious in care, resistant to dents.

Metal (steel)

The most popular models, thanks to a variety of options, the optimal ratio of price and level of security provided. In addition, they:

  • have excellent thermal insulation;

  • are fire safe;

  • does not require maintenance (periodic lubrication of hinges and locks is carried out).

There are few flaws:

  • possible corrosion in budget options;

  • the canvas is subject to scratches and dents .

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

Option of finishing steel entrance doors
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer installation of windows and doors. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

The features of the door leaf include:

  • Thickness. Entrance doors for a private house are assembled from metal sheets with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm. If the value is greater, the reinforcement of the hinges is required.

  • Made of high quality steel. The design has stiffening ribs, protection of external loops (anti-cut).

  • Locks. Preferred certified options. Castle area strengthened with metal lining or box.

  • Noise and heat insulation. The space between the stiffeners is filled with a non-combustible compactor - mineral wool or polyurethane foam.

How to choose metal entrance doors on the video:

What you should pay attention to when buying, in addition to the appearance

Quality of materials. The quality of products must be confirmed by manufacturer’s certificates (product warranty).

Heat insulation is effective if:

  • heat insulation thickness is not less than 5 cm;

  • total thickness frame and canvas and not less than 8 cm;

  • the design contains thermal bridges and a sealant around the perimeter.

Safety and elements of external controls. Vzlomostoykost design is determined by 13 classes. The street entrance door for a country house, as well as all analogues for residential premises, belongs to 4 first (better - to 3 or 4). It is equipped with a lock with protection against drilling, and a handle, protected from drawing out.

If a model with a glass is selected, a multi-layer (impact resistant) version is used. The eye is chosen according to the thickness of the structure, the optimal viewing angle is 180 °.

Hinges for the street door. The most reliable (and expensive) - protected from cutting, adjustable hidden hinges. They are made of steel and can be adjusted (when skewed). If the weight of the product is relatively small, bearings are used for the hinges. For massive designs suitable option for hot-rolled balls.

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

Adjustable hidden loops

Locks. The place of fastening of locks is ideally reinforced with an armor plate (protection against knocking out and drilling). It is more useful to install two mechanisms - suvaldny and cylinder; they should be comfortable for all family members.

Coils and trim:

  • Case. The task of this element is to disguise the gap between the door frame and the wall opening, plus, to protect the door from breaking with scrap.

  • Pretense. The protruding part of the outer sheet, protecting the gap between the closed structure and the frame.

Attaching the door frame to the wall. Door frame - the frame on which the door hinges and the structure itself are mounted. She is experiencing a heavy load, so the steel in her profile should be thicker than in the door leaf.

The planes of the box and the opening must match. When set, this parameter is adjusted by the building level.

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Choice of swing iron structures in a private country house

Sometimes external doors for a private house are made in the form of swing double doors having their own advantages:

  • sash they are easier to open due to the load distribution on the hinges;

  • the design takes up less space when opening;

  • the facade makes a solid impression.

Models with flaps of different widths or with symmetrical flaps, as well as with fixed lateral transoms allowing narrowing of a large opening are offered.

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

Double-leaf entrance doors for a country mansion

Manufacturers of entrance doors and cost

Experts say that up to 90 % of the models sold are of domestic origin, which is understandable. The quality of products of local manufacturers meets foreign standards, as it is produced on imported equipment, but the price and delivery time is often significantly less.Buyers are provided with warranty service; firms willingly make custom designs to order.

The price of outdoor doors to a private house can vary widely enough, depending on the material of the canvas and the construction solutions used.

  • Economy class:
  1. The price for standard metal doors of an economy class with vinyl imitation leather starts from 4, 5 thousand rubles

  2. For models with laminate or spraying, they will ask for 6.5 thousand rubles. and if the shape of the opening is non-standard (arched and similar), then from 9.5 thousand rubles.

  3. Doors with a reinforced leaf, although without any frills, will already cost 11-15 thousand rubles.

  • Medium price segment:
  1. Doors with glass and forging - from 16.5 thousand roubles. ,

  2. Various models with MDF trimming, the cost of which will be in the range of 23 to 38 thousand rubles.

  • Premium Class. They are divided into two main categories:
  1. Just doors made from natural materials - with solid wood, or wooden entrance doors for a private house completely made of wood. Price ranging from 39.9 and up to 70 thousand rubles.
  2. Products of the class "Elite", the cost of which completely depends only on your wishes. It is not uncommon price tag of 100-120 thousand rubles and above - this is the price for an individual approach to the client and the original design, which is developed taking into account the entire surrounding door space.

Among foreign models, doors from China are widely represented, but their budget prices often mean lower quality than the average domestic counterparts. The remaining foreign manufacturers share a small part of the Russian market. Italian (MASTER, Panto, Dierre), Finnish (ALAVUS, Fenestra), Israeli (Super Lock) and Polish (Gerda) brands offer premium products using advanced technologies and natural materials.

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

You will not have to open the door to see who is outside

How is the installation done

Whatever street doors for a private house, work goes according to the same plan:

  • Dismantling of the old structure (optional) and preparation (leveling) of the opening.

  • Checking the completeness and operation of the lock.

  • Box installation (frame). The correctness of the position (coincidence of the box and opening planes) is checked by the building level.

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

The level checks the vertical and horizontal planes
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  • The frame is fixed using mounting plates, anchors or steel reinforcement and fixed.

  • A door is hung on the hinges, the blade stroke is verified, and hinges are adjusted.

  • The technological gaps are filled (with foam or cement mortar) with the door closed, protected by a film.

  • Installed slopes, trim, door closer, locks and handle.

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

All slots should be filled with mounting foam

On average, installation of a steel street door takes 2-4 hours . Installation can be done at any time of the year; the only restriction is imposed by a foam which can be used up to -12 ° C (without warming up the bottle).

An example of beautiful and original doors: photos and videos

About the choice of doors from various materials in the video:

And several examples in the photo:

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

Few people use door knockers, but they look very nice

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

Although glass inserts take up half the door area, it is quite difficult to crack it

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

Forged elements will never go out of fashion

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

The design of the doors is ideal for a house with a second light

How to choose the best entrance door to a private house

The design of the door looks very " powerful "despite the transparent This wall
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The front door is usually the first and last thing that people see when visiting a house; This design is designed to give a sense of character and style of housing. On the other hand, the outer door is a thing that will last for many years. It is important to remember that all this time street entrance doors for a private house will play a key role in ensuring security and energy efficiency at home.


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