Wicker swing - existing species

The article will discuss what a wicker swing is, what models are most popular, what materials are used to make them. Photos and videos of finished products will clearly demonstrate the diversity of the existing range.

Wicker swing - existing species

Suspended wicker swings

Swinging love has been instilled in us since childhood. Mom, trying to calm her crying baby, cradles him in her arms. In this way, a certain rhythm is formed, which forms a feeling of protection and complete happiness. It remains in memory, therefore, both children and adults sometimes love to dive into it with the help of swinging on a swing. The popularity of such items is pushing manufacturers to create new original models that can be installed on country sites. Different materials are used for their manufacture, but lately garden wicker swings are the most popular. They may have a different shape. Each - its own characteristics of operation.

Swing "Nest"

They are equally popular with large and small children, adults who like to relax, sitting on a swinging surface. Different models may differ from each other in size and carrying capacity, but they all have the same design.

Wicker swing - existing species

Comfortable Swing "Nest"

The base is a metal circle made of galvanized steel. To ensure safety, it is wrapped with one-centimeter-thick cables that have increased strength. With the help of them and thanks to the machine binding, a mesh is created. It is located inside the circle. The finished seat is suspended from the support on the ropes. On sale you can find a separate seat or a set with a swing frame. The advantage of choosing this model is that on such a swing you can swing on two axes or rotate in a circle around one reference point.

Small swings in size are meant for babies, large swings for chairs are more suitable for teenagers. There are on sale garden models that can be installed on open verandas and used by adults as comfortable bedding. In order for the swing to last longer, it is important to pay attention to the materials from which the products are made. Longer serve those whose steel hoop, not plastic. A garden swing can be based on two metal ovals. For weaving can be used not only decorative cords, but also twigs of trees, bast and even rattan. If the swing plays the role of garden decor, if adults are supposed to swing on them, rattan is best suited for weaving the seat.

Wicker swing - existing species

Swing "Nest" with a soft pillow

Different techniques are used for this purpose. When the macrame is chosen, a pattern is obtained that is formed using rope knots. This weave looks very elegant. Crochet is usually chosen when sturdy ropes are used to create the seat. Freevalite - openwork weaving helps to create amazingly beautiful compositions that will not leave anyone indifferent. The choice of the type of weaving should correspond to the loads that will be formed when using the swing. Openwork weaving can be created only with the help of thin threads. This combination can be chosen to create a swing for children.

If the design of the "Nest" model is a bit more difficult and to create them use two hoops (one for creating a seat, the other for making a back), you will get another kind of garden swing. She is shown in the following photo.

Wicker swing - existing species

Wicker swings created with the help of two hoops and macrame technique

Suspended wicker cocoon chair

Such The shape of the swing is becoming very popular today. And all because it has an unusual configuration. Outwardly, it resembles a cocoon, but its back and sidewalls have the same height. The streamlined shape closes at the top. The degree of closeness of models is different. There are open swings, there are options in which you can dive with your feet and hide from the world entirely. Cocoons, like drops with a small opening for entry, were loved by those who like to retire, roll up into an embryo position and read a book, swaying slightly on a support.

Wicker swing - existing species

Wicker swing "Drop" on your own leg
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Different materials are used for making cocoon. Most often they are woven from willow vines or bamboo. But the strongest are those made from rattan and metal wire. There are on sale and hanging chairs with blank walls, but not many like such a closed design.For many, it causes psychological discomfort. But wicker models do not create a feeling of confined space. They are blown by the wind, housed inside such an object, you can easily observe the outside world. And it is also very convenient.

A cocoon hanging chair has two mounting options: some models have their own stand, which acts as a support, if not, then the cocoon is attached simply to the ceiling of the summer veranda or to a strong branch of a tree. Each copy has its own maximum load. It must be considered when buying this version of the swing.

Wicker swing - existing species

The Cartagen model from a Brazilian manufacturer.

A wide assortment implies a different cost of products. The most expensive ones that are made of metal rod, the cheapest of plastic rattan. If you want to buy a garden swing at the most affordable price, you should pay attention to models whose body is woven from polyamide threads. The price of such products ranges from 10 000 to 45 000 rubles.

It all depends on the form of the model, on its configuration and technical characteristics. For example, the Cartagen model of a Brazilian manufacturer, created using hand weaving, costs an average of 25,000 rubles on the market. The height of the ball is 180 cm, width 120, depth 125 cm. The height of the front part of the chair, as well as its position can be adjusted with latches. The kit includes two pillows and a wooden frame with mount.

The video shows the hanging carriage model of the brand "Cartagen":

You can purchase a similar product in any specialty store, usually a swing created with using weaving, they fit perfectly not only into the garden interior, after the summer is over they can be brought home, hung from the ceiling and comfortably used the product in an already closed room.

Wicker swing - existing species

Double Cocoon model

The woven cocoon case gives the swings lightness and novelty, such swings always look stylish and fashionable. The chair has a rigid shape, because of this it does not stretch over time, like the "Nest". Not so long ago, double models appeared on the market. They are usually used to design a summer terrace.

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Suspended swing chair

It can act as an alternative to the cocoon. Its form is more familiar in understanding, intuitively simple. It can be formed only from a material, the weaving of which helps to keep the chosen configuration well. Rattan is best suited for designated purposes. This is one of the varieties of vines, the plant is capable of reaching 250 meters in length, with the stem having the same width along the entire length. There are no bumps or knots on the surface of the creeper. Therefore, it is very suitable for weaving.

Swings made from rattan are light in weight and very strong, able to withstand heavy loads. Attached hanging chair can be different. If he has his own leg-support, the swing can be moved from place to place. What is very convenient: in the morning you can set the swing in the sun, clean up in the shade at noon. Chairs on the brackets fixed permanently.

Wicker swing - existing species

Wicker chair-swings

In Russia, the masters of weaving make chairs from a white willow or reddish vine. They procure shoots in advance; before weaving, they steamed the blanks. The rods treated with steam become softer and more pliable, therefore it is possible to create a swing of any shape. The chair can be woven from hempen cord, paracord - especially strong synthetic cord. Products created with it, can withstand the highest loads.

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Wicker swing beds

Not so long ago, French products appeared on the market. Designers Daniel Puzet and Fred Frety have proposed an ideal outdoor resting place made from recycled non-toxic materials. The bed, invented by them, has a pear shape with a roof extended upwards. It has a ring for mounting. Externally, a similar product is more like a hut. Its execution allowed to get a universal stove bench, which can be hung in the garden, on the open veranda or inside the house in the spacious bedroom. The weave is made in such a way that the person inside is completely hidden from the outside world, while he turns in small holes to see what is happening around.

Wicker swing - existing species

A wicker swing-shaped pear-shaped swing bed from a French manufacturer

A comfortable hive, manufacturers are sure, will definitely become a favorite resting place for all members families. Both adults and children can love it. Inside you can relax, sleep, read a book, be attached to dreams and fantasies. Weaving can protect not only from prying eyes, but also from the weather. For its production is used strong synthetic fiber "Hularo". With the help of it braided frame housing, made of durable aluminum. The bed is two meters wide, which is quite enough for two adults to comfortably sit inside.

The video tells about a suspended chair-bed, which is made in the form of a swing:

For lovers of open space there is a second option for making a bed-swing . It looks like a wicker basket, which, for convenience, has a back-headboard.

Wicker swing - existing species

Open suspended bed swing
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Summary on the topic

Wicker swings always look very stylish and original. They are able to become a good decoration of the garden, while the choice of the described manufacturing technique does not impair the functional component.


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