Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

Having your own country cottage you can easily create all conditions for a comfortable home holiday. For this there is all sorts of modern equipment. For example, only a spa pool for a villa can turn an ordinary country house yard into a home spa salon.

Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

Spa pool in the area of ​​a country house

What is a spa pool

A spa pool is collapsible a structure that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Such a structure differs from the usual dacha pool by the presence of additional functions. These features allow you to have a healthy and pleasant spa treatment using hydromassage in your own home.

These pools are equipped with the functions of automatic feeding and filtering of water, as well as its heating, circulation and cleaning. At the same time they are equipped with nozzles for aero and hydromassage. Regardless of the type of pool design, its bowl, both outside and inside, is made of non-toxic and non-allergenic materials.

Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

Jacuzzi bath for a country house

What is the use of the spa pool

The main function of the spa pool is hydromassage. It has a beneficial effect on the human body. It helps to stimulate the most inaccessible points. This massage has a relaxing effect, improves blood circulation, relieves pain and tension in muscles and joints. In this case, spa procedures in the pool contribute to the restoration of the water balance of the skin, making it more elastic and supple.

The operation of the pool is based on the operation of several water-directing nozzles. They randomly change the direction of the water jet. Of particular importance is the layout of the injectors. When choosing a pool model, you must first pay attention to how the nozzles are located and how many of them. It is best to select the pool individually and with the help of a competent consultant.

Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

Multifunctional Jacuzzi


The spa pools are made by different manufacturers, have different equipment, they can be very different in size and shape. The main three types of such devices are portable, stationary and inflatable spa pools.

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Such devices are installed both in areas and in spacious rooms. They can be placed anywhere where there is an opportunity to bring water and electricity. The main thing is to have a flat area corresponding to the size of the selected pool model.

Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

Portable spa pool

A portable pool is installed inside the house when the layout includes a separate home spa salon. In this case, the pool can be used all year round. However, most homeowners place pools in the courtyard of the cottage.

If the house has an upper terrace, for example, on the roof of an attached garage or on the flat roof of the cottage itself, you can install a pool on it. A panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, opening from the upper terrace increases the beneficial effects of the spa treatments.

If desired, an outdoor portable spa pool can be used in the winter. No additional elements require year-round construction. Winter bath with hydromassage is a separate type of water treatment, which has its advantages.

A portable pool is an ideal option for arranging a summer recreation area. It is in many ways better than the usual dacha pool, as it differs in augmented equipment, ease of installation, stylish design and excellent technical and operational characteristics.

Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

Portable whirlpool in the landscape design of the site

Portable spa tubs are quite diverse in functionality and appearance. However, they all work on the same principle. In their design, a common design move is also applied, regardless of the manufacturer - the bowl is made of acrylic of one color or another, and the panel is made under natural wood. Less often, instead of imitation wood, stone-like decoration is used. Colored acrylic gives the pools an impressive aesthetic look, and a wooden panel allows you to fit it into any landscape.

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Stationary or built-in pools during installation are slightly recessed into the base. Such structures are mounted on metal legs. The entire lower part of the device is closed with a small podium. The equipment providing the work of the hydrovanne is located under its bottom in the podium or in the adjacent technical room.

Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

The stationary spa pool for a country house

The circulation of water in the stationary pool can be overflow or skimmer.On this basis, spa pools for giving stationary format are divided into two categories. Overflow pools have a special design. Along the upper bead they have grilles installed, through which the excess water is discharged into the cyclic purification system, where it is subjected to filtration to ozonization and preheating to the desired temperature. After that, through the nozzles, the water is again fed into the bowl. . Due to this feature during the operation of the pool, you can not worry about the fact that water flows over the edge, and it can not be completely replaced for a long time. In addition, the presence of a perlive lattice allows you to fill the pool almost to the very edge and therefore the nozzles in it are installed along the entire height of the walls of the bowl, which cannot be done in other types of models.

The overflow pool treatment system consists of a compensation tank and a filter. In the cleaning water enters through the overflow hole, after processing it is fed into the bowl from the bottom. Thus, water purification is carried out vertically.

Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

Layout of the overflow spa pool

Skimmer pools can be easily distinguished from overflow pools by water level. The skimmer is an element of the intake of water from the pool and feed it into the filter. It is located 15 cm below the edge of the bowl, and only up to this level you can fill the pool. In pools of this type, water is supplied through nozzles at the level of a skimmer, while the cleaning system consists only of a filter, without a compensation tank. Therefore, the quality of cleaning is lower than that of overflow devices.

Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

The layout of the skimmer spa pool

To choose between two types of stationary spa pools, you need to consider several important factors:

  • Price . Overflow will cost almost 2 times more expensive than skimmer.

  • Location . Overflow option is more complicated in construction. It consists of many elements, including the overall cleaning system, for the installation of which a separate utility room is required. Skimmer devices are simpler and they need a lot less space.

  • Reliability from leakage . Skimmer pools consist of a minimum set of elements, and due to this they are much more reliable from leakage than overflow.

  • Appearance . Overflow pools look more solid and presentable.

Overview of the overflow pool


Inflatable pools are a special category of spa equipment. They are extremely simple in construction, occupy a minimum of space on the site and at the same time they are not expensive at all. Inflatable baths do not look as presentable as portable or stationary, but with proper design of the entire recreation area in the area they look very stylish and impressive. Their lifespan is shorter than that of acrylic and PVC devices, but an inflatable spa pool can be easily replaced with a new one.

Option of inflatable spa pool

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The inflatable option is ideal for homeowners who want to build a site with minimal investment, or do not have enough space to install a more solid pool. In addition, it is often used for temporary use, until the owners decide on the location, size and type of the stationary pool model.

By functionality, inflatable pools are almost the same as portable ones. Water is supplied with heating, there is a filtration system and water purification, it has jets for spa procedures with hydromassage.

The walls of the inflatable bowl are sufficiently stable and durable. The outer part of them is made of laminated PVC fabric, and from the inside they consist of high-quality composite materials. The shape of the bowl and the strength of the walls provide excellent characteristics of the pool. You can lean on it and lean on it and it will not deform at the same time.

Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

Inflatable Jacuzzi for Family Holidays

In terms of size and shape, inflatable pools are not very diverse. Their height is usually from 0.5 to 2 meters. They are all round or square. Accommodates 4 people. However, these parameters are optimal for private use, so these baths with hydromassage satisfy the needs of most homeowners.

Outdoor inflatable jacuzzi can be installed directly on the ground, although if you wish, you can equip a flat platform under it filled with concrete or lined with any pavement. Quality branded inflatable spa pools to give have a special seal the outer part of the bottom. This provides them with additional protection against mechanical damage.

Spa pools for gardening - features, benefits, varieties (stationary, portable, inflatable)

Inflatable jacuzzi on the paving slab

When choosing an inflatable jacuzzi, special attention should be paid to the type of filtration system. Well-known manufacturers provide for such filtration and purification, in which water performance is increased and the negative impact of pool operation on the plumbing and sewerage system of the house is reduced.

Inflatable pools are completed with special pumps, a set of nozzles, a control panel and other necessary elements. Attached is also a detailed instruction, which describes all the stages of assembly, installation and use of the device. You can install an outdoor bath by yourself. To understand the principle of its work will take quite a bit of time.

Caring for an inflatable pool is not difficult. In the autumn, before the onset of frost, it must be folded and put into the room. It is better not to allow animals to come to it, as they can damage the cladding with their teeth or claws. Filters should be cleaned periodically.

About the rules for installing and operating an inflatable jacuzzi

It is better to install pools closer to your home or summer kitchen so that it is easier to connect it to the plumbing system and electrical network. It is advisable to choose a place for it without a shadow, so that the water warms up also due to the sun's rays. On hot days it is recommended to cover the pool with a canopy during water treatments.

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A spa pool that can be installed on a plot of a country house is a great modern invention. It gives you the opportunity to spend your free time at home with health benefits, and at the same time get real pleasure. In addition, these pools fit well into the landscape design of any site, give it a more modern and respectable appearance.


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