Houses from turnkey foam blocks in Moscow, projects and prices for houses from turnkey foam blocks

Brick and wood have always been the most popular materials for construction in our country. However, the construction market does not stand still; every day more and more new developments appear, allowing to build houses that are not inferior to brick or wooden buildings. Foam blocks are one such development. About what foam blocks are, what are the pros and cons of this building material and how to build a high-quality residential building from it, read our article. Here we will consider the moments to which it is worth paying attention, getting the house from "turnkey" foam concrete blocks.

Houses from turnkey foam blocks in Moscow, projects and prices for houses from turnkey foam blocks

Ready-made house of foam blocks.

How to choose a reliable developer?

The first question that arises when deciding to buy a ready-made foam block house is how to choose a construction company. One of the most important selection criteria is the reliability of the company, because a reliable company values ​​its reputation and always fulfills its obligations.

It is possible to determine the reliability of the firm-builder by the following criteria:

  • The time of the company's existence. Firms that have been operating for more than three years usually have long-term profit prospects, so they care about the quality of the services offered.
  • Full staff and qualification of employees. Permanent staff (presence in the company of designers, designers, supervisors) possessing high professionalism, says that the results of their work are important for the organization.
  • Availability of legal department. A reliable company always additionally helps its customers - prepares permits, draws up contracts, and, if necessary, helps in finding a lending solution.
  • Positive customer reviews , as well as the opportunity to see the finished and under construction objects, indicates that the organization has the desire to profitably demonstrate itself among its competitors.
  • Valid licenses for works performed by the company. A rather serious moment, all construction works require a special permit, without which the supervisory authorities suspend the activities of the organization, and with it the construction of facilities also stops.
  • Own fleet of special equipment emphasizes the solidity of the company. In addition, this indicates that the organization does not enter into subcontracts and fulfills its obligations on its own.
  • The provision of guarantees for all types of work performed is a prerequisite indicating the proper level of construction work.
  • Corporate site. The company's own website is evidence that it invests in advertising and is interested in attracting customers.

Houses from turnkey foam blocks in Moscow, projects and prices for houses from turnkey foam blocks

The original decoration of the house of foam blocks.

What should be taken into account when placing an order for building a house out of turnkey foam concrete walls?

After choosing a company, you must decide on a project of a house from foam blocks . You can order as a standard project from those that are in the catalog of the company, as well as a service for the preparation of an individual project, which will take into account all your wishes.

Next, there is a cost estimate , as well as execution and signing of a construction contract . At the same time, it is necessary to clearly define the timeframe, the volume of work performed and the amount of materials required.

During the construction process, the amounts stated initially should not change. An exception to this rule may be force majeure circumstances, the list of which must also be specified in the contract.

Usually, when you make a contractual relationship, the deadline for the delivery of the object and the deadline for performing certain construction works are determined. When determining the time frame, it is worth considering their reality. For example, the foundation is often erected faster than a box, (foam-block houses usually do not require a capital foundation) and, if the period for erecting the base is longer than that of the house itself, it can be alerted.

When drafting the contract, special attention should be paid not only to the cost and time of construction, but also to guarantees provided by the firm. Often the contract establishes cases for which the guarantee does not apply. The list of such situations should be carefully studied in order to understand the scope of warranty obligations - the wider it is, the less difficulties will arise when a marriage is detected. Of great importance is the period during which you can require from the developer free of charge to eliminate defects that were not found in the process of acceptance of the finished house.

Houses from turnkey foam blocks in Moscow, projects and prices for houses from turnkey foam blocks

A foam block house is under construction.

Control over construction works

The correct choice of the developer and the design of all necessary documents - only half of the cases in case of ordering a turnkey house.Even if the firm chosen by you is reliable, and you completely trust builders, you should not start up the process of building a house to chance.

In the case of the construction of foam concrete blocks, the most significant points requiring mandatory verification are:

  1. The quality of the material used for construction.
  2. Compliance with the technology of laying walls.

How to determine the quality of foam blocks?

To find out how easy the material is using the developer, it’s enough just to carefully examine the foam blocks. The main characteristics of their quality include the following characteristics:

  • The color of the blocks is gray. However, it can vary from light to dark gray. Blocks of white color indicate a violation of their production technology, perhaps, the manufacturer added lime to the cement. This adversely affects the strength and thermal conductivity of the finished raw material. In addition, you should pay attention to the color outside and inside. The differences between the internal and external shades of the block indicate that poor quality lubricant forms were used in its production - plaster is very bad for such blocks.
  • The particular porous structure of the foam block. Each air bubble in the block is separated from other bubbles, this is what prevents it from absorbing moisture. In this case, all the bubbles should be spherical, not oval. Otherwise, before you poor quality material, the positive properties of which are minimized.
  • The ideal geometric shape. In order to check this, you just need to put two blocks on top of each other, if they swing, this indicates a violation of production technology. The use of such material may require a greater amount of glue, and is also fraught with the appearance of places in the masonry in which the insulation is broken (cold bridges).
  • High strength of the foam block. This is also easily verified, you need to try to pound a small block in your hands. If it crumbles, the manufacturing process, clearly, was broken.
  • No cracks. Cracked foam blocks - evidence of violation of the drying mode. As a result, the fragility of the blocks increases, and, therefore, the life of the building constructed from them decreases.

Houses from turnkey foam blocks in Moscow, projects and prices for houses from turnkey foam blocks

House of foam blocks for individual orders.

What should I look for when checking the masonry walls?

You can check the quality of the erected structure without special equipment. For checking, a plain flat screwdriver and a hammer will suffice. Fixing the tip of the screwdriver on the seam between the blocks, it is worth lightly knocking on the handle with a hammer. If the tip of the screwdriver goes into the gap between the blocks, then there is a void there, which violates the integrity and reliability of the wall.

Also, you should pay attention to the presence in the design of the house of armored belt. This building element is designed to evenly distribute the load from the floors to the load-bearing walls. The absence of an armored belt is a gross violation of the technology of erecting walls made of such material as foam blocks.

There are two ways to make armored belt, designed for different materials of overlap:

  1. Wooden beams should be based on the brickwork of three to four rows.
  2. To strengthen the monolithic slabs, under the overlap around the perimeter of the walls, a formwork (frame made of wood or iron) is made, into which reinforcement is laid and concrete is poured.

Another serious violation of technology is the absence of jumpers over openings. The statement of some masters that the size of foam blocks allows you to do without this element is erroneous. Lack of overlap over windows and doors can lead to the collapse of the masonry and cause an accident.

Houses from turnkey foam blocks in Moscow, projects and prices for houses from turnkey foam blocks

Foam block house: wall cladding and roof installation.

House prices from turnkey foam blocks

A turnkey house purchase always refers to a complex of certain works performed by a construction company in order to transfer the building completely ready for operation to the customer. Usually this complex can be changed and supplemented (for example, you can order a house with or without interior decoration). The total cost of a household depends on the amount of work ordered.

In general, foam block houses are relatively inexpensive. The price of a house in 50 m 2 "turnkey" starts from 600 thousand rubles. That is why, if you want to get an inexpensive private household, people are increasingly choosing foam blocks, and at the same time they turn to a construction company to order the construction of a house on a turnkey basis - from project development to the finish interior and exterior of the finished home.

As practice shows, it is easy to order a house from turnkey foam blocks, but in order for the result to meet the expectations, you must carefully consider all phases of construction, including the design of the contract checking the quality of work performed by the developer at the construction site.

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