Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

In a cottage, private residential house or cottage in the country, the porch is one of the essential elements that plays an important role in creating a cozy atmosphere. Many people regard it not as an extension of a simple construction, but as a real visiting card of home owners - a place suitable for meeting guests and relaxing. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the glazing of the porch to create the most comfortable atmosphere and turn it into an almost complete room at home. And how it may look and how the glazing of the porch of a country house occurs, the photo and information in our article will tell in detail.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

Glazing of the porch of a modern country house

Need for glazing the porch of a country house

The glazing of the porch of the house is carried out in the following purposes:

  1. Reliable heat saving, which will also significantly save on heating the house itself. Upon entering the building, each person first opens the door from the street to the porch and only then the door to the hallway. In the presence of a closed porch, the interior of the housing is protected from heat loss, as well as penetration of gusts of wind, cold air and damp into the room. In addition, the extension contributes to reducing heat loss through the wall to which the porch is adjacent.
  2. Often, especially in the cold season, this extension serves as a hallway and additional space for storing outer clothing and shoes. On the glazed porch, if desired, you can hang hangers and put a small chest of drawers or a closet.
  3. A cozy place to spend time with relatives and friends. If the porch has a sufficiently large size, then you can equip a fairly beautiful and comfortable seating area in a friendly company.
  4. Glazing the porch of a country house will allow, if necessary, to turn this space into a specific area: for example, a store room, children's playroom, gym. However, this is true if the extension is located on the side of the courtyard. From the side of the facade, this decision will look sloppy.
  5. Due to the fact that the room is closed from the ingress of moisture, all building materials that were used for the interior decoration of the porch are protected from the damaging effects of moisture, and therefore serve much longer.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

Glazed porch as a full-fledged part of the house

Nuances of glazing the porch in the house or at the cottage

In order for the porch glazing to not become a reason to regret this design decision, it is necessary to take into account several important nuances:

  • at the planning stage of the parameters of the porch, as well as the dimensions of the door and window openings, it is necessary to check that the final result is in harmony with the overall design of the facade of the house itself;
  • you should choose windows and doors with high-quality glass in order to ensure high sunlight transmission;
  • care must be taken to ensure that the selected structures protect the residential building from illegal entry.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

The porch should be reliably protected from penetration

Types of glazing of the porch

From a technical point of view the porch is an external extension, through which there is an entrance directly to the house. By glazing, you can increase the usable area, improve the heat and sound insulation of the structure.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

Using the porch as a usable area
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Today, there are several different glazing technologies:

  1. Application of PVC windows that have double-glazed windows with a thickness of about 24-52 mm. When choosing this option, you can order windows with special glass that provides a minimum level of heat loss.
  2. Glazing the porch with an aluminum profile allows you to create openings with sufficiently large dimensions without installing special additional jumpers - this looks more neat and stylish.
  3. Installation of sliding systems in which the doors are installed on small rollers and then moved apart in the same plane along special guides.
  4. Frameless glazing is not as popular as the previous versions, because it performs mainly decorative functions, practically without protecting the porch from cold and moisture. However, such a system makes it possible, if necessary, to move the glass bags so that the extension is open on the entire side.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

Sliding System

Recently, the method of using frames made of PVC has been in rather great demand, because have such advantages as high strength, durability, aesthetic appearance, practicality and reasonable price.

Glazing of the porch with wooden frames

For villas and cottages built in the traditional Russian style of wooden logs or timber, wooden frames are most often selected for glazing the porch. Some people prefer frames with a sufficiently large number of wooden covers and glass of small sizes. It is this option in retro style that is suitable for decorating an extension in a classic style. And for more modern facilities should choose the frame in 1-2 glass with large parameters.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options.

Glazing of the porch with wooden frames

To get a beautiful and properly glazed porch, work is carried out in the following order:

  1. To the frame of the openings for installing the window box along the entire perimeter of the room is hammered with nails or screws.
  2. All existing slots must be filled with a special silicone-based sealant.
  3. First, window frames without glass are mounted. To perform this work, hinges are often used, which represent the simplest swing construction.
  4. Glass sheets of pre-selected sizes are installed in the openings. For reliable fixation, beadings are used - thin slats that are nailed to the frame from the outside and inside with small studs.
  5. After the installation work, the frame with beadings should be painted with the paint of the most suitable shade. This is required not only to create an aesthetically appealing look, but also to protect the tree from mold, blue and rot.
  6. At the end, all seams are carefully coated with a sealant to protect the extension from drafts and strong wind.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

A small porch glazed with wooden frames

Despite all the advantages of this glazing method, you need to take into account that does not provide complete protection of the porch from the cold, so it is best used for glazing for the warm period of the year.

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Porch glazing with polycarbonate

For glazing a porch, this method requires the purchase of double sheets, which are 8–10 mm thick, and for a room with a large area, sheets with a thickness of 14–16 mm are more suitable. This option allows you to make a fully glass facades, letting a large amount of sunlight.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

Porch glazing with polycarbonate

In order for such windows to last for a sufficiently long time, you must follow the instructions:

  1. First a foundation is created. For such a porch does not require too powerful base, so perfect tape or column type.
  2. A frame is made of polycarbonate. Best of all suitable for this rental of channels, angles and pipes.
  3. The finished frame needs to be fixed on the completely dried foundation.
  4. A crate is made of wooden bars in which the spacing of the elements is 60-80 cm, depending on the extension area. Due to this, the monolithic polycarbonate construction can withstand the load in case of heavy snowfall.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

Designer application of polycarbonate in glazing

When performing glazing work, you should follow a few fairly simple recommendations:

  1. All sections of panels must be closed with thin strips or special tapes.
  2. Small drainage holes are created around the perimeter of the window box, through which moisture will flow from the inside of the structure to the outside.
  3. All individual panels are connected to a complete canvas using slats.
  4. Polycarbonate sheets should be securely fastened to the crate using strips and sealant with a transparent texture.
  5. Sheets of this material need not be fixed too tightly so that there are small gaps. Thus, the design will be able to maintain its integrity after expansion due to a significant increase in air temperature.

Glazing of the porch with glass units

The porch from the glass unit for a private house is shown below, a photo of the classic version:

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

Glazing Porch windows

Double-glazed windows are the most practical option for glazing an annex at cottages or in country houses.In addition, manufacturing companies offer a wide range of frames:

  • pivoting;
  • tilt-and-pivoting systems - they provide an opportunity to ventilate the room, only partially opening the window;
  • sliding - these frames do not have a long operational period, but they are well suited for too small porch.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

Double-glazed windows for a small porch

Installation work on installing double-glazed windows has several features:

  1. From the frames it is necessary to remove the window sash in order to prevent damage to the glass.
  2. Dowels with screws are used to fix the frame.
  3. Gaps that may occur after installation should be carefully filled with foam.
  4. At the very end of the sash with glass attached back.

Installation of aluminum frames when glazing porch

This method of glazing is best suited for premises of a sufficiently large area. In this case, one should give preference to sliding frames to create the illusion of unglazed space.

Glazed porch of a country house aluminum profile, plastic, photo options

Use of metal frame in glazing

Basic requirements for frame installation:

  1. When installing window boxes , use anchor plates.
  2. The space formed between the frame and the window opening is filled with mounting foam to insulate the porch from drafts.
  3. Frames are installed with the help of special runners and locks.

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When choosing any of the glazing methods for the porch, it is necessary to take into account the design of the room, as well as its future purpose, so that the result will be beautiful and practical. In addition, the purpose of the house itself also plays a role: there is no point in the expensive glazing of the porch, if you plan to visit the country house only in summer.

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