Varieties of paving stones, the cost of tiles

Today, more and more you can see paved pavements, sidewalks, car parks. It uses paving slabs or paving, the price of which is available for use in private households. Despite the same application, these materials differ in geometric dimensions, technical characteristics and raw materials used. All these nuances are discussed in the article so that you can choose the best option for your home.

Varieties of paving stones, the cost of tiles

Pavement pavers

Features of paving

Paving slabs are a type of building materials used in finishing . It is made of concrete, with the use of special technologies that allow it to be used for outdoor coverage. The advantages of products include:

  • High strength , which allows us to withstand extreme loads daily

  • Wear resistance , thanks to which the tile is able to withstand adverse weather, walking of people, abrasion

  • Resistance to heat - unlike asphalt, melting from the scorching sun, concrete products withstand high temperatures

  • Water resistance - absorbed rainwater, evaporates in the sun, without causing harm to the products

If you decide to buy paving stones , need to get acquainted with its parameters and types.

Varieties of paving stones, the cost of tiles

Pavement paving stones are resistant to heat

The type of paving paving stones

To choose the most suitable option, consider the target purpose, type of load, water disposal. Durability and operational capabilities of products depend on their thickness. The higher this indicator, the greater the strength of the product. There is a huge number of species that differ in thickness, shape, size. Consider the most popular.


Often used in private farms, parks and other places. The material for its manufacture is heavy concrete containing crushed granite. Among the advantages of this type of tile, you should highlight the minimum degree of contamination during use. This is due to the smoothness of the surface. The price of such products is in the range of 470-850 rubles / m². Tile paving stones

Varieties of paving stones, the cost of tiles

Clover is a great addition to any design, it will successfully decorate the yard

English cobble

Thanks to the vibration technology casting, the products most resemble natural stone. The tile is made in dark colors, and has a strict quadrangular shape. The low cost of 450-570 rubles / m² allows the material to be used by private developers. The irregularity of the textured form will give simplicity, as well as confidence to your room or site.

Varieties of paving stones, the cost of tiles

English Cobblestone Tile
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Differs in a unique wave-like shape that can increase the durability of the future structure. This is due to the fastening density, eliminating the displacement of elements. It is able to withstand considerable loads over the years. The cost is within 450 rubles / m², which allows the use of private farmsteads.

Varieties of paving stones, the cost of tiles

Such a tile can withstand heavy loads


Externally resembles a miniature brick and is considered the best material for paving streets A rich selection of colors allows you to create a variety of ornaments and patterns, embodying design ideas on the streets and country sites. Price 350-805 rubles. for each m², depending on the size of the elements.

Varieties of paving stones, the cost of tiles

Due to its shape, the tile is resistant to high loads

Old Town

A characteristic feature of this paving stone paving stones are rounded corners. Due to its shape, it resembles a medieval stone, which lay on the pavement for many centuries. This creates the impression of a reliable and good-quality pavement paved with natural stone. Bright colors allow you to combine the style of garden paths or streets with the surrounding architectural design. Prices depend on the size and color performance, and are in the range of 511-730 rubles. / m²

Varieties of paving stones, the cost of tiles

With skillful use of colors, you can create amazing compositions and visual effects.
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How to choose

It should be remembered that the cost of paving depends not only on the type, but also on the methods of production, as well as the size, which is worth reading.Among those on the market, the most popular are:

  • 500 * 500 mm is the largest tile. Such products are often used to create tracks or blind areas at home. The size of the tile is sufficient for arranging a good track. However, it has a lot of weight, which is due to its size. In addition, a large surface breaks more easily, and therefore requires a reliable base.

  • 400 * 400 mm is one of the most popular sizes. When using two rows of tiles, you can get an ideal and comfortable path that can withstand sufficient loads.

  • 300 * 300 mm is the best option demanded by consumers. Due to its small thickness and weight, it is convenient to transport. Such products successfully withstand the load, so they are often used in the arrangement of parking lots.

  • 100 * 100 mm - natural pavement, the thickness of which is 3-10 cm. The small dimensions allow the tile to withstand enormous loads. She is not afraid of temperature conditions, great weight, abrasion and other unpleasant factors.

Varieties of paving stones, the cost of tiles

The cost of paving depends on the method of production and size

From the video you can learn how to choose the right pavement :

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Products can be purchased at building materials stores or directly from manufacturers. It should be borne in mind that the price of paving tiles may vary significantly, due to the manufacturer’s fame, remoteness of the manufacturing plant and other reasons.

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