Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

Small suburban areas have a common drawback directly related to their modest size. As a rule, the space looks confined and cramped due to the high deaf fence and nearby neighboring buildings. In most cases, the problem is solvable; There are many ways to get rid of the feeling of being in a box. The landscape design of the small plot will help to visually expand the local area, make it cozy and stylish.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

The charm of a small area


The option when landscaping will be done on an undeveloped area is considered optimal because there is no need to rebuild or transfer existing objects. Initially, the owners will have to match their dreams with reality and determine the buildings that they really need. The set of necessary facilities may vary from family to family; in most cases, the following elements are included (in various combinations):

  • Residential building, garage or parking space.

  • Outbuildings (barn, workshop).

  • Buildings for recreation (bath, gazebo).

  • Technical facilities (well, septic tank).

The landscape design of a small area is determined by the principle of territory zoning, which allows competently dispose of the available square meters.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

There are quite a few graphic programs that allow you to intelligently plan your plot. functional place. During preliminary planning, the following design principles are taken into account:
  • At buildings (from a dwelling house to a shed) about 10% of the total area of ​​the plot is allocated.

  • At a garden and a garden (including a greenhouse or greenhouse) accounts for the maximum area, up to 75%.

  • The recreation area , where the gazebo, flower garden and barbecue area get, will occupy about 15%.

The size of the zones may vary depending on the preferences of the hosts. Anyone who is not keen on growing organic vegetables, but loves to relax with family and friends, can equip a spacious recreation area with all the amenities. Anyone who appreciates the aesthetics of garden decor, plant most of the site with ornamental plants, install a stylish gazebo and fountain.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

Small area - great opportunities

Zoning secrets of a small area

At the zoning stage, it is not only the zone sizes that are determined but also their relative location. Around the gazebo usually tend to arrange a recreation area, and children will need a place to play. However, everyone understands that it is impossible to arrange a place for children's games near the barbecue area and to build a greenhouse under a thick tree crown. Specialists in landscape design advise guided by simple, allowing you to optimize space, techniques, which include the following concepts:

  • Location of buildings . So that the buildings do not look massive, they are distributed throughout the site, alternating with green areas and masking them. Commercial buildings are trying to locate in the depths of the territory.

  • Location of the residential building . It is advantageous to place it at the front fence, facing the street. It is also a wise decision to attach the garage to the housing, located on the same foundation. This will make construction more economical, and the driveway, absorbing valuable land, will not be needed. An additional plus is that you can get into the garage directly from the house, which is especially valuable in rainy or frosty weather.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

Attached garage is an important condition for a modest area
  • Determination of geological parameters . The choice of plants and the place of their planting (especially for fruit trees and exotic ornamental plants) depends on what type of soil there is at the site and how deep the groundwater passes.

  • Selecting the style of the local area . The landscape design of a small suburban area is more often performed in one of the natural (landscape) styles, since a regular (symmetric, geometric) style requires space. Excellent English, forest or country style. Exotic lovers can try the Japanese or Alpine style design.

  • Plant selection . When choosing trees for planting, take into account the size of their crowns in the adult form. Usually from tall trees in a small area refuse; otherwise, the owners will have to do their best to produce the crown annually.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

Country-style in the design of a small section
  • Accommodation zones .For a recreation area with a gazebo and barbecue choose a secluded, quiet place in the back of the site, away from the noise of the road and curious glances. The playground, on the contrary, is tried to be located near the house, in the shade and in the visible area from the windows.

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of landscape works. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

The nuances of the arrangement: how to visually expand the space

In addition to a residential house and ancillary buildings, there are other objects that appear during the arrangement of the site and then exist for many years. Before you put a fence, plant trees and pave garden paths, it is worth considering every little thing; reworking a badly laid track is troublesome and expensive. After division of a site into zones it is possible to start their registration. The main way to change the perception of space is to divert attention from all sorts of boundaries and barriers.

About landscape tricks on a small area in the following video:

The fence

The fence directly shows the boundaries of the area; the higher the fence, the more it attracts attention, taking place in our perception and crowding out other details, making them seem smaller. A gaze that constantly rests against a high, deaf fence causes a feeling of squeezing and discomfort. There are two ways to "push apart" the boundaries of the area:

  • Masking . The fence is decorated with plants, which creates the effect of continuing the garden. Suitable ivy, grapes, lemongrass, roses.

  • Replacement . Solid fence is replaced by a lighter, airy design. It can be a shtaketnik, a chain-link grid, a wooden or metal fence grid. Along the new fence, you can plant trees and shrubs that, after regular cutting, are able to completely close the area from prying eyes. Thuja, elm, linden, lilac, viburnum are suitable for the role of hedge.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

The open light fence makes the space cozy
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Organization of the specific part of the garden

The front part of the plot (in the courtyard in front of the house) should be freed from accidental planting. A neat lawn with beautiful plantings and accessories around the periphery will create the impression of spaciousness, and it will become easier to move around such a territory.

Vertical gardening and plant accents

If you see the whole area, you can estimate its size. Therefore, distortion becomes an important feature of landscape design. It is necessary not only to mask the borders and corners, but also to build barriers to glance. Vertical decorative elements are the best solution because they create a perspective. Such simple structures as trellis, screens, hedges and arches are widely used in the arrangement of areas of modest size.

The arch is considered the most spectacular design. It is not only a support for climbing plants, but also perfectly divides the zones of the site. Plants that attract attention with a bright color or an unusual shape also help to increase the space. It may be small bushes or flowers in garden vases, planted within the same zone at its borders.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

The arch is a classic way of decorating
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Paths and decorative accents

Beautiful landscape designs of small areas cannot do without paths that are designed in a certain way. In a small area, clear geometric outlines and straight lines are discarded, and the tracks are no exception. Straight lines visually reduce the distance, winding - make you look after yourself, distracting from the close borders of the garden. Therefore, the paths are planned winding, and the space between them is filled with plants. This approach is an effective way to create the illusion of scale. Properly designed beautiful paths around the house and landscaping of the site no longer seems so cramped.

All paths need paving; Designers offer a variety of options, including the following common materials:

  • Natural stone . Durable material that blends harmoniously into any design, from English to Eastern, and gives it a touch of respectability. For paving use sandstone, dolomite, limestone, tuff, pebbles and shale. Expensive option - granite, marble, basalt, porphyry.

About the design rules of a small backyard area in the following video:

  • Wood .There are paths from boards, garden parquet (thermotree) or cuts. Cleverly located sawn up to date look in the garden, decorated in country style.

  • Building materials . These include paving slabs, treated stone, asphalt, paving stones, clinker bricks and concrete. Often use gravel or tennesite (material for tennis courts).

A useful technique of landscape design that allows you to divert attention from the size of the plot is the placement of decorative details along the tracks. They can serve as figures of animals and gnomes, vases of flowers, small fountains, stone Japanese lanterns.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

Winding paths can be the salvation of a small plot

A multi-level garden

Complicated landscape for a small plot is not punishment, but a gift, because it allows you to create multi-level platforms and add volume. Uneven terrain can be used in different ways:

  • If the site is located on the slope , arrange terraces, the passionate love of each landscape designer.

  • If a flat area , a small area at another level can be created in another way. Among the options are built-in flowerbeds, alpine slides, small terraces raised above the ground (or vice versa, recessed into it). The effect is emphasized by flowers planted on a cascade principle.

About how to fit everything you need into a small garden in the following video:

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Proper lighting

Effective reception for long summer evenings, which will emphasize well landscaping in a small area - thoughtful placement of garden lamps. They will transform a small area and expand its borders visually. Arranging the lighting in the garden, use the following principles:

  • Lamps place near the tracks and decorative parts , away from the boundaries of the site.

  • Use low power lamps and directional lighting. A weak or pinpoint illumination marks the contours of the tracks.

  • For gazebos you can pick up bright lighting , then outside it the darkness will become impenetrable and will hide the true dimensions of the territory.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

Using the backlight in the design of the track

Gardening of the small-sized dacha

Landscaping design on a small area includes the selection of suitable plants and their correct location. Preference is given to trees and shrubs of dwarf and low species. If the owners want to see less compact varieties on the site, they should be ready for timely care for them (so that the crown of such trees does not absorb the living space of other plants, it is cut off from time to time). When planting a small area using the following techniques:

  • Vertical gardening . It not only decorates and expands the space, but also very effectively saves space.

  • Accounting plant requirements for illumination . An important parameter on which the well-being of green spaces depends. Low-growing plants are planted in the southern part, the highest (as a rule, fruit trees) - in the north.

  • Registration of the input . Landscape design specialists recommend smashing a small lawn or two flower beds at the entrance; the only condition is that they should not be symmetrical.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

Proper landscaping of the recreation area
  • Beds in the area . They can not be much due to the limited territory. Flowers can be planted near the gazebo and along the tracks. A flower bed next to the house can be planted with medicinal plants and herbs, which will be not only beautiful, but also useful.

  • Accents . An original decoration will be a flowerbed of scrap materials. A cart, cart, log, chest, old shoe or bicycle can be used in the course.

  • Garden organization . A vegetable garden is more a habit than a necessity. More and more owners refuse beds in favor of expanding the recreation area. Nevertheless, even on a plot of 2-3 acres, you can allocate a little space to have fresh greens and the most necessary vegetables for the table.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

The vertical flowerbed draws attention and saves space

Additional parts in a small area

Many owners consider it necessary to decorate the site with additional elements, which include:

  • Pond . In a small area, it is often more powerful to meet a pond, a fountain, or a waterfall than a stream. A modest in size, but beautifully designed pond will make the landscape more natural and will surely attract attention.Landscape waterfall will require more power to organize, it can be combined with an alpine slide. The fountain is no longer considered an unaffordable luxury; manufacturers offer exquisite options of various sizes, made from different materials.

  • Children's playground . If there are children in the family, it is important to provide them with a cozy and safe place to play. Many people think that children can spend time in the gazebo during the daytime, but this is not always possible. A much better option would be a playground near the house, with swings and a sandbox. You can install a ready-made gaming complex. Such facilities are well thought out, safe and compact in placement.

Landscape design of a small area, beautiful ideas, basic rules, photo options

A modest pond will decorate any part of
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Small areas are called the area from 2 to 6 hectares. Sometimes a much larger plot also looks small if the house built on it is disproportionately large and occupies a significant part of the area. Design secrets are not able to increase the area, but they will help to change the area beyond recognition, forcing you to forget about the true size.


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