projects of complexes under one roof

In the understanding of most owners of country houses, a bath is a place for comfortable rest rather than a room exclusively for hygienic procedures. Therefore, a spacious country house, equipped with a bath with a terrace under one roof - the project is increasingly used for construction. This allows fans of a regular holiday in the country to combine bath procedures, cooking meat on the coals and a friendly feast.

projects of complexes under one roof

Modern bath with a gazebo and barbecue

Combining a bath and a gazebo: the advantages of similar structures for relaxing

Basic The reason why a bathhouse with a gazebo is gaining popularity is ease of use, because relaxing in steam rooms often involves a long feast and enjoying socializing with friends and family. If a gazebo and a barbecue oven are equipped at the exit from the bath, guests and hosts are freely accommodated for a feast without having to move around the site.

The construction of a bath-gazebo on a single foundation, with a common roof, will speed up the construction process and also save the owners' money. If necessary, in the gazebo also conduct electricity and water, which increases the level of comfort. You can also equip a gazebo with a swimming pool, where you can relax after a steam room or just on a hot day.

projects of complexes under one roof

Affordable version of combining a bath and a small gazebo under one gable roof

Owners of small plots will save valuable space, because a single project bathhouses with a gazebo under one roof takes up less space than equipping three separate buildings. In addition, the zoning of the territory is simplified, because it is easier to comfortably arrange one building than several.

The visual characteristics of a single complex will also delight the owners of the site: all buildings are decorated in a general style, the gazebo adjoins the bath harmoniously. A huge choice of finishing materials allows you to stylize the structure to your liking.

In the warm season, the summer kitchen is set up in the gazebo, and the spacious living room in the bath is used as a place to sleep for guests.

The technological feature of the bath with a summer kitchen and barbecue is the high level of humidity, which negatively affects the construction. The solution to the problem is a professional installation of a ventilation system that will provide the necessary level of air exchange in the rooms. Connoisseurs of bath complexes made of wood fear the fire hazard of the premises, while high-quality impregnation during the construction phase reduces the threat level to zero.

At the same time, we can convince that the arbor attached to the bath, the photo of which is placed below, looks really harmonious, the structure is complete.

projects of complexes under one roof

Wooden bath with a gazebo in the classic Russian style

How to choose the desired construction option

Depending on the method connections of a bath, an arbor and a barbecue zone, several standard projects are allocated.

A bathhouse with a gazebo and barbecue, connected by a covered walkway, is built on a common foundation. This design is roomy, suitable for lovers to receive guests, and also allows you to organize a summer kitchen near the bath complex. This solution is expensive, since the roof system, which keeps the roof, has different levels and angles, which complicates the work.

projects of complexes under one roof

Spacious bath, connected by a covered walkway with a gazebo and barbecue - analogue of the guest house

Banya with an outdoor gazebo and barbecue, located one roof - more affordable and compact option for recreation. If you glaze the gazebo, then you can stay in it not only in the summer - it will create a space for rest all year round. Outwardly, this structure resembles a house with a veranda, so it is often used to accommodate guests.

projects of complexes under one roof

The gazebo under one roof with a bath, complemented by panoramic glazing, looks modern

Amateur cooks choose bathhouses with a canopy or an open gazebo equipped with a full kitchen. This option will require a spacious plot and large financial investments, therefore, it is advisable only with regular use.

projects of complexes under one roof

Spacious bathhouse with a shed under the pool - an option for a summer house

The most popular are the complexes united by a gable roof: the design is compact , roomy, aesthetic, includes not only a room for rest: bath projects with a utility block under one roof are also in demand.

Selection of the location of the bath with a terrace and a stove on the site

Before starting the construction of the complex, it is necessary to choose its location. Traditionally, the dacha plots are divided into residential and economic zones, the territory of a garden and a vegetable garden, as well as a rest area designed according to the taste of the owners.

A bathhouse with a gazebo and a barbecue is an object for rest and reception of guests, therefore it is recommended to place it away from the residential and business zone in order not to interfere with the normal flow of life of the owners. For example, the smell of meat cooked in the gazebo can prevent children, and noisy feasts can disturb the night’s rest. The best option is a bath project with a gazebo under the same roof, surrounded by a garden and located near the entrance to the site. If the main structure is already ready, you can subsequently place a gazebo near the bath, but at the design stage it will be more logical to combine everything.

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building and designing a bath. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

projects of complexes under one roof

Traditional log house bathhouse, stylized "antique" - decoration of the recreation area on the site

Spacious land owners choose complete kitchen complexes that allow to cook delicious dishes turn the bath with a gazebo and barbecue into a separate guest house. If the size of the plot is modest, it is advisable to pay attention to the two-story buildings, where the attic is built above the bath. Such options save a lot of space, while combining a recreation area and an outbuilding.

A corner bath with a gazebo under one roof is a good solution for owners of miniature plots. The gazebo can be located closer to the entrance to the site, allowing guests to move freely without disturbing the others.

projects of complexes under one roof

The projects of corner baths with a gable roof are located diagonally from the entrance to the site

Various options for planning a bath with a terrace and a stove

The main premises of the complex for recreation are a waiting room, a steam room, a shower (shower), and a spacious living room (recreation area). The layout, size and list of rooms, the terrace, as well as the shape of the roof depends on the preferences of the owners.

A common variant is an open terrace, closely adjacent to the waiting room. In the warm season, such complexes are used as summer kitchens, in the open area there is a barbecue oven, flowering plants, furniture for relaxing. With the onset of winter, the open area loses its functionality.

A glazed veranda that complements the design of a bathhouse with a gazebo is often complemented by a fireplace or stove. The result is not just a bath, along with additional space - a full-fledged building is created for recreation, guest accommodation for temporary accommodation in any season.

projects of complexes under one roof

Glazed veranda with stove, finished with natural stone

Options for placing the terrace

Creating a bath with a separate veranda - the most affordable and easy to build option. It is necessary to prepare a separate foundation for construction, as well as to make the roof. For the convenience of guests it is recommended to arrange a walkway from the bath to the veranda.

The extension of the bath with a barbecue area under the same roof with the main room is more technologically sophisticated, but quick and economical way of creating a complex for recreation. Most often, the terrace has a common wall with a bath, as well as the foundation and roof, the construction of both buildings takes place simultaneously.

An example of one of the projects in the video:

A truss system for a bath with a gazebo under an extended gable roof

A truss system represents a connection of wooden beams, on which, after construction, the roof will be fastened (tile, ondulin, metal profile). The best roof option for a bathhouse with a gazebo is a gable roof that provides natural rainfall, simple and convenient to install.

projects of complexes under one roof

A gable roof before installing a heater

Rafters are made of boards 50 mm wide and up to 150 mm long, which will be joined by bolts and puffs made of boards 50x100 mm. The number of boards depends on the dimensions of the finished building, the standard distance between the rafters is 80 cm. The lower part of the rafter system is made up by mowerlat - solid boards attached to the upper rims (upper walls) of the bathhouse.

projects of complexes under one roof

Attaching rafters to the power plate: basic scheme

The finished truss system is supplied with a sheathing - thin boards, onto which the roofing material is fixed.

It may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about bath projects.

Construction Stages

The preparatory stage consists in studying the ground to determine the depth of the foundation. In addition, you need to purchase tools for working with wood and measuring.

The choice of materials for the job depends on the available budget, climatic conditions and preferences of the owners. Traditionally, a sauna with a gazebo and barbecue is built from rounded logs, but there are options of bricks and foam blocks.

projects of complexes under one roof

Foam blocks bathhouse with a stove and veranda during construction

The design of the future complex includes the choice of the placement option for the steam room, washroom, dressing room and living room. In addition, it is necessary to determine the location of the bath with a veranda: under the same roof as an extension to the room or erected separately.

projects of complexes under one roof

Classical bath with an attached open terrace

After that, the foundation is laid, walls and roofs are laid, communications are connected and finishing works are completed. Depending on the chosen material, finishing is carried out immediately after the completion of construction (construction of foam blocks) or waiting for time for "shrinkage" (when using a rounded log).

On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular bath projects from construction companies represented at the exhibition Low-rise Country houses.

Photo of bath projects with a terrace and barbecue

Examples of bath projects with a gazebo under one roof in the video:

And what a bath with a gazebo under one roof might look like, the photo will show clearly:

projects of complexes under one roof

Construction options for owners of spacious plots: extensive terrace, seating area and stove

projects of complexes under one roof

The original decoration of the bath with artificial stone and an open terrace is an option for a warm climate

projects of complexes under one roof

Typical design of a bath from a rounded log: a spacious veranda and a small porch

projects of complexes under one roof

Stone bath with cr the angular built-in arbor

projects of complexes under one roof

The sauna complex from a rounded log with an arbor

projects of complexes under one roof

Bath with an attic - the traditional option for the recreation center

projects of complexes under one roof

An economical option for a small area
it may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the impregnation for the bath inside.


The combination of a bath, a terrace and a cooking zone saves space at the dacha, as well as provides guests with comfortable communication and enjoying food in the same room. Depending on the preferences of the owners, the available budget and the size of the land, the complex may be a modest structure or a full-fledged summer house.


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