Warming of the house of foam blocks outside, the better to warm, the choice of materials, photos

Everyone wants to make their home as comfortable and warm as possible. Warming the house of foam blocks allows you to achieve not only a good result and aesthetic appearance, but also save on heating. There are several types of insulation that allow you to quickly carry out all the work. They have different characteristics and indicators, can be mounted in different ways, but will last a very long time. The material is selected depending on certain indicators and the wishes of the customer. It is necessary to warm foam-block houses only after the construction of all load-bearing walls.

Warming of the house of foam blocks outside, the better to warm, the choice of materials, photos

In some cases, insulation and exterior cladding is done simultaneously with the construction of walls

Foam blocks houses are very common due to a number of characteristics of the building material . It is inexpensive, has a large size, so the buildings are built quickly. However, the blocks are rather fragile and easily susceptible to the negative influence of moisture, wind, have an unaesthetic appearance. In addition, he has poor heat retention rates. The solution to this problem is only one - the use of insulating materials. With their help, you can solve such a complex problem as the safety of heat in the house, especially in extreme cold. Thanks to modern heat-insulating materials, you can create a good microclimate, both in a small house and in a very large one. The main thing is to entrust all the work to qualified specialists and acquire only high-quality materials.

Features of foam block insulation

Insulation of a foam block house from the outside is considered to be the most optimal solution. So it will be kept warm inside the building, and the walls will not freeze through. To achieve the best result, you need the use of quality materials that retain heat better, their characteristics and last much longer. Additionally, you need to use waterproofing, because the foam block has a poor resistance to moisture. If this is not done, then both the building blocks themselves and the insulation used will be damaged.

Warming of the house of foam blocks outside, the better to warm, the choice of materials, photos

This "pie from foam blocks, insulation and exterior decoration, will be obtained after all the work has been completed

optimal heat-insulating materials.Often polystyrene and fibrous materials are often considered as such, polyurethane foam can be used:

  • Polyfoam or polystyrene foam . The most accessible, popular and common material. It is practical, easy it is mounted to various surfaces, has good characteristics, can be covered with rolled, paint or siding. High levels of thermal protection, long-term operation, minimum vapor permeability and moisture saturation, not exposed to biological effects. A negative indicator is a high fire safety

  • Mineral wool Available and common material, can only be used in slabs, roll rolled over time.

  • Warm plaster . It is applied to the reinforced mesh only after shrinkage at home, has a small efficiency in regions with strong and long-lasting low temperatures, additional insulation from the inside is required.

Warming of the house of foam blocks outside, the better to warm, the choice of materials, photos

Even warm plaster has to be further warmed if the region does not indulge in warmth in winter
  • Basalt fiber . The material is based on individual fibers of different origin. Inside a fixed air layer is formed, providing high levels of heat preservation. The material has a long service life, excellent fire and vapor-permeable performance, resistant to chemical and biological effects. But at the same time, basalt fiber has a high hygroscopicity, because of strong winds it quickly collapses, if the installation technology is not observed, shrinkage is noted.

  • Polyurethane . Despite all the quality indicators, the material has one big drawback - for its installation requires the involvement of specialists and the use of special equipment. According to the characteristics, it is almost identical to polystyrene foam, creates a durable coating over the entire surface.

All these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Protection for a heat insulator may be stone masonry, plaster, brick. Decorative brick facades of private houses, the photos of which can be provided by qualified developers, are difficult to distinguish from a full-fledged brick building.

Warming of the house of foam blocks outside, the better to warm, the choice of materials, photos

When warming walls, special attention should be paid to windows and doors
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Installation of insulation

After the issue has been resolved, the better to insulate a house from foam blocks, you need to understand the installation process. When using polystyrene foam , the work is carried out in the following order:

  1. Before starting work on the insulation of the house, thoroughly clean and polish the surface, prime all walls, pay special attention to all joints .

  2. Then the metal frame is placed. The distance between the vertical drains corresponds to the width of the insulation. Galvanized drywall profile or wooden bars covered with antiseptic can be used as the frame base.

  3. It is better to mount the stand without drilling and dowels; screws must be screwed in immediately. The foam block is very fragile and loose.

  4. After mounting the frame, insulation is cut, glued to the wall, fixed using a wind-proof membrane to protect against steam and moisture, all joints and fasteners are puttied.

How to insulate a house of aerated concrete or foam block outside mineral wool :

  • a metal crate is mounted as in the previous case;

  • the material is cut with a stationery knife;

  • the material can be fixed with a glue gun, glue is applied along the material perimeter and in the center;

Warming of the house of foam blocks outside, the better to warm, the choice of materials, photos

Rolled or plate insulators are fixed with special nails with wide caps
  • a windproof membrane is applied, it can be fixed to the insulation polished nails;

  • mounted finishing aterialy.

The plaster is applied in a slightly different way:

  1. Walls are grounded, chipped and cracked up;

  2. A reinforcing mesh is mounted around the perimeter, an overlap of 20-30 cm is made at all corners.

  3. After drying, the mesh is fixed again and decorative plaster is applied.

Obviously about plastering walls from foam concrete, see the video:

In any case, you need to remember that the order of works depends only on the selected material.

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Thermal insulation protection

Each heater requires a certain protection. Mineral wool is exposed to the negative effects of wind and moisture, polyurethane foam and polystyrene foam - the sun's rays and fire. That is why it requires their high-quality shelter to protect the insulating material and avoid re-repair. To protect the insulator can be used various building materials.

One of the most aesthetic and durable materials is masonry. However, the stone is the most expensive and durable. And this is due to the fact that the required expansion of the foundation thickness, which will correspond to the layer of insulation, taking into account the plastering. To save money on gluing insulation, you can immediately perform two operations - to install an insulator and lay brick in parallel. When using blocks, plaster is additionally required. However, the cost of such work pays off the price of foam concrete and work time.

Warming of the house of foam blocks outside, the better to warm, the choice of materials, photos

After finishing the finish, it is difficult to understand what the house is built from

Wet facade technology is widely used for foam polystyrene and basalt heaters . In this case, it is necessary to clean the walls of debris. Mortar and irregularities are worked out with mortar. The walls are primed and heat insulation is fixed on the surface with a special compound. Adhesive compositions can have different compositions, so you need to use the options that are recommended by manufacturers for certain insulation materials. After a certain time, the plates are fastened with umbrella dowels, the depths are aligned with an adhesive solution. Then the grid is applied on glue, the entire surface is plastered, after drying another layer of decorative plaster.

The most time consuming option is a ventilated facade. In this case, slats and panels are used. It is very important to think in advance about the arrangement of the future crates with special ventilation gaps. The surface must be cleaned and leveled, lay the board vertically, which allows you to create air layers. A vapor barrier is used on top, lags are packed, a thermal insulator is placed in between, and a waterproofing film on top. When the ventilation system is ready, vertically mounted counterbolts are mounted on which the facing material is mounted.

Warming of the house of foam blocks outside, the better to warm, the choice of materials, photos

Finishing home decoration with siding
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Advantages of insulation

The obvious and most important advantage of using heaters for a foam block is to keep the heat inside the house and save money on heating during the cold period. This is the most acceptable and profitable option for such houses. Additionally, the material is protected from the destructive action of moisture, wind, temperature extremes. Another advantage is the removal of the dew point over the enclosing structure. This feature allows you to avoid freezing blocks and as a result of their premature destruction.

It is important to note that carrying out procedures for insulating the structure from the inside leads to significant loss of usable area. To carry out such work inside the house is advisable only if the cost of time and money will be less. Also, this option is suitable if the building is already in use or it has an expensive finish.

Why do you need to insulate a foam block house outside:

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When building a house of foam blocks, it is very important to carry out its high-quality insulation. This increases the efficiency of the heating system and the comfort of living. Warming the house of foam blocks outside polystyrene is considered one of the best, cost-effective and durable options. The material has good characteristics, easy installation and reasonable cost, can be used in various regions of the country. You can choose other insulation, but you should definitely consult with the master. It should be understood that some materials will not be the best option for certain regions of the country.

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