characteristics and prices in Moscow

When constructing any roof, an obligatory stage of work is the installation of a rainwater drainage system that collects and directs melted and rainwater at one point, which helps protect the foundation and walls from the negative effect of moisture. The article describes the plastic drains for the roof: the advantages and characteristics of the material, the stages of installation and the cost of the system elements.

characteristics and prices in Moscow

With proper installation, the service life of plastic drains is not inferior to metal structures

Water drain elements

The system may have Various parameters, among which the main is the diameter of pipes, the throughput depends on them. When installing a drain, experts recommend installing vertical plums every 8 m.

The shape of the drain may be;

  • rectangular - an inexpensive option with some installation features, the design has angular edges;

  • round - compact and the most common option, looks good on any type of building.

The gutter system consists of special elements and includes gutters, funnels, pipes, clamps, adapters, plugs, fasteners and couplings.

characteristics and prices in Moscow

Different colors of plastic gutters and fasteners

The peculiarity of plastic gutter is that it is made of polymer plastic. It is very stable and is able to withstand the negative effects of sunlight and chemicals. Well extinguish the noise of impact droplets, practically do not smear and have a small weight, which greatly simplifies their installation. It looks especially good with any options for flexible roofing. However, this option has a rather low level of frost resistance, and the water frozen inside can simply destroy the elements of the system.

Installation of the drain

Drains for the plastic roof, the price of which is the most profitable, are easily mounted by specialists within one working day. Basically, the fastening elements of the system is carried out simultaneously with the roofing work.

characteristics and prices in Moscow

Elements of the drainage system

When performing operations, you must follow a number of rules:

  • holders must be mounted at different levels so that the system has a slope for self-draining water, the slope for each running meter is 3 mm;

  • there should be a small distance between the wall and the pipe otherwise the wall will be permanently wet, mold will appear;

  • rooflights must be open to provide good ventilation;

  • vertical pipe fittings there are collars maximum every two meters, if there are frequent strong winds in the region, then the number of collars doubles;

  • the lower edge of the pipe from which water is drained should be located at a height of 20 -30 cm above ground level.

For horizontal gutters, the mount should be installed in steps of 20 to 30 cm. This is due to the need to ensure a high level of holding loads.

characteristics and prices in Moscow

If in summer the maximum loads occur only during the rain, in winter the snow can linger on the roof for a long time
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Advantages of plastic drains

Experts often recommend buying a drain system made of plastic. This decision is made because of the various and very important advantages of such drains. Among the advantages especially worth noting the most important.

  • Roof protection. A high level of protection is provided, the system drains water qualitatively. Thanks to properly assembled gutter moisture does not accumulate in the walls and on the roof. Plastic does not corrode, mold does not develop from moisture or dangerous fungus, the life of the entire roof is prolonged.

  • Saving money. Plastic systems are not only cheaper than metal ones, but also more profitable in installation and maintenance. The installation of the system is very fast, and they will take less money for installation. Plastic drainage system does not require strengthening of the roof, since all elements are very light. The system is characterized by ease of maintenance and care - minimum intervention, one setting and cleaning the channels once a year, if necessary.

characteristics and prices in Moscow

Plastic water collectors are light, so their installation will cost less
  • Quality results . Such a system serves very well; in modern models, elements of protection against various problems are established, for example, premature destruction, overflow, clogging, and so on.

  • Durability. Plastic gutter serves for many years.For the production of elements used high-strength PVC, which does not rust and tolerates the negative effects of precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, wind. Can withstand quite large loads.

  • Aesthetic. Does not violate the overall appearance and design of the roof and house. At installation of a drain there is a minimum of intervention. It looks best with a variety of soft roofing.

When purchasing elements of the drain, each part of the roof is measured and the width is multiplied by the length. With a roof area of ​​up to 50 to 100 m² the width of the gutter should be 125 mm, and the diameter of the pipe is 87 mm For larger roofs, pipes with a diameter of 100 mm and gutters of 150 mm are purchased.

characteristics and prices in Moscow

Beautiful plastic water collectors can also be considered as decoration of the roof
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Cost of system elements

Plums for the roof, the price of which is more profitable than metal options, are purchased not by the piece, but by meters of running gear. On average, the chute can be purchased at a price of 150-1500 rubles per linear meter. For mounting gutters requires brackets and studs. The first ones are offered at the price of 30-50 rubles per unit, and the second ones cost about 30-35 rubles per unit.

It is also necessary to purchase curtain hooks for 40-50 rubles for one. Clamps for fixing drain pipes are sold at 50-60 rubles per unit, plugs of 60-100 rubles, outlets of 150-300 rubles, knee, 150-200 rubles, funnels of 250-400 rubles, pipes of 250-550 rubles.

Special grids of 50 rubles each are offered to protect the system from clogging. Also offered are ready-made systems that are assembled as a constructor. Such a system for a small house can cost 2.5-5 thousand rubles.

How to install plastic gutters, see the video:

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A quality drainage system is a prerequisite for any roof. The drain will protect the walls and the foundation from excess moisture, the development of fungus and mold. Plastic parts serve for a very long time, can withstand heavy loads, are offered in different colors, so do not spoil the appearance of buildings. Favorable price, advantages and high performance make drainage systems made of plastic one of the best and most profitable modern solutions.

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