projects and prices for construction in Moscow

Country housing is becoming more and more popular, allowing you to take a break from the city rush and get close to nature. The house from a round bar - one of popular options of construction of a private mansion or giving. Many users choose ready-made projects, which allows you to quickly create an original, comfortable home, taking into account the preferences of the owner.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

The wall of the house from a round bar looks almost the same as a construction from a rounded log


Before construction Building company or a special architectural bureau conducts creative preparatory research. It is carried out taking into account the wishes of the customer, the subsequent adjustment of the standard project under the received request.

At this stage of building a house from a round timber, the following information is collected and analyzed:

  • Ownership (summer type or year-round).

  • The potential number of permanent residents and received guests.

  • Image and features of the life of the future owners of the mansion.

A plot of land for development is also being studied. It takes into account its shape, area, soil features and topography. This is necessary for the proper selection of the location of the object in relation to the cardinal points, the landscape and adjacent buildings.

In order to get the most complete picture of the project, a topographical survey of the territory and geological exploration may be necessary. For example, the construction of housing in the marshy areas is important on piles, uneven terrain is used to emphasize the dominant location of the estate.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

Popular projects in which the first floor is built of stone and the top floor of a bar

In total, accounting for all the nuances gives the opportunity to bring the specific concept of the project closer to the ideal, with its further implementation. An illustrative example can be created using computer or manual simulation.

At the next stage, a sketch is prepared with the details of the whole structure of the building. This includes:

  • Drawing of the floor plan.

  • Mark of the roof, window and door blocks.

  • Display of the structure in the transverse and longitudinal section.

  • Formation of the facade exterior.

The specified project becomes the base of the work plan. Specialists take into account the type of wood, the size of the forest, the method of processing and laying of round timber, as well as the thickness of the wall slab, the configuration of the foundation, the slope of the roof. If you plan to build several floors, specify the placement of jumpers, beams, lines. Engineering documents are prepared at the final stage. The implementation of the project begins after rechecking all the data and coordinating the drawings with the client.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

The architectural project shows the appearance of the future building
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular designs of houses from a bar from construction companies presented at the exhibition houses "Low-rise Country".

Stages of construction

The construction of a house from a turnkey round timber (the project and prices depend on various factors) can be divided into several main stages:

  • Preparation of the construction site and the foundation. After leveling the area to the required depth, depending on the final load, pour the foundation. For low-rise buildings on normal ground most often take the tape monolithic option. For waterproofing use roofing material or bituminous mixture.

  • Wall installation . To give additional strength to the structure, the logs are arranged in a checkerboard sequence, fixed with the help of dowels. For installation take natural wood, as a heater serves tow, flax or synthetic analog. Especially carefully handle the corner points at the joints. For a two-storey log house, the installation of inter-tier ceilings will be required. The finished frame includes crate designed for the flooring of modern roofing materials.

  • Installation of other parts . At this stage, the interior is done with the laying of the floor, ceiling, construction of door and window blocks. In addition, polishing and processing of structures with a special protective agent is performed.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

The technology of heat treatment of wood is also quite popular
  • At the final stage conduct engineering communications . In prepared places, they install devices for sewage, water supply, electricians and heating. In this direction, the issue is solved depending on the design or customer preferences.

Which tree to choose

It is necessary at the initial stage to think through not only the plan for the construction of the dwelling, but also the choice of wood.Depending on the breed, the appearance of the material, its structure and physical characteristics change.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

The bar does not have to be rounded on both sides: this profile will allow you to build a house from the outside of the log, and from the inside - from the bar

Experts advise the use of coniferous species of trees. They breathe, are resistant to moisture, are quite durable and environmentally friendly. If a pine or spruce grows in the region, you can avoid looking for the best option Fir or larch are used as analogues. These trees are durable, little prone to putrefactive processes. The great advantage of these breeds is good thermal insulation with proper installation.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

The more locks in the profile, the less the likelihood of a cold bridge appearing
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Selecting a contractor

Experienced developers point out that when building a house from a round log, the project and prices play a minor role in a successful outcome. About 70% of the quality of construction depends on the contractor.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

When choosing a reliable construction company, all efforts associated directly with the construction of the house will pass you by

When choosing a developer, they take into account a number of factors :

  • Experience of the company in the construction of private houses according to the technology in question.

  • Reviews of users who have used the services of a contractor and live in new buildings.

  • Availability of modern equipment, tools and its own production department.

  • The qualification level of the contractor in drawing up a work plan and detailed estimate.

As an option, you can visit trade shows where ready-made projects are clearly demonstrated. Additional assistance will provide an overview of specialized sites, allowing you to replenish knowledge about the construction of buildings from round timber, as well as explore the companies involved in such a business.


It is impossible to accurately determine the value of a house without first evaluating and taking into account the nuances of private construction. The final price is determined by several factors:

  • The wood species, the type and size of the logs.

  • Size of the floor of the building and the number of partitions.

  • Type of foundation, type of finishing and roofing materials.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

Outwardly almost identical houses may differ in cost by several times

With ready-made projects, it is somewhat simpler. In the catalog, choose the option you like, study its technical description, determine it with round diameter and other materials. After that, the total cost is calculated.


After choosing a project from a round log, you should consider possible versions of wood processing. Among them:

  1. Spill . This process allows you to get perfectly round and the same shape of the log, which becomes the basis of a geometrically correct object.

  2. Manual processing . This version is suitable for those who love original designs and antiquity. Buildings erected from hand-made logs are quite unusual. The surface of the material has a roughness and a unique texture that makes the house different from other analogues.

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Beautiful projects of houses from a round timber

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

Cottage with an open terrace

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

House with a balcony and a terrace

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

A cottage project with a second light

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

Two entrances from one veranda

projects and prices for construction in Moscow

Two-storey house with a flat roof

Consumers can choose ready turnkey projects or provide specialists with an individual plan. Contractors offer a variety of solutions that differ in configuration, size, layout and number of storeys. If the customer wants to supplement the finished project with his own ideas, an architectural department comes to the rescue, who competently and without violating the technology will make the necessary adjustments.

And some more beautiful projects of houses from a log house look in the video:

On our site you can get acquainted with the most popular projects of wooden houses, from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country".


A round timber is a very interesting building material for the construction of a country house. Externally, the building will be indistinguishable from a log house, but the labor and construction time will be significantly less.This is a significant plus when ordering the construction of a turnkey house, because the construction company can offer you a project whose price will be pleasantly different from the house of manual chopping.

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