beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

A brick in low-rise construction will always be in demand. Even in cases where the house is built of gas or foam concrete, for the external decoration of the facade, many choose facing brick. It is also widely used in the construction of fences. Most often used for pillars and basement in the fences combined type, but those who want to get a "house-fortress", build a fence out of bricks completely.

beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

Capital brick fence

Pros and cons of brick fence

Advantages of brick fence, subject to quality materials and compliance with construction technology, have the following list:

  • Solidity and thoroughness. Technologies change, other materials appear, and bricks and buildings from it do not lose their attractiveness for lovers of the traditional style in architecture and landscape design.

  • Reliability and strength . By the degree of protection of the site brick fence has no competitors. Its resistance to mechanical stress is not worse than that of forged or welded fences, but they are “transparent” for curious glances and are easy to overcome. Corrugated fences have blind spans, but the strength of a thin steel sheet (0. 45-0. 5 mm) can not be compared with laying one brick with a thickness of 250 cm.

  • Durability . The only competitor in terms of service life is concrete, but it must also be “decorated” to make the fence attractive. There are still cast-iron fences, but they are good rather on the embankment or in the city square, rather than around a private site. Steel is subject to corrosion, and even with a protective coating of zinc and polymer paint, this process is simply delayed in time.

beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

With proper installation, a brick fence is one of the most durable and unpretentious in operation

  • Unpretentiousness . The only duty of care is to ensure that there is no fungus on the north side or in a shaded and poorly ventilated place (but this is the “disease” of all mineral building materials and wood).

  • Protection against wind and road dust . Of course, these effects are not completely blocked, but their effect is significantly reduced.

There is such a fence and disadvantages. But they are extremely economic:

  • High cost piece material . Especially foreign production.

  • High costs of paying builders . To build a brick fence is almost like building a box of a small house with the same area of ​​load-bearing walls.

  • The need for arranging the strip footing throughout the entire length of the brick fence.

Types of bricks

Different types of bricks are used for building a fence. And often use the form that is chosen for the construction or facing of the house:

  • Ordinary ceramic brick . The price of one starts from 5 rubles. It has low decorative properties and is rarely used in the construction of fences - only for plaster or tiling.

beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

The fence from the "classic" ordinary brick

  • Facing brick for the fence . Among the ceramic bricks it costs the next after the rank and file. And the most popular in the construction of fences. The price of one lies in the range from 8 to 17 rubles.

beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

Construction of a facing brick

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer fences and fences construction service. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".
  • Clinker . Another type of ceramic brick, but of more refractory clay. Due to the peculiarities of the raw materials and high-temperature roasting, its strength is one of the highest among the building blocks. At a domestic manufacturer, the cost of a single brick starts from 20 rubles. Facing clinker from Europe can cost up to 90 rubles. a piece.

beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

Clinker brick fence

  • Manual molding . This technology is a classic ceramic brick, but as a handmade product is expensive. And to justify the high price, manufacturers are trying to compensate for its original invoice. The piece cost is, on average, twice as high as that of clinker, but there are other size standards (smaller) here, so the cost per square meter of masonry can be 3-4 times higher.

beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

A hand-molded brick fence looks very impressive

  • Silicate brick . Due to the almost perfect surface, this type of ordinary building block can be used as a front, although there is also a brick with an improved surface.The usual "white" silicate brick for the fence will cost from 7 rubles. , facial - 10-20% more expensive, for the color will have to pay the same amount. More expensive than all silicate brick with a stabbed surface - from 20 rubles. a piece. The photo below is a white brick fence with additional stone trim.

beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

Light silicate brick fence with additional stone trim

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  • Hyper pressed . Its composition differs from silicate brick in that cement is used instead of lime. And according to the production technology it is a hard semi-dry concrete. It has other formats, and if you compare the prices per square meter, then with a smooth surface it will cost as expensive facing bricks, and with a split, twice as expensive. This type is rarely used; decorative concrete blocks for posts and fences are more often chosen.

beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

A hyper-pressed brick fence requires a high level of skill of the cleaver

Types of brick fences

If we talk about "purely" brick fences, they can be classified according to the thickness of the masonry. And this division makes sense in those cases when it comes to standard building block formats. For example, laying in "half-brick", "one brick" or "one and a half brick" means a wall thickness of 12 cm, 25 cm or 38 cm.

Note! The thickness of the brick in "bricks" is a multiple spoon (the length of the brick) single format (1NF) - 250 mm, and not poke (brick width) (120 mm). When using other formats, including European ones, an individual approach is needed to calculate the thickness and calculate the required quantity.

Two types of masonry are most common in the construction of fences - in the "half-brick" and in the "brick".

The choice depends on the priorities;

  • In half-brick . The most economical masonry. The strength of the fence is considered sufficient provided that its height is not more than 2 m, and the distance between the pillars is 2. 5 m.

  • B "brick" . Optimal for durability and consumption of bricks type of fence

beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

Masonry thickness of brick fences

Make a fence around a private house thicker, in "one and a half bricks", it is inexpedient - more costs for materials and work, more powerful foundation, and with a relatively small masonry height and the presence of support pillars, the strength of the span is excessive.

Basics of technology

The construction of a brick fence combines two construction technologies - pillars and spans, which differ in the type of masonry (ligation methods). But regardless of their configuration, the sequence of work has a strict sequence. And at the first stage the foundation is poured:

  1. Plan the site . The marking is carried out taking into account the size of the pillars and the layout of the building blocks in the span - its length should be a multiple of the size of the spoon (plus the thickness of the vertical joints). With the usual masking of brickwork on the floor, every second row should end with the second half of the block with which it began.

  2. Excavate . Monolithic strip foundation for the fence can have a different profile in depth - depending on the nature of the soil and the design load. Under the pillars make the base with a heel below the level of soil freezing, for spans - may be limited to a depth of 50-60 cm.

beautiful design options, photos, prices for construction in Moscow

One of the options foundation for brick fence

  1. Install the formwork and reinforce . For pouring concrete use the most common removable formwork of edged boards or wooden shields. When reinforcing the base for a pole, a bulk frame is usually used with a release to the height of the steel pipe intake. The tape under the span is reinforced with a frame of four rods of longitudinal reinforcement with strapping with transverse and longitudinal rods of smaller diameter (the main task of the armored belt is to take the load on the fracture).

  2. Pour concrete . The fence, albeit a stone one, belongs to light constructions - the M200 mark is enough.

In terms of total cost, the cost of manufacturing a monolithic foundation for a fence starts from 4,000 rubles. / m 3 .

After the concrete has matured, pillars are built. In the section - it is well laying in a half or two bricks around the pipe. The empty space that remains inside is filled with the solution as the column is erected. The combined fences are used to fix embedded elements for the mounting of crossbars, for pure brick fences such elements are needed for fixing wickets and gates.

See the video for the foundations for the brick fence:

The total cost of one pillar with a height of 2. 5 m begins from 12 000 rub. - taking into account the foundation (depth from 1.5 m), mortar, concrete or steel cap, domestic single brick facing up to 15 rubles. a piece.

After the construction of the pillars between them lay spans. The first row is first laid out "dry" to adjust the thickness of the vertical seams. Then fill the span brick in the dressing, using a template for the formation of seams. The cost of laying a span of half a brick from 650 rubles / m 2 .

After setting the masonry mortar, the jointing is performed, and the brickwork is laid on top or a ready-made parapet is installed.

Clearly about the construction of a brick fence in the video:

65 ideas for a beautiful brick fence see the following video:

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Brick fence is one of the most complex and costly type of fence. Errors in the calculation of the foundation and pillars are difficult to fix, and sometimes impossible - it is not an easy fence made of mesh or plastic. To make such a fence with your own hands is like laying a brick wall at home, and this work should be done by professionals. The task of the customer is to choose the type of brick and the design of the fence - there are different versions of color combinations, the use of shaped elements to create an architectural decor, decorating with forged accessories parapets of spans and pillars.

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