Country style - main directions

The article will discuss what country style is, what features it has, what types and forms exist, how to design the interior in the described direction. Finishing options, colors, materials used in the creation of country, textiles, decor, accents, photos and videos, examples of finished works - all in the proposed material.

Country style - main directions

Rural theme in interior design

History of occurrence

The term "country" itself appeared in the seventies of the past century in America, when the decline of the popularity of art deco - a very bright direction, the implementation of which involves the creation of an atmosphere of elegance, lightness and excitement. The theatricality of the style has become boring in many ways, and in order to offer the public something new, American designers decided to go to the other extreme and began to offer their clients to return to nature and enjoy the spirit of rural life. Many people liked this idea. Memories from childhood, a trip to the grandmother, the taste of fresh milk and the smell of freshly baked bread excited the imagination. Therefore, rural motives liking. Each nation has its own ideas about the rural way of life, this determined the birth of various subspecies. The main are:

  • American country ;

  • French Provence ;

  • English exquisite rural interior ;

  • Swiss Chalet ;

  • Italian (Tuscan or Mediterranean style);

  • German half-timbered ;

  • Russian izba .

Country style - main directions

Natural color palette and natural materials

All of them have common traits. For interior design uses a natural color palette and natural finishing materials. They are characterized by a modest decoration and the absence of traces of cutting-edge technology, an abundance of textiles and the presence of colorful dishes, the presence of handmade decorative elements. Starting to repair, it is important to determine the direction of country music and be sure to take into account national peculiarities. About them will be discussed later in the article.

American Country

This direction was not born in rural areas, but in high society circles. In the middle of the last century there were many rich farmers who dreamed of living "dearly and richly", but could not try on the luxury of art deco. It did not get along well with the lifestyle of a large social class. Then, as a compromise, a solution was proposed that made it possible to create a luxury interior in a rustic manner. It did not have gold and antiques, but there were a lot of natural materials that helped create the desired comfort.

Country style - main directions

Luxury interior in rustic style

In the sixties, there was a boom in the construction of two-story cottages and houses on a standard frame with a standard layout. Such housing has become available to many US residents. Today, they prefer to have a separate house, rather than a city apartment, so the country style could quickly become the most popular interior style. He very suited the way of life of the citizens of the country described. Thanks to this, the country quickly gained national status. It is based on three basic principles: open plan, a lot of free space, massive furniture. These rules are implemented with the help of individual parts.

Finishing materials

In American homes, natural wood, ceramic tile and stone are often used for interior decoration. There is a lot of wood in American rustic interiors. It can appear on the ceiling in the form of beams, on the walls in the form of finishing panels, on the floor, in the form of a good piece parquet. Paired with a tree looks great natural stone. By means of it the fireplace fireplace is usually made out. The stone can be fragmentary sheathed walls or kitchen apron space. Usually, if such a variant of interior decoration is used, it is necessarily duplicated when creating tracks on the local area.

Country style - main directions

A lot of wood in the interior


For Americans, a home is a place to relax. They like to sit by the fireplace on the sofas, so the soft group is the main connecting center. First, he made out. Sofas and chairs are placed right in the center of the room around the fireplace or television area. The preference is given to simple sound furniture, without additional decorations and accessories, very practical and convenient. All other objects are placed along the walls in such a way that there is a lot of free space around.

Additional decor

It is he who helps to create a homely atmosphere, with the help of it creates a special mood that warms the soul and fills the house with positive energy. The decor must be functional. Everything that is in the American home is often used for its intended purpose.Therefore, choosing pottery, you must buy the one that can be used in the kitchen. Wild flowers or wreaths of cranberry twigs can be placed in vases. If a hunter lives in the house, trophies in the form of hides, horns and scarecrows may appear in it. Each decade defines new trends. If in the eighties, figurines of roosters and windmills were displayed on the shelves of cabinets, today in the interior of the country you can see candlesticks and beautiful ceramic dishes.

Country style - main directions

Comfortable, practical furniture

Great importance is attached to the selection of textiles. The windows are decorated with flowing curtains of simple straight cut without ruches, a tablecloth with hand embroidery is necessarily spread on the table in the dining room, in the bedroom on the bed may appear quilted bedspreads. Those décor elements are selected that have a soft muted color. Since Americans are very patriotic, they often use the colors of the American flag (blue, white, red) for their interiors. With them, accents are usually created.

American country does not tolerate bright details. If they have no function, they must be abandoned. Local traditions, national identity, choice of environmental materials come to the fore.

Country style - main directions

American symbols in the interior of the country

French Provence

In this version of the country embodied the charm of small provincial towns , the attractiveness of rural life and the mild climate of the Riviera. The interiors, decorated in the style of Provence, are very romantic, they recreated the comfort of home, which boasts exquisite beauty and impeccable taste. The stylistic concept is realized with the help of light colors. Preference is given to olive, light beige or pale green tones. There is a large amount of white.

Roughly planed terracotta boards are usually laid on the floor. The walls are simply plastered and painted with white paint. They can additionally be decorated with brick or natural stone. Make and wall paneling. This option is often used for finishing decoration hallway.

Country style - main directions

French Provence in the Interior

The ceiling is simple, bright, and if the height permits, it can be decorated with wooden beams. In this case, the tree should be painted in a dark brown color. The floor is also made of wood. Today, rough planed boards are often replaced with parquet or laminate.

When the finishing of the premises will be completed, you can do the selection of furniture. The French version of country style in the interior of a country house is formed precisely with the help of furniture filling. Valued high-quality dressers and cupboards, a little rough in appearance, with slightly aged surfaces. In the traditional version you can find wardrobe, high wardrobe, cabinets, lari and chests, chairs, armchairs and sofas. But the center of the living space intended for communication is a large round table.

Country style - main directions

The large round table as a link

Furniture, of course, is made of wood. It is painted in light shades, artificially aged, sometimes covered with flower paintings. It, by the way, can be present in textiles, sometimes, dinner sets painted with beautiful lush colors are also bought on purpose. Against the background of heavy items, openwork floor lamps, wicker chair, coffee table with wrought-iron legs look great. Forging is used quite widely. With the help of it, the headboards of the beds, the legs of the stools, the body of the central chandelier and the candlesticks are created.

In the interior, decorated in the style of Provence, a lot of textiles. And upholstered furniture, and curtains on the windows, and numerous pillows on the sofas, tablecloths on the tables, napkins - all this is mainly made from flax, or from a single-color fabric dim, as if faded in the sun color. It can have a floral pattern or a strip of bleached blue. She personifies the sea. All products are additionally decorated with ruffles, ribbons, bows, embroidery. In all there must be traces of handmade.

Country style - main directions

Light textile with floral pattern

Textile is a bright decor in itself, but its use does not negate the use of additional accessories. As them, graceful decorative things, fresh flowers, dried flowers that support the theme of prints, figurines and photographs in the framework of vintage style are welcomed. When choosing the elements of decor, it is important to remember that the Provence style is lightness, airiness, spaciousness. The interior can not be cluttered with lots of items. The path will be a limited number of accessories, but they all have to be in their place, otherwise you can get the effect of the museum, which stores all unnecessary junk.

There is one major difference that clearly demonstrates the difference between American and French country music.In the first case, the soft group becomes the semantic center, sofas and armchairs are placed in the middle of the room around one central object. In the second case, the center of the room should be free. Zoning is carried out by using different finishing materials or by using partitions. As they act most often screens.

Country style - main directions

Free center of the room

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English exquisite rural interior

Here, sophistication and practicality come first. The interior is designed in such a way that everything is dominated by naturalness and simplicity. Today this direction is very popular in Russia. It is often chosen for decoration of country cottages and houses. Many like the naturalness and lack of excessive pretentiousness. The following list helps to briefly outline the main characteristics of the direction.

  1. A simple, slightly rough finish is used for walls and floors.

  2. For interior design, use only natural wood and natural stone .

  3. The décor focuses on the choice of furniture from an array of with a finish made of aged copper and brass .

  4. Preference is given to the natural color scheme .

  5. textiles are actively used as decor: curtains on the windows, numerous tablecloths and rugs, napkins and plaids in a cage, in small polka dots or in a small floral ornament.

Country style - main directions

Restraint and refinement of a rural interior

All of the above is combined in such a way that the result will be strict and discreet interior, very elegant, and at the same time homely. Only here it is allowed to use elements of other similar topics.

When designing the interior in the style of an English village, the floor should be laid dark brown or maroon. The walls are decorated with wood paneling in half or a third, the remainder is usually decorated with wallpaper with a pattern consisting of alternating bands of dark green and dark red. It is allowed to use wallpaper with a floral pattern, but there should be no large flowers on them. The ceiling can be painted with white paint or covered with the same wooden panels that were used to decorate the walls. Usually a wooden plinth is necessarily attached along the perimeter of the ceiling. It can be thrown along the corners of the wall corners.

Country style - main directions

Traditional English country execution

The furniture in the English house is always dark in color, it is very solid and solid. For its production uses an array of cherry or mahogany. In the living room, a large leather sofa or a soft panel covered with plaid material would be appropriate. If such a set is chosen, the cage must be maintained in everything: in the design of the walls and in textiles.

As accessories, lamps with inlays of aged brass, expensive porcelain, paintings whose scenes support the theme of hunting, and antiquarian objects are best suited. English interior does not tolerate confusion, so choosing such a design option for a country house, you will need to carefully take care of maintaining cleanliness in it. English country involves the refined decoration of rooms, creating an atmosphere that can give a sense of peace and regularity. If it is the basis of life, you should choose such an interior.

Country style - main directions

Refined furnishings in English manners
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Swiss Chalet

A style based on the traditions of the life of peasants living in the Alps originated in Savoy in the province of France located in the south-east of the country, right on the border with Italy and Switzerland . The geographical location determined the mixing of three cultures at once. In all three countries, low houses with a sloping roof were built on the slopes of the mountains so that the shepherds lost in the blizzard could shelter from the weather, take a break and warm themselves by the fire.

They were built from scrap materials. How can you build a house in the mountains? - Made of stone and wood. A high base was made of stone. He played the role of the first floor. Usually it housed one large room with a hearth and storage room, the bedroom was located on the second floor.It was not full, initially it was the attic. It was made of wood. This material allowed us to build housing that kept heat well. The principle of "stone bottom and wooden top" and became the hallmark of the chalet. In a mountainous climate, the construction of such buildings is more than justified.

Country style - main directions

Stone bottom and wooden top

Over time, the level of comfort of such housing was constantly changing for the better, but the exterior architectural appearance remained the same . He is the hallmark of style. The interior has no such characteristic features. Today, you can recreate an authentic setting if you actively use natural stone and wood for interior decoration. With the help of it, as a rule, the floor and the ceiling are decorated, the walls are plastered and whitened. The center of the internal arrangement becomes the fireplace. His portal is decorated with natural stone.

A seating area is organized around it, soft armchairs and sofas, upholstered in wool or unbleached flax of inconspicuous color, are arranged. The furniture should have a simple form of execution, you need to choose large soft sofas and armchairs, a thick pile of carpet can be spread on the floor, tapestries and hunting attributes can appear on the walls. Here it is customary to parade kitchen utensils, antique gizmos, hand embroidery, any other objects of decorative art. If you manage to put together such elements, you will create an atmosphere of the Alpine chalet.

Country style - main directions

The fireplace, as a link

Italian (Tuscan or Mediterranean style)

It can be easily recognized by combination of antique luxury and the atmosphere of rural life. Only at first glance it seems that it is very difficult to combine such opposite directions. In fact, this can be done, if the decoration and furnishings use monumentality and expensive finishing materials, the effect of wear and a large number of living plants.

It is better to decorate the walls in this interior with Venetian plaster. Its texture helps to create a feeling of hand-made, while the design of the walls will look both simple and luxurious. If there is a desire to make any accents, experts recommend partially decorating the walls with mosaic or artistic painting. You can lay the walls with natural stone, but this type of finish should not be the main one. In the rooms it is necessary to make arched apertures, in the walls of a niche of the same form, apertures are bogus. Murals are well suited to decorate them.

Country style - main directions

The simplicity and monumentality of Italian country

Ceilings are usually just whitened. If the height allows, they can be decorated with wooden beams, but for this it is better to use very massive elements of a dark (almost burgundy) color. The floor is exclusively marble tile. It is a cold material, therefore, to create a comfortable atmosphere in the house, it is necessary to immediately lay under it a system of water or electric heating. From the foregoing, it becomes clear that the main decoration in the house of the Italian are the walls. The floor and ceiling should be neutral.

For interior decoration, you need to select the finish of natural warm shades. It is best suited for the designated purpose cream and yellow, ocher and terracotta, as well as olive. Speakers surfaces are made in softer light shades, niches are decorated with darker colors.

Country style - main directions

Natural shades of warm colors

Solar Italy has a lot of natural light, so when organizing lighting there is no need to flood the room with artificial streams. Light in the dark should be soft and diffused. This can be done by mounting different fixtures placed in different places of the room, installed on mills or built into the ceiling. Low-hanging pendant lamps, made with the help of artistic forging made of brass or copper, always look advantageous in such interiors.

In the living room you can install soft sofas and be sure to throw a large number of pillows on them, hang a picture in an old frame on the wall, put a few Murano glass figurines in windows, then the Tuscan interior will be folded. Okra is usually decorated with luxurious heavy curtains with fringe, tassels and canopy. Remembering that Italian country is a combination of high and simple, it is allowed to place wicker baskets next to elegant statuettes, decorate the table with an embroidered tablecloth and napkins, and throw a bedspread on the sofa into the floret.

The video describes in detail what the Tuscan style is and why it is referred to country music:

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In general, the interior design should resemble the interior of an old villa, a very expensive but already aged time with a claim to antique luxury, performed by rustic simplicity. Inside there should be a lot of green plants, soft pillows, paintings in gold frames, expensive dishes.

German half-timbered

Country style with German flavor has three features: solidity, functionality, perfect order. Inside the house of the locals of the village there is not a single object that is not used for its intended purpose. All their functions are absolutely clear, there is not a single extra detail, not a single extra piece of furniture. All lines have clear boundaries, the furniture is very practical, arranged in strict accordance with the order and way of life of the owners. The decor is present, but it is not as florid as in France, and not as pretentious as in Italy.

Country style - main directions

Traditional German half-timbered

The internal layout is extremely simple. There are no fireplaces and podiums, niches and arches, no stucco and ceiling rosettes. But there are many large windows through which a large amount of daylight enters the room. They are never curtained by thick drape fabric. Instead, light translucent curtains are used. A starched tablecloth with some modest embroidered pattern comes together in a pair.

What is German style in the interior of houses, you will learn by watching the video:

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The ceilings are covered with plaster and painted or covered with wood panels, natural stone or wood is often used in the floor decoration. In the first case, complex layouts are used for tile laying. Most often this is a contrasting chess game. The walls are made in Germany to sheathe half wood. The second half is whitened. By means of a tree window and doorways are made out. There should be no drywall, no polyurethane, or polystyrene in this interior.

Country style - main directions

Natural stone and wood in the interior of German country

In the color palette, soothing colors predominate (cream, olive, milky, coffee) . On such a background looks great massive wooden furniture. The color of the floor should be darker than the walls, but lighter than the color of the furniture. It must have clear proportions. The Germans prefer to buy small sofas and armchairs, low buffets and open shelves, as well as massive dressers. They focus on solidity and functionality, so in German half-timbered houses it is impossible to find graceful forms, interior items that can only be admired.

Furnishing the rooms, the Germans reasoned: a chair to sit, a sofa so that you can rest comfortably and rejuvenate. Open rack - a showcase on which you can arrange the dishes that were in daily use. On the walls there are photos of relatives. On the windows - pots with potted plants.

Country style - main directions

Thoroughness and functionality, lack of elegant forms

Bedroom - room for sleeping. It must necessarily have a large comfortable bed, and everything else (dressers and wardrobes) are taken out to the dressing room. The described room must remain free and "breathing," as the Germans themselves say.

Kitchens - a sample of functionality. Everything is arranged in such a way that it would be convenient for the hostess to move around and prepare food. Any decor is excluded. The surfaces of the floor and walls, kitchen apron are made such that they are easy to clean to shine.

The severity and stiffness does not mean a complete rejection of decorative elements. They are present in the interior, but in very limited quantities. The Germans love to hang landscapes and still lifes on the walls, mirrors in a beautiful spectacular frame, put beer cups, vases and busts of famous philosophers and scientists in a prominent place.

The video tells how Germans are building houses in Bavaria, how they set them up:

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Russian Country

This trend today can be implemented in three ways. The first "a la rus" helps to recreate an authentic atmosphere with the help of a large number of decorative elements created in the best traditions of national crafts. Such interiors are very bright and so variegated that they are more suitable for organizing a museum exhibition than for housing. It is often used for decoration of reception rooms at large major competitions or in exhibition centers. Foreigners really like this flavor. That is what they associate with Russian country music.

Country style - main directions

Interior in the style of "a la rus"

Locals who dream to surround themselves with a traditional Russian village atmosphere choose the second design method - "Russian izba". It is in him that real respect for the origins and national traditions is felt. The design cannot boast of rich decoration, but the Russian soul is felt in everything. There is a lot of wood in the living space. It is used widely, and for wall decoration, and for the ceiling and floor. To do this, use different finishing materials (wall paneling, edged board, block house). A bet is made on the texture, widely used wood carving. The result is a very stylish interior, which has similarity with the decoration of the old Russian peasant households.

The video describes how wood carving can be used in interiors:

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Each thing has its own specific place, each fulfilling its own weighty role. To recreate the interior in the described direction, you need to use warm colors. All shades of yellow, beige, brown, gray will do. Muted red or blue is often used as accents.

Country style - main directions

Country in the style of "Russian izba"

The third design method is called "Russian terem". It is based on the decoration of the ancient Russian princely courts. Wooden decoration is additionally decorated with multi-colored ornaments, the interiors are rich in decoration. In the center of the main room there must be a stove decorated with ceramic tiles.

When choosing a future setting, it is necessary to make furniture that is simple in function, it should be made of wood, wicker items can be used as an alternative, rarely, but the use of forged elements is acceptable. No complicated shapes and lacquered surfaces, furniture decoration with elements of carving is allowed. The traditional choice is wide shops, massive chests, cupboards, wardrobes. In the Russian hut must have a large dining table, around it chairs and stools.

Country style - main directions

Interior "Russian Tower"

In order to put the final touches, you need to add interior with pottery, Gzhel or trays with Zhostovo painted, wicker baskets, wooden kegs and mirrors in simple sturdy frames and lots of textiles. There are curtains or linen or chintz on the windows, a tablecloth embroidered with a traditional pattern on the table, macrame napkins in the sideboard, patchwork quilts on the beds.

When choosing a Russian style, you need to remember about harmony, the situation around you should be neat and beautiful. This is the power of the described direction.

The video tells about the Russian style, its features and the nuances of the design:

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Generalization on the topic

Country today is close to those who want to forget about modern technologies, who want to get away from the furious rhythm of megalopolises and take refuge in the atmosphere of rural life. Country will help to relax, enjoy the charm of antiquity, listen to nature and enjoy its beauty. In each of its details, the described direction carries a bit of solar heat, the comfort of a home hearth, silence, which inspires new feats and discoveries. To fill a new interior with meaning, you need to invest your soul in it. Then the situation around will become comfortable and very dear.


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