drawings, photo, installation, buy a swing in Moscow

The article tells you what a garden swing is, wooden, how to choose the right place for their placement, to build. Note the advantages of the material. You will have a good idea of ​​how garden rocking for children and adults are done by reading the article. You will be able to correctly calculate and optimize costs, including if you have to order the design of a team of specialists.

drawings, photo, installation, buy a swing in Moscow

Wooden swings combine reliability and aesthetics

Types of wooden swings

High-quality garden wooden swings will delight children, will create comfort for adults and perfectly complement the landscape design. There are many ready-made models on the market. But it is also possible to build a structure at the dacha under the project.

There are three known types of garden rockers that can be made of wood.

  • Classic frame on wooden supports.

  • Suspended on cables or ropes (for example, a bungee).

  • Swing for two - balancing on the principle of weights.

They will all look good in the country. And it will turn out rather beautifully and soundly.

Advantages of a rocking chair made of wood

A diverse assortment of materials is available for sale from which you can make a swing for your villa. Wood - one of the most sought after. After all, they are endowed with the following list of merits.

  • A simple design that is easy to make with minimal skills.

  • Affordable cost , less than the price of the metal or plastic option.

  • Universality : you can make a single or family option.

  • The tree beautifully fits into the design of the garden .

  • Ecological natural purity.

  • Safety of use , soft material, relatively low risk of injury.

The market offers an extensive range of models and designs. But garden swings made of wood, made individually, can be a source of pride, as they uniquely decorate the landscape.

drawings, photo, installation, buy a swing in Moscow

Wooden swing can become part of the design design of the
section of our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer a development service and installation of various metal structures - swings, sheds, greenhouses and others. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Choice of location

When choosing a typical design variant - bungee on the ropes (swing - board), you only need to have a tree near it that is suitable for strength. The remaining types require consideration of the following nuances.

  • The swing should be placed away from the fences , the walls of buildings, trees, piercing objects and wires.

  • With a constant impact on the structure of the sun, the tree does not dampen.

  • The platform must be flat, or you will have to level it artificially.

  • It is necessary to choose a windless place in order not to catch a cold.

Swing quite properly on the lawn, or pour a layer of sand for a soft fall.

Project, drawing, scheme

It is recommended to preliminary design any garden structures. Although this is not necessary, but the drawing will help make the construction durable, take into account all the details. The same plan (project swing) will help to save materials, to calculate correctly the quantity at purchase. Design is not difficult. The following general rules must be observed.

  • Mark the frame and reflect its structure.

  • Specify dimensions : base area, height.

  • Mark the places where fasteners will be located.

  • Specify the type and number of places .

  • Designate type of suspensions and their length.

drawings, photo, installation, buy a swing in Moscow

Hanging swing-bench, if there is no native frame, they will need another reliable crossbar for hanging


To begin with, you should seriously consider the quality of the used building materials. Good wood - a guarantee of safety of a swing and their long term of operation. Breeds such as oak, larch, cedar, pine, spruce, birch are suitable. Timber is applied dry, without traces of damage, mold, holes made by pests, crevices and knots falling out. Since such a structure does not require large volumes of wood, it will not be difficult to check every detail.

In addition, the estimate should include such materials :

  • concrete solution (dry mix);

  • bolts , nails, screws, corners, tools;

  • antiseptic for wood processing.

With all the necessary project, construction materials, you can begin to build a swing.

drawings, photo, installation, buy a swing in Moscow

The swing can be hung on a chain from the ceiling of the gazebo if its base is strong enough
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Work stages

The construction process involves the use of various structures, the choice of which should be noted in the project. Basically, the implementation involves several steps.

  • Having chosen the location in the garden, you need to prepare all necessary building materials . Further actions are coordinated with the project, drawing (plans can be easily found on the Internet).

  • It is important to choose the type of support . For bungee enough to find what to hang it. Children's option is done simply using a rope and a wooden board. But in most cases in the manufacture of swing side racks are used A-shaped.

Important! When constructing the swing, the golden rule of stability is applied. As a result, the base should be wider than the seat by at least 0.5 meters. (for example, 130 and 80 cm, respectively).

The drawing necessarily includes the calculation for the top corner of the stand and the width of the base. Both of these factors form robust stability.

drawings, photo, installation, buy a swing in Moscow

Only by following the correct calculations, you can build a safe swing
  • According to ready-made calculations, elements are sawn racks . Then attach them with screws or furniture bolts. Cut off on a preliminary marking, controlling the parties. To align the bevel, use a plane, treating them with a cut from the end.

For your information! For reliability of the design, side ties are made at a distance of 20 cm from the top corner and 60 cm from the ground level.
  • After installing the supports and connecting them with tie-ins, proceed to the manufacture of the seat . They make two frames, the bench size is 2 by 0.5 meters. The second one is a backrest with a width of 0.65 m and a length of 2 m. For rigidity, ribs are installed within the framework. And the connection of these two parts is carried out using the corners, screws. The finished construction is sheathed with a facing board. Optimally, the bench is located at a distance of 0.3 m from the ground.

  • Next the seat is attached with a suspension , for which bolts are screwed into the front beam on it and into the top beam on the back (eye-type, equipped with threads and a ring that can withstand heavy loads ). Apply chain or rope, rope of increased strength. Moreover, the second option makes less noise, although it has a short lifespan, stretches, is subject to updating, and is adjusted for height.

drawings, photo, installation, buy a swing in Moscow

When the frame is ready, start hanging the swing of the swing
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  • Make installation , for which pits are dug 0.8 meters deep under the pillars. They poured sand with rubble (pillow) with a height of 0.2 m. On this layer and place the rack. To control the evenness of the applied level of construction.

Consider massive construction. Children's or single swings are simple and less weight, it is easier for them to ensure stability. But the junction with the ground does not hurt to pour cement. It is also possible to strengthen the metal base for the rigid attachment of wooden legs.

  • The whole structure is varnished . The surface will become smooth with the preservation of natural texture. The service life of the material will be increased. Among the options you can take staining in any color.

  • The final stage can also include creating a canopy , which is mounted above the swing. You can make this element of the garden unique in comfort, as well as add blankets, pillows, decor. To reduce the stiffness of a small mattress enclose the appropriate size. Or on furniture technology make upholstery. In this case, the canopy is simply required. Although the design can be placed under the pergola or on the veranda.

drawings, photo, installation, buy a swing in Moscow

The wooden pergola

Swing care

Row can be the frame for the swing rules will help make the rocking chair more durable, save the construction.

  • Painting or processing with protective compounds each year will protect the tree from pests and damage caused by exposure to the environment.

  • For the period of wet and snow seasons, it is recommended that the structure be covered with waterproof materials.

  • Metal parts are treated against rust , they are monitored for their condition.

  • It is advisable not to expose the wooden swing for the garden to excessive loads .

Subject to these care guidelines, a wooden swing can last for several generations.

It’s not easy to build a swing with this whole business, without having the skills to work with wood, an example of how the work should go through the video:

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In conclusion,

Wooden swings are very useful at the cottage. This design will appeal to adults and children. Being made from environmentally friendly materials, it contributes to a healthy pastime in the fresh air. Helps to improve mood, relieve stress and tidy the nervous system. Now, having familiarized yourself with the stages of making a swing, you can decide: buy them ready-made or make them to order.

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