what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

In today's material we will look at the variety of arches for the garden, we will look at the advantages of each type. Let us find out what forms there are, how the garden arch fits into the landscape design and what plants should be planted around it. Tips and recommendations outlined in the article will help you navigate in choosing a decent option.

what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

The arch will decorate any country site

Arch - the business card of a garden site

Country owners have a unique opportunity relax in a comfortable area, refined according to your own wishes. It is possible to decorate a country site differently: to make a hedge from bushes, to plant fruit trees. But often the garden arch will look more elegant and stylish. The main highlight of this decision is that the right arch can be placed anywhere - often, it depends only on your personal preferences. The purpose of this design is to save the useful area of ​​the site, giving the landscape unusualness and beauty.

what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

With arches you can decorate a walkway leading from house to garden

What functions does the arch in the garden

Modern garden metal arch or made of other materials performs a number of functions:

  • support for climbers;

  • decor element in the overall landscape;

  • a reinforcing element for supporting structures, for example, wickets;

  • a demarcation element for the zoning of a plot; frame construction: swing or hammocks;

  • lamppost and so on.

As we see, this is not only an object of decoration, but also an element that simultaneously performs several important functions.

what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

The arch can be the final element of the gate supports
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Of what materials the arches are made

Those who plan to transform their plot with an arch for the garden, it will be useful to know what types are according to the material of manufacture.


It is produced from thin metal rods. Forged arches for the garden - the most expensive and most beautiful of all represented in the spectrum of this category of goods. True, their cost is much higher than that of others, but they benefit from an attractive appearance - forged curls are rarely left unattended.

The key advantage of this type of arches is the lack of need to prepare the site before installing the structure. The disadvantage is that the arch will have to be periodically painted to avoid corrosive processes.

what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

A metal arch with elements of forging will be a beautiful support for climbing flowers


Since metal products are quite expensive as an alternative, even in Moscow it is often preferred to buy a garden arch from wood. It is relatively inexpensive, it is found quite often among gardeners on the site. Key benefits - quick assembly, easy maintenance.

The design should also be periodically painted and processed, since the destruction of the structure is characteristic of wood. In it, in the absence of proper care, beetles and other insects can start.

what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

Arch-pergola made of wood - the design will not only decorate the garden, but if necessary, you can attach a rope swing to it
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PVC is very often used by design companies in enriching land plots and houses. Plastic arch - the cheapest option for landscaping the garden. The design does not need additional and annual processing, does not rot, does not rust. It is very easy to care for her. Minus - temporary use. That is, it is not recommended to leave such an arch throughout the year on the plot, for the winter it is better to put it in the utility room.

The market of arch products is very rich in plastic arches, where a low-quality product is always found. At very low temperatures, they very quickly become unusable. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturer must be approached very scrupulously and carefully.

what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

A simple plastic arch is smoothly framed by a small fence.


Sturdy and reliable construction. It will look very stylish and attractive on the garden plot. It does not need to be processed annually - its initial appearance never changes. Stone arches for the garden are expensive structures, so not every homeowner can afford to buy them for personal use.In addition, to look truly noble, it will be only in large homestead territories.

what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

Arch of stone covered with flowers


Materials are mixed in the manufacture of arches in cases where there is a need to strengthen the alliance of useful characteristics of the structure in cases where it needs to add expressiveness. Very stylish and original will look model arch where the base is made of monolith or stone, and the upper part (arch) - from wood, even an inexpensive breed.

what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

Pavilion arch for relaxing in the summer garden
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Varieties of arches in the form of manufacturing

Manufacturers provide the opportunity to choose any form of arches. There are several of them:

  • straight;

  • semicircular;

  • figured;

  • gable.

You can select and buy garden arches from metal in Moscow from major manufacturers as well as private designers who make real compositions based on individually created sketches.

what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

The round arch is found in the gardens of the dacha plots more often than others

Where to put than to decorate

The garden arch is considered decor element, so it can and should be placed in those areas that need to be particularly highlighted. Separately installed design will look very attractive and stylish. Usually they are set:

  • at the entrance to the household;

  • near or on garden paths;

  • in the recreation area near the swings;

  • along the alley located in the center.

The construction itself looks good, but it will look even better if curly flowers or shrubs are planted around it. The most commonly used plants:

  • girlish grapes;

  • clematis;

  • climbing rose.

They, wrapping around the construction of the arch, create truly marvelous compositions, serving as a highlight of the garden.

what you can buy cheap, garden arches, decorative, with benches

The arch decorates the garden path, it is complemented by vases at the foot and flowers are woven

In the video below you can see how the design looks in reality, how and where designers are advised to have it:

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To buy a garden arch means to acquire for your garden a multifunctional element that performs not only decorative and many other useful functions. There is only one minus in this - in order to select and place a garden arch as efficiently as possible, you need to know the basics of landscape design well. Therefore, the best way out is to entrust the design to a specialist.

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