Lawn grass in rolls, prices for rolled grass, which lawn grass to buy in Moscow

What is rolled lawn, how it is produced and what properties it possesses - all these questions are described in detail in this article. We will understand how to lay the lawn, how to care and what kind to choose based on the terrain, climate and zone on the site.

Lawn grass in rolls, prices for rolled grass, which lawn grass to buy in Moscow

Natural turf will help significantly reduce the time for registration of the plot

Purpose of the turf, types

Quickly and without the hassle of turning a bare stretch of land into a green lawn - the main purpose of the lawn in rolls. With it, you can arrange any area on the plot, in the park or on city streets. This grass is enough for 7-10 days for rooting, after which you can walk on it. The main thing is to choose the right view and prepare the site for laying.

The base of the lawn is always bluegrass with a slight inclusion of fescue, field grass or hedgehogs of the national team. There are several varieties of these herbs. Some have a strong root system that can grow even in wet areas. There are species with dense broad foliage and growing up to 90 cm in height. The choice of variety depends on the climatic conditions and the type of lawn. One roll has an average size: 40 cm wide and 2 m long. Thickness is about 8-10 cm.

Types of turf :

  • classic or universal is the most enduring and viable option with which make out complex landscapes. It tolerates shade, is resistant to drought and trampling. Suitable for cities and private houses;

  • ground floor - has excellent external data, but does not transfer loads. Requires special knowledge of care. Its mission is decoration, not exploitation;

  • sporty - resistant to trampling, quickly restored. Suitable for football fields, golf courses, playgrounds. Requires frequent dressings and haircuts.

Lawn grass in rolls, prices for rolled grass, which lawn grass to buy in Moscow

The lawn is selected depending on the purpose of the area where it will be laid

There are other types lawn with a narrower purpose, for example, to design the coastal zone of the reservoir or to strengthen the slope. The price of a lawn of a universal type is the most affordable and depends on the cost of the whole range of work on growing and laying. The most expensive is the ground lawn, followed by sports. They consist of a mixture of elite herbs and require more effort to grow.

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Advantages and disadvantages

It is difficult to grow a beautiful, viable lawn without special skills. In addition, the process takes about 2 years so that you can safely walk over the sown areas and admire their beauty. During this time, young herbs are carefully looked after: they are watered regularly, fed with fertilizers depending on the season and type, they are sheared.

In order not to waste time and energy, many decide to buy lawn in rolls, because it has a mass of advantages :

  • creates an ideal cover ;

  • does not contain weed grass inclusions;

  • quickly takes root and rooted;

  • ready for use 1-2 weeks after laying.

Such a lawn has an optimum density, is resistant to local climatic conditions, does not require overseeding. Another advantage is the ability to arrange the site at any time from early spring to late autumn.

Lawn grass in rolls, prices for rolled grass, which lawn grass to buy in Moscow

Unlike a sowing plant, a turf already in the first week gives the landscape an aesthetic plot of

Of the conditional disadvantages of such a product, there is only the cost . If the grass is grown by good specialists and laid on the site within 72 hours - the ideal view of the landscape is provided. The only difficulty that arises from the owner of the site for self-laying rolls is the proper preparation of the soil. To avoid problems and save time, they order a lawn together with its laying services. Usually a full range of turnkey services implies good discounts.

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Production technology

In order to grow a high-quality, beautiful lawn, we strictly observe the production technology with the optimal choice of seed. Each type of grass is grown in the conditions to which they are adapted. So the shadow lawn is grown only in the shade, because its main function is to decorate shady parts of the garden.

Nursery staff maintain a special density of sowing seeds, ideally level the area, apply fertilizer, regulate watering.It is imperative that the crop be treated with herbicides before sowing so that weed does not break through the lawn and does not interfere with the full development of the root system.

Lawn grass in rolls, prices for rolled grass, which lawn grass to buy in Moscow

The roll turf goes through several stages of cultivation before it reaches the site.

The following production stages :

  • fertilizer with a high nitrogen content;

  • light tamping of the plot, moisturizing;

  • sowing seeds;

  • second tamping and watering .

On average, it takes 1.5 years to grow a lawn ready for cutting and transportation. During this time, the nursery staff are cutting, feeding, watering plants, soil aeration in spring and autumn, seeking the perfect combination of cover thickness and resistance to weather conditions. That is why the price of rolled grass for a lawn starts from 85 rubles. per m2.

When the lawn is fully formed, it has a strong root system and healthy greens, it is trimmed with special machines, rolled into rolls and transported. Ideally, it is laid during the first 2 days, but in wet conditions it can be stored for 4 days. The thickness of the layer of turf with greens is about 8 cm, so when preparing the site for laying it, the ground level is set lower by 7-8 cm.

Lawn grass in rolls, prices for rolled grass, which lawn grass to buy in Moscow

Ready for sale and transportation rolls

Organizations involved in the cultivation of lawn grass usually offer the following set of additional services :

  • preparation of the site s soil composition analysis;

  • replacing soil when it does not match;

  • leveling of the plot, tamping ;

  • laying of rolls according to the scheme, followed by fixation and watering.

Nursery specialists can lay a roll on the already prepared surface of the plot.

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Methods for laying rolled lawn

To get an ideal green landscape in a short time, it is important to correctly prepare it for laying a lawn. This is the first stage of work. It includes:

  • plowing or digging soil at least 10 cm;

  • weed removal and herbicide treatment of a broad spectrum;

  • alignment with a gradient of 3-5 cm for a stack of excess water;

  • rammer , nitrogen fertilization and irrigation.

Lawn grass loves a slightly acidic soil, so if its Ph is far from ideal, the necessary substances are introduced into the soil. Acidic lime, alkaline soil is acidified by adding peat or other components. For a good lawn need sandy or sandy soil types. On heavy clay grains grow poorly, so the soil is diluted with sand.

Lawn grass in rolls, prices for rolled grass, which lawn grass to buy in Moscow

The lawn ready for laying should meet certain quality criteria

At the second stage, the rolls are laid on the plot in a staggered manner and proceed to laying starting from the right angle. It is important to lay the rolls tightly. The edges of the lawn should not go over one another. Some areas are fixed with pegs. In areas of different configuration, unnecessary parts of the roll are cut with a sharp knife.

At the third stage, easy lawn rolling is carried out so that the roots are in close contact with the ground and the plants quickly take root. Watering is required. After laying, the rolled grass lawn requires daily watering during the week. Maximum after 2 weeks on the site you can walk.

In recent years, nurseries that specialize in the production of turf have begun to use the technology of growing on a plastic grid. It is placed on top of the plot, the seeds are sown and covered with a thin layer of soil, followed by rolling. The root system of young shoots braids the grid cells and is tightly fixed. This is the meaning of the new technology. At the exit, a dense lawn base is obtained, which is not deformed during transportation and reduces the time for cultivation. According to this technology, the lawn is ready in 1 year.

Lawn grass in rolls, prices for rolled grass, which lawn grass to buy in Moscow

Any lawn needs attention and care for it

Rules of care

The lawn is planted. So that it looks presentable all the warm season and went green from under the snow, it is carefully looked after. In the first weeks after laying the operation is gentle. Picnics, active games can harm the still weak greens and roots. Water the area 2-3 times a week, 10 liters per m2. In the spring haircuts produced 1 time per week, in the summer - 2 times a week.

From April to August, nitrogen fertilizers are applied once every 2 weeks. In the fall, potash fertilizers are added along with irrigation to increase the herb's winter hardiness. Twice a year, soil is aerated to improve the oxygen supply to the roots. This is done by special aerators, piercing turf to a depth of 10 cm.There are manual aerators for personal plots and mechanized for industrial use. Gentle emerald green lawn - is the result of proper systematic care, which allows the lawn to exist for many years.

In the video you can see clearly about the device and laying of the turf:

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Natural turf in rolls is an ideal option for quickly transforming the landscape. With it, make out the front area of ​​the house, children's play and sports grounds, gardens and parks. In a matter of hours, he transforms the landscape beyond recognition, which is why he became so popular in Europe and the CIS countries.


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