Which boiler is better for a private house of 100 square meters. m

To organize autonomous heating in the house, you will need to carry out a lot of calculations and select all the necessary components. Indoor air is heated by circulating hot water through radiators or other heat transfer fluids.

The selection of a boiler for a small and large house is done differently - if the heated area is 80-100 square meters. then it is necessary to choose which boiler is better for a private house of 100 sq. m.

Which boiler is better for a private house of 100 square meters. m

Options for boilers that are successfully used for residential heating

Types of boilers

Before buying a boiler, you need to decide with a model that meets the basic requirements:

  • uninterrupted operation while maintaining optimal indoor temperature;

  • low cost;

  • safety when used.

For a residential individual building, the area of ​​which does not exceed 100m 2 , you can use the following options:

  • Gas boiler . It is used when a gas pipeline is connected to the house. In addition, this heating option is the most economical. If the house is used for periodic residence, you can use the gas tank. But it should be noted that in this case, monetary costs will significantly increase.

  • Solid fuel boiler . For his work used firewood, coal or briquette form of energy. For stable operation of such a boiler there is no need to use power supply. If the equipment has an electronic control circuit, while there is no electricity, power can be arranged using a battery. But there is one drawback - you need to equip a place for fuel.

Which boiler is better for a private house of 100 square meters. m

Solid fuel boiler
  • Liquid boilers fuel . When using this variant of heating, it is necessary to adhere to all safety regulations, since such devices are more susceptible to emergency situations.

  • Boilers operating on electric power . Such devices are used both as an auxiliary element of water heating at the time when the main heating system is temporarily switched off, and as the main type of heating (if gas or solid fuel equipment is unavailable).

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What to look for when choosing a boiler

According to state standards, a heat-insulated room has a heat transfer of no more than 10-12 kW. In this case, a boiler with a power of 11 kW will suffice.

Which boiler is better for a private house of 100 square meters. m

In a warmed house, heat is stored longer

Choosing which gas boiler is better for a 100-square-meter private house. m. - it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the pipeline. In the presence of pressure in the line not lower than 1.5 bar, you can opt for models with a capacity of up to 14 kW. The reason for this is:

  • the need for free power reserve of the boiler for optimal operation in the winter period of time;

  • the possibility of covering heat leaks , which are possible even with full house insulation;

  • when using heating in the form of a heated floor (without radiators), the heat transfer of the carrier is reduced.

A large range of boilers offer various functions. The installed boiler can not only heat the room, but also heat the water as needed. The best option is a model that can heat up to 7 liters of water per minute. For comparison:

  • a device with a power of 11 kW heats water from 3.5 to 5.5 liters per minute;

  • with a power of 17 kW - water heats up from 5.5 to 9 liters per minute.

Which boiler is better for a private house of 100 square meters. m

A modern alternative to provide heating and hot water supply

In addition, it is very important take into account the efficiency of the boiler . The higher the performance, the less gas is consumed, which leads to a noticeable reduction in the heating budget. For comparison:

  • domestic brands of boilers have a ratio of 50 - 80%;

  • European - 95%.

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Main characteristics

To find out which gas boiler to choose for heating a house of 100 square meters, you should consider their main characteristics.

First of all, this is a way to install equipment:

  • floor mounted boilers;

  • wall mounted installation option;

  • parapet connection.

Which boiler is better for a private house of 100 square meters. m

The hanging boiler is not the most powerful, but it fits harmoniously into the interior

Then you should pay attention to number of circuits:

  • single circuits are used exclusively for heating the room;

  • double circuits are used for space heating and water heating.

It is important to pay attention to the type of burner:

  • ordinary - oxygen is supplied to the fire due to natural draft;

  • inflatable - air is blown by the fan;

  • combined.

There are several ways to adjust the power of the boiler to 100 square meters. m:

  1. One-stage. After reaching a predetermined temperature mode, it works in a fuse.

  2. Two-stage. The set temperature condition is reached, after that it switches to 40% of power.

  3. Seamlessly two-step. It works like the previous version, but with a smooth change of modes.

  4. Modulated - works in several modes.

The camera type is considered:

  • open option. For its operation, the air comes directly from the room where the apparatus is located, this process occurs naturally;

  • is a closed version. With the help of a special pipe, air is forced from the outside of the room.

Which boiler is better for a private house of 100 square meters. m

Starting the gas boiler

Thrust type is as follows:

  • normal - due to convection;

  • forcing - with the help of fans.

Ignition of burners is as follows:

  • electric ignition is powered from the network;

  • piezo-ignition - a spark is produced by a piezoelectric element;

  • ignition with matches.

And you should definitely take into account the material that was used to manufacture the heat exchanger:

  • steel;

  • cast iron;

  • copper.

How to choose a boiler for heating in a private house, see the following video:

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Overview of some types of heaters

To understand which boiler to choose to heat a house of 100 square meters, some options should be considered.

AOGV 11.6 (M)

This is a two-body apparatus of domestic manufacture, has a capacity of 11.6 kW, and is capable of heating water up to 2 liters / min. Boiler floor installation. The price is within 17,000 rubles.

Which boiler is better for a private house of 100 square meters. m

Scheme of operation of a classic gas boiler of traditional layout AOGV 11.6
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Protherm Panther 12KTO

Produce this model in Slovakia. Designed for space heating only. It has a power of 11.6 kW, while consuming 1.4 m 3 / hour of gas. It has a wall mounting option. Estimated at around 35,000 rubles.


Powered by solid fuel. With a power of 10 kW, the efficiency factor is 72%. Single-circuit boiler, which is intended only for heating the room. Uses 22 liters of water. The price tag is within 13500 rubles.

"Bourgeois-K" STANDARD-10

It also runs on solid fuel, but at a power of 10 kW it has an efficiency of 85%, which is superior to the previous version. The water circuit requires 18 liters of water. The boiler is estimated at 40,000 rubles.

Which boiler is better for a private house of 100 square meters. m

Solid fuel boiler Bourgeois

Bosch Tronic 5000 H

The boiler is powered by electricity. To complete its work, you need a three-phase connection. With a boiler power of 13.86 kW, it is necessary to use 14.1 kW. The efficiency indicator reaches 99%. It is such a boiler 43,000 rubles.

Kospel EKCO. L1z

Electric boiler with the need for a three-phase connection. With a power of 12 kW uses 12.5 kW of electricity. The efficiency of this boiler is 99%. The cost of this model is 25,000 rubles.

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Choosing a boiler for a house depends on the personal preferences of the consumer and the availability of access to energy. Based on the comparison of models and characteristics, we can conclude that gas boilers remain the most economical option. With their help, not only the rooms are heated, but there is also the possibility of heating water for domestic consumption.

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