Time to build a house - how long does it take to build a house

Time is money, and no one argues with that. The faster the house is built, the less money will be spent both on renting housing to the owners, and on the maintenance of hired workers, and also on gasoline to drive and check the quality of work. In an age of high speeds, no one is ready for years to wait for the opportunity to enter their homes, and the market offers a large number of options for pre-fabricated houses. So let's see how much time it takes to low-rise construction in our days.

Time to build a house - how long does it take to build a house

A small house with an original finish

What affects the construction period

Some have a year to build a house three and even more, while others have only one season. It is said that the time for building a house depends on its size and on the owner’s possession of the entire necessary sum of money, and we agree with this. It is not easy to save money, and it is scary to take a loan, especially when there is a threat of dismissal from work, so they build a house based on the available funds. Such a construction option is the longest and most costly, because, apart from directly stopping work, an unfinished house should be preserved, for example, during the winter or the rainy period, which requires additional costs. But let us leave these subtleties for the time being and try to figure out how long it takes to build a house, assuming that there are no problems with finances.

An example of the implementation of the 120 m2 frame house project for 3 months, see the video:

It should be borne in mind that this largely depends on the construction technology or building material. For example, the time to build a house from a bar will be less than building from bricks or blocks, but more than when choosing CIP panels for construction. It is technologies and materials that impose their limitations on the time of shrinkage or final drying, on the choice of the best time for construction, on the type of foundation and on how much money is needed to build a house. Consider some of the most popular technologies.

Selected technology

How long does it take to build a house depending on the construction technology and building materials used:

Construction technology
or building material
Construction time Shrink time Shrinkage Type
of the foundation
Is it possible
in winter?
Glued beams 2-3 months no 1-2% lightweight yes high
Double beam 1-2 months 1 month 1-2% light yes average
1-2 months 6 months 3.5-10% light yes below
Manual log
3 -4 months 6 months 10-12% light yes very
2-3 weeks 6 months 6-12% light yes average
CIP panel 1 week no no lite yes small
Prefab houses 1-3 months no 1-2% lightened yes small
LSTC 24 weeks no no lightweight yes average
Modular homes 2-4 days no no lite yes average
Arbolit 2-3 months no no lightened no average
Reinforced concrete
1 week no no heavy yes average
Brick 4-5 months 3-10 days no heavy no high
Aerated concrete blocks 2-3 months no no heavy no average


Explanations about the types of the foundation:

  • light - shallow-depth ribbon (recessed 30 centimeters into the ground concrete strip passing along the perimeter of the building and under its supporting walls );
  • lightened - columnar, piled (made in the form of poles or piles driven into the ground, joined together with an iron or concrete frame) or finely recessed tape;
  • heavy - heavily-deeper foundation (foundation, which is laid at a depth below the level of soil freezing in winter).

Time to build a house - how long does it take to build a house

Original chalet-style building

Note that if, for example, a brick house requires a heavy foundation and the frame one is lightened, it does not mean that the owner has no right to choose a light or even heavy foundation for the frame structure - everything depends on his desire. But when arranging a heavy foundation, it should be remembered that he gains 100% strength only on the 28th day, and this at a temperature of about 200 ° C and a relative humidity of 90-100%.

Separate elements of the house

It takes about a month to erect a roof, another month to install windows and communications, another 4-5 months to finish inside and outside the house. General terms of work can be reduced by doing several things at the same time, for example, building a roof and carrying out communications. Some technologies for building walls, such as using logs or laminated veneer lumber, do not require either internal or external decoration, and this also gives a gain in time.

Time to build a house - how long does it take to build a house

House with an original facade

What else can affect the construction time of a house

However, it is worth having See that the table indicates how much a house can be built under ideal conditions, but life can make its own adjustments to the building construction process , and the most frequent of them are

  1. Tightening terms of approval of projects for the building, gas, electricity.
  2. Delay in the supply of building materials - this often happens during the height of the construction season; increase in the cost of construction materials - this can increase costs and, if the budget was put right next to it, completely stop the construction process.
  3. Insufficient efficiency of the work of performers - then the end of one process may overlap with the beginning of the following: for example, one team has not yet completed the walls, and another has already arrived to install the roof.
  4. Late submission of special equipment, such as an excavator or a truck crane.

How to speed up the construction process

And finally, I would like to say what can be done to speed up the construction process:

  • think over and calculate the work schedule and budget in advance;
  • approve all the necessary communications projects;
  • use a standard project - the house is being built more quickly according to the established scheme;
  • choose technologies, which do not require long shrinkage;
  • enter into an agreement with a well-established construction company in the market.

Another informative video:


Of course, construction is a difficult process, and almost everything it is impossible, however, if you thoroughly prepare for the construction of a country house, the house can be built in the shortest possible time.

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