Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Every owner of a country house wants to have at his disposal a corner for a comfortable pastime, protected from weather surprises. For this role, a gazebo is ideal, a place of solitary rest, family tea drinking and cheerful gatherings with friends. Deciding to build a gazebo, choose its shape and location, make a choice in favor of one or another material. But the gazebo is not only a solid roof and a solid foundation; she needs a quality lining. Thanks to a wide choice of building materials, the gazebo finish, both external and internal, can be implemented in many ways to sheathe a gazebo.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

The construction of the arbor has one goal - the creation of beauty and comfort frame, and then crown the construction of the roof, it is important to make the gazebo attractive and cozy. High-quality finishing material must meet several requirements:
  • Give the building a aesthetically complete look , in harmony with the landscape and adjacent buildings.

  • To be optimal in price / quality ratio .

  • Protect the facade from the damaging effect of precipitation .

  • Improve thermal insulation (for capital arbors).

  • Be practical to operate and undemanding to care.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Harmonious combination of external and internal decoration of the gazebo

Popular materials for exterior plating

Choosing how to sheathe a gazebo outside, proceed from the constructive execution of the building and its use (seasonal or year-round). The most popular finishing materials are:

1. Tree

The use of wood is the classic way of facing a gazebo. To do this, use a lath-grating, imitation timber, clapboard, edged board. For decorating use carved products (often handmade). The main limitation: the fire safety regulations prohibit the lining of stoves, barbecues and barbecue with wood lumber. Each type of wood trim has its own characteristics:

  • Wooden slats . This lining (if you make a decorative grille from the laths) is suitable for decoration of summer arbors; it is inexpensive, and it looks spectacular (especially surrounded by flower beds and climbing plants).

  • Lining . Easy to install, suitable for both exterior and interior decoration (including the ceiling). When lining the outer surfaces of the car is placed vertically - this eliminates the accumulation of rainwater in the seams.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Summer gazebo decorated with a rack of laths
  • Block -House . Presentable and environmentally friendly way of exterior cladding. The arbor will look like a construction from a bar or a round log.

  • Edged board . The most budget and available in various sizes (thickness and width) material. Before using the board it is advisable to protect: sand and cover with antiseptic.

2. Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a modern material for the decoration of the roof and walls, lightweight, durable and flexible. Most often it is used for plating welded metal frame. Two types of transparent or colored plastic are available:

  • Monolithic (plexiglass). Inexpensive material that can be drilled, bent or cut without problems, which allows you to create arbors of various shapes. Over time, under the influence of solar ultraviolet plexiglass becomes yellowish. Prevent discoloration by applying a protective film.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Polycarbonate in the arbor design helps to diffuse sunlight
  • Cell . It looks like two or three sheets of monolithic material, connected by numerous bridges that resembles a honeycomb. Cellular polycarbonate has a low weight (does not load the structure) and low thermal conductivity. The main drawback is fragility, manifested at low (negative) temperatures.

3. Vinyl siding

This material is widely used in the decoration of arbors due to its high performance properties:

  • UV resistance , mechanical damage, temperature changes and humidity.

  • Durability , thanks to which the PVC wall paneling retains its original appearance for 15-20 years.

  • Environmental friendliness and unattractiveness for wood beetles and mold.

  • Easy installation and simple maintenance (the surface can be simply poured with water from a garden hose).

  • A variety of color palette, including dozens of solid colors and imitations of various types of wooden and stone surfaces.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Photo of the pergola finish outside the siding
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Vinyl siding is used both for covering the parapet of a summer arbor and for finishing a closed (winter) building. If the gazebo material is wood, a waterproofing layer is laid under the siding to prevent the appearance of fungus and damage to the building. Material deficiencies - the inability to repair (only the replacement of the panel) and the high coefficient of expansion (if the siding panels are mounted incorrectly, under the effect of the summer heat, they can go wave).

4. Facing brick, clinker, tile

Such materials have considerable own weight and therefore are suitable for gazebos, built of brick and wood, and able to withstand additional load. Facing bricks are used to finish the pillars and design the outer surface of the parapets. For outdoor decoration it is also customary to use natural and artificial stone. All these materials are fireproof, positively affect the durability of the gazebo and give it a presentable appearance.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Using stone in decorating arbors

5. Forging

Forging elements are used in combination with other materials (most often with wood or brick) for the decoration of the parapet (in the summer building) or as a figured lattice on the windows (winter arbor). There are successful combinations of forged products and polycarbonate.

6. Professional sheet

The metal professional sheet is a cheap, simple and durable way to decorate an arbor. The minus is the ability of the material to get very hot in the sun, which is why it is better to have a gazebo sheathed with profiled sheeting in the shade of trees. The roof, covered with a professional sheet, makes a lot of noise during the rain.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Forging and porcelain stoneware in the design of the summer arbor
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Popular materials for interior cladding

Arbor interior trim is made of the same materials, but taking into account the purpose of the arbor. To make the design stylish and harmonious, the following types of materials are selected for interior wall and ceiling lining:

  • Wood . The walls inside the gazebo will not get wet from the rain, so they can be decorated not with plastic, but with natural wood panels, pine clapboard (budget option) or a board. Wooden walls can be given any color, coated with varnish, wax, acrylic paint or just paint.

About the choice of material for the floor of the arbor in the following video:

  • Plywood . This material is well proven in operation; he is able to serve longer boards or lining. The sale of decorative (laminated) plywood, lined with film coating with decorative paper and varying degrees of water resistance. Plywood sheets with high water resistance, not afraid of ultraviolet radiation and moisture, can also be used for exterior plating. The lack of plywood lies in the technology of its production. To increase the strength of the layers are glued with different types of glue, many of which are harmful to health. In civil engineering it is recommended to use materials with FK marking (based on the least dangerous carbamide glue).

  • Brick, tile, stone . Universal material, practical, durable and beautiful. This wall and parapet lining is particularly relevant in gazebos equipped with barbecue, fireplace or barbecue - where the rules prohibit the use of wood or plastic. Facing bricks very often finish the stove and kitchen area, it turns out stylish and safe.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Use of wood in the interior decoration of the arbor
  • Vinyl siding . In the interior decoration it is not used as often as in the outside. PVC siding does not have the advantages of natural materials, but it is easier to take care of it and it does not change the properties under the influence of smoke. Siding is often used to sheathe the ceiling in the gazebo.

About a pine arbor with a terrace board in the following video:

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Floor covering options

When finishing the floor, the choice of material is influenced not only by its beauty, but also by its strength. Common options are:

1. Finishing by a tile and a stone

The main trumps of these materials are moisture resistance and durability; can not be discounted and spectacular appearance.Very often, if at the base of the structure there is a concrete slab, the floor in the gazebo is laid out with tiles: clinker, porcelain stoneware or tiled. If the owner wants to use a tile, it is better to give preference to a tile with a rough (grooved) surface.

Porcelain and clinker will be expensive and will require the arrangement of high-quality concrete base. Another option, paving tiles, is a reliable and cost-effective way to arrange the floor in the gazebo. A cushion is preliminarily prepared for it — several compacted layers of sand and rubble, with the final sand-cement layer.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Stone flooring always looks spectacular

2. Wooden floor

The most familiar floor for the gazebo is wooden, from planed floor or edged board. Boards are stacked with a ventilation gap of a few millimeters; as the base of such a floor are logs from the bar. An important condition for the preservation of a wooden floor is its prophylactic treatment with an antiseptic. Impregnation of the protective composition is carried out with the construction of arbors, and then once or twice a year.

3. Finishing with a terrace board

Finishing the arbor inside allows for a combination of materials. For walls with any inner lining there is a decking - flooring, designed specifically for arranging open spaces: gazebos, verandas or terraces.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

The deck board cannot be damaged by furniture legs

Manufacturers offer two types of material:

  • Natural decking (thermotree). Wood is processed in a special heat chamber with increased pressure and acquires new characteristics. These include: service life of 30-40 years (without annual processing), excellent moisture resistance and color retention. In appearance, a thermotree may be sanded, embossed or texture of natural wood.

  • Composite decking (WPC, decking). This is a wood-polymer composite material with a wood content of from 30 to 89% and a lifetime of about 20 years. There are about 200 color shades available, which allows you to decorate a pergola in any style.

Terrace boards are more expensive than standard floor boards, the difference in price is due to improved qualities:

  • Long service life , without special care requirements.

  • High durability and resistance to wear.

  • With the ability to withstand temperatures from -40 to + 60 ° C.

  • Resistance to UV , moisture and biohazards.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Decking in modern arbor design in the style of
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4. Other options for finishing the floor

In addition to those noted earlier, other materials and methods are used in the gazebos floor arrangement:

  • Cement-bonded particle plate . Fire and waterproof material that is resistant to decay and can reduce the construction budget. It is used as a basis for another coating or independently.

  • Linoleum . Finishing the floor with clinker or thermotree looks decent, but not always commensurate with the cost of construction. Therefore, when the question arises how to sheathe a gazebo inside, for finishing the floor in a small (and inexpensive) gazebo, linoleum is often used, which must be laid on a dry and leveled base. This rolled material has a different thickness and degree of abrasion, is not afraid of water and serves 10-15 years.

  • Concrete floor . Such a strong and practical coating is often chosen for brick and wooden arbors with a brazier, a barbecue oven and a dedicated cooking area. Concrete floor is made in the form of a screed on the ground; the boundaries of the screed serves as a gazebo foundation.

Finishing the gazebo, than sheathe the gazebo outside, lining interior trim, photo options

Frost-resistant linoleum for a gazebo is a worthy competitor to ceramic tiles
  • Dumping . The top layer of soil (20-25 cm of fertile land) is cut, the surface is leveled, covered with gravel, sand, rubble and compacted. So that the floor will not soon grow young grass, one of the layers should be geotextiles.

  • The earthen floor . A layer of crushed stone is distributed on the ground, and a clay-clay mixture (clay, water and straw) is placed on top. This floor is interesting unusual texture, environmental friendliness and low cost, but is rare.

See the following video for examples of beautiful arbors:

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An arbor, erected on a suburban site, can have a variety of design solutions and be used seasonally or year-round.Therefore, the question often arises how to sheathe a gazebo inside and out. The modern market of building materials allows you to make the finish of this useful building aesthetic and quality; The problem is solved on the basis of the selected design and the allocated budget.


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