Country amnesty - to freedom with a clear conscience, is it?

The Soviet Union could not supply all workers with vouchers to a sanatorium, therefore, in order to provide all categories of citizens with outdoor recreation, he created dacha cooperatives.

But the people did not understand the grand plan of the bloody usurpers, therefore, out of habit, they desperately continued to build communism on 6 acres.

Today, the state seeks to replenish the treasury with taxes, so why not take a payment for what was once presented to people?

Forks of ordinary hard workers have long since rusted and however, such an instrument of labor in the passing years is a sin to be scattered.

Country amnesty - to freedom with a clear conscience, is it?

It is psychologically difficult to accept the fact that you have to pay for what you have been using for free for a long time

Act as a ditch - wherever you want, there and It turned out

Ownership in the Soviet years, as such, was not issued, so today, anyone who did not have time to issue a cottage in the relevant authorities, have the opportunity in the shortest time possible to use the dacha amnesty.

This is only abrupt, the word “amnesty” means freedom, for summer residents it is an additional cost to “purchase” what is rightfully theirs.

The term "Dacha amnesty" was significantly extended: until March 1, 2020.

Expert Opinion! By default, a cottage, like a piece of land, could be sold, donated, exchanged or left as an inheritance before. When a new law comes into force, any manipulation of real estate will be prohibited and, therefore, unregistered buildings will be subject to demolition, and pieces of land will be seized.

In spite of all the intrigues of the enemies, the following categories of citizens can obtain the right of ownership under the simplified scheme:

  • Country owners, in the garden partnership membership , but not having documents, both on the land, and on the house;

  • Owners of land plots having in their hands the act on land surveying , but not formalized;

Country amnesty - to freedom with a clear conscience, is it?

Some items look absurd - barn tax
  • Owners of the plot who have not received a document confirming the purpose and location of the student stack;

  • Owners of a country house, not having documents , and also not put on accounting .

The advantages of real estate registration in the property are obvious:

  • No act of commissioning . It is enough to submit a statement from the chairman of the dacha cooperative, which will indicate that the residential building meets all the required standards in height and size. In addition, it significantly saves time and finances, although what savings can be said about if the state compels pensioners to re-acquire something that has long been bought.

Life example : Pensioner Lyudmila Petrovna, who still had youth strong ties to the KGB and possessing the call sign "Golden Handles", decided to legalize their building, in the form of a small garden house. When she came to the chair, she faced a wall of misunderstanding and inhumanity: the boss was a simple man, so he was used to solving all the issues either with his fists or thanks to alcohol.

Lyudmila Petrovna, who was used to getting only what she deserved, took a soldering iron out of her purse and closed the change house tightly. The Soviet intelligence technique, even decades later, gives excellent results: after 10 minutes, the necessary paper was on the table. As the saying goes, there are no ex-colonels and drug addicts!

Country amnesty - to freedom with a clear conscience, is it?

Shucked invented - a toilet to build, yes a garden house
  • The entire package of documents is drawn up in " one window "that is quite convenient and practical: you need to make photocopies of all documents in advance, as well as sign the permission of other owners for the registration of ownership at the notary.

On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of small forms - baths , arbors , garages - from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country".

Documents required for recognition of property rights

It is advisable to have all originals in your hands, because a specialist may have questions about the authenticity of photocopies: for security, you can notarize them.

Consider the list of papers to be submitted:

  • Application written in the name of the head of the Federal Registration Service by place of residence / residence in which you, as the owner, ask to register the property and a piece of land according to the new rules.

  • Technical passport for all buildings . Usually this is one document that has a plan for the location of a dwelling house and technical premises.It indicates the area, purpose and dimensions of all buildings.

  • Certificate of right ownership of the plot / property . This certificate is issued by the BTI and is legally valid, regardless of the existence of the contract of sale, the contract with the chairman of the dacha cooperative, etc.

Country amnesty - to freedom with a clear conscience, is it?

By dividing shares, each owner has his own piece of real estate
  • Passport or another document , identity document , as well as its photocopy.

  • Payment check state duty for legal services rendered.

  • If there are several owners, you can divide the shares or notarize receipts from each owner indicating their consent to commit transactions .

The video gives explanations of what a dacha amnesty is, to whom it applies and nuances that you need to know:

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that provide construction loans and related services, including landscaping: planting of greenery, planting, ponds, slides, mountaineering, rockeries, etc. . Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

The process of registration of the site in the property

For those who received the rights to the site before 30. 10. 2001, you must provide the following documents:

  • Application for registration in Rosreestr , according to the location of the dacha cooperative;

  • Protocol-permission of the garden partnership on the inclusion of you among the members of the dacha cooperative;

  • Act with the appointment of the status of the site , drawn up in accordance with the BTI standards;

  • Receipt on payment of state duty .

  • If you have not completed the survey, then you should provide a site map signed by the chairman of the partnership with all dimensions and its location relative to the total area.

Country amnesty - to freedom with a clear conscience, is it?

Surveying is a geodesic method for determining the boundaries of the area
This may be interesting! In the article on the following link, read about the consequences of samostroi: what the site owner needs to know.


In case of non-compliance with the new rules, all buildings are equated to unauthorized and, as a result, are subject to demolition. Do not forget that all the costs are automatically paid by the owner of the site, so you can avoid fines or penalties only in time leaving this mortal world.

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