examples of original ideas, photos

The acquisition of a suburban land plot quite naturally arouses the desire of the new owners to transform it, create an aesthetic landscape with recreation areas. Refining the territory of the site with an area of ​​15 acres can cause beginners to doubt about their own strength among beginners in landscape design. Indeed, to create a competent layout so that in a couple of years it was not necessary to redo everything, few will manage to do it themselves. Therefore, only asking for help from a professional landscape design specialist ensures that you can enjoy nature and comfort on your site for many years. After reading the examples of landscape design on 15 acres, carefully considering the layout and planning the budget, you can voice all your wishes to the designer, who will present and implement the finished project.

examples of original ideas, photos

The beautiful landscape of the site will allow you to fully enjoy your holiday in the country

What do residents of big cities

dream of Most of the population Russia lives in noisy and dusty cities, dreaming about purchasing a country house with a plot that will be buried in verdure. Clean air instead of urban smog, silence instead of the hum of passing traffic is a real dream, which, however, everyone can make it real. Those who already have a cottage, spend there every weekend. Particularly relevant trips out of town for families with children and the elderly. But everyone else comes to the delight of outdoor recreation, because after the race of the working week, peace and quiet are especially appreciated. Those who are not afraid of sudden changes in their lives, sooner or later decide to buy a plot outside the city and start their own "oasis".

A plot of 15 acres is not a small area, so the first thing that land owners face is creating maximum comfort and convenience for the whole family. After all, it is foolish to leave such an area empty without landscaping.

examples of original ideas, photos

Each corner of the site should be involved in the design project

Before proceeding directly to the design of the 15 hectare site, it is taken into account how many owners ready to invest in the implementation of the project funds and their own efforts. But above all, a project is needed, according to which the site will house, an orchard, recreation areas, vegetable beds, paths, alpine slides, rockeries and other design elements.

It is much more difficult to make a competent layout of such a spacious territory than to ennoble a small area, because you have to master a lot of design techniques and types of work:

  • zoning the section with tracks;

  • tree planting;

  • breakdown of flower beds;

  • arrangement of recreation areas with a gazebo, pool, sun loungers;

  • design of the perimeter of the territory using a hedge.

There are a lot of options. Each owner has the right to decide for himself exactly what will suit his family and friends for a comfortable rest.

examples of original ideas, photos

Greens, flowers, a pool with a gazebo - and you are almost on a desert island

Creating a design project for a 15 hectare site

First of all, the designer creates a project of future design taking into account the wishes of the owners, where on the plan, observing the proportions of the site, the areas supposed to be placed in the reduced form are indicated:

  • residential building;

  • outbuildings;

  • garden (large as needed or consisting of several beds);

  • orchard;

  • tracks;

  • decorative elements (to the suit a pond, pool, fountain or garden sculpture);

  • children's recreation area with a playground, slide, cottage, trampoline or other recreational accessories;

  • resting place for adults (gazebo, benches, BBQ, etc.).

After the final approval of the schematic plan, a thorough study of it begins. Sometimes it may seem that the complexity in the implementation of landscape design of 15 acres is not, because the area allows you to accommodate all the planned buildings and plantings. However, in the process of carrying out work, it is often possible to encounter the fact that some of the planned objects do not want to fit into the dimensions assigned to them, and voids appear on the site that need to be filled with something.

examples of original ideas, photos

The same area may look differently

The list above shows only those main objects that are most often located in suburban areas. Of course, the final plan depends only on the needs of the owners. You do not need a garden - you can not make it into the layout, but instead organize an alpine slide or rock arias.Good inspiration can be obtained by drawing on ideas from photographs of already implemented landscaping projects of the 15 hectare site, of which there are quite a few on the Internet.

On our site you can find the contacts of construction companies that offer landscaping services. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Design by a standard project

The main thing in this layout is a residential house, which is located, as a rule, in the center of the territory. All other buildings and landscaped areas, which the owners want to place, surround the house from different sides. This layout is ideal for land square or rectangular.

examples of original ideas, photos

Thinking through every detail at the planning stage, you will not need to waste time on finalizing the project after its implementation

Often with such an organization plot garden breakdown is not provided. Instead of vegetable beds, flower beds are broken, ornamental shrubs are planted, border plantings are made along paths, etc. Do not exclude garden decorative sculptures from the project: they not only decorate the site, but also create its relief, focusing on transitions from one zone to another.

Classic design project

The main accents in this layout create strict, classic-style geometric shapes. The center of the territory, as a rule, is indicated by a decorative element visible from a different point of the plot, and the apartment building is located behind it. On the side of the house there is an area for household buildings. With this arrangement, the recreation area is appropriate to place in front of the house.

If the plan prepared in advance takes into account the placement of the garden, then during the implementation of the classical planning they will also be located in front of the house.

In the case when there is no need for economic buildings, the rest zone moves inland. A garden gazebo, a small swimming pool and other elements for a comfortable stay will also find their place there.

examples of original ideas, photos

A gazebo and an artificial pond will always find a place on a plot near a country house
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Landscape design in a mixed style

At first glance at a project with a mixture of styles, the location of all the necessary objects may not seem the most convenient. In fact, if all the functional zones and recreation areas are located with a competent approach, then the site becomes comfortable and beautiful, and also unique. All buildings and green spaces can be placed in an optimal way so that they create a complete composition, complementing each other. When creating such a project, it is necessary to approach the layout more carefully in order to locate everything necessary on the site.

If there are doubts, lack of imagination, or, conversely, everything planned does not fit into the designated area, then you can turn to ready-made projects, ideas of which can be "peeped" on the Internet.

examples of original ideas, photos

All individual design elements should complement each other

Examples of landscape design: photo

examples of original ideas, photos

Cutting shrubs will make the yard special - you can live exotic animals or fairytale characters

examples of original ideas, photos

Adding a project with various figures is also welcome

examples of original ideas, photos

It is important for families with children to determine the playing area

examples of original ideas, photos

Will decorate the yard and the alpine hill

examples of original ideas, photos

For outdoor activities on the site determine the place for the sports field
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Creating a landscape design with the help of a professional

It’s not worth going to work on the ground immediately after purchasing a plot. The implemented project will be more difficult to rework than to spend more time on proper planning. Having chosen several landscape design options that are best suited to be implemented on a particular site according to the presence of the necessary elements, according to the geometry of the territory, it is worth “trying on” each of them onto your own site. It is important to take into account that all the necessary zones do not "compete" among themselves after their placement.

A selection of design solutions for the landscape design of a plot in a video:

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A designer with extensive experience is able to immediately assess how the planted plants will look in a few years and plan their planting so that the appearance of the site becomes more noble and cozy over the years.Trees, flower beds, shrubs, garden sculptures and other decorative elements with proper placement will make the area unique, and the project author will only enjoy in a personal oasis outside the bustling city.


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