Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

The abundance of country houses for permanent residence often reduces the amount of free space in a separate area, which makes owners think about the need for proper accommodation on the territory of all the necessary buildings. The best option is to resolve this issue at the design stage of the house, since any serious developer can offer such a service. Often, everything does not even have to do from scratch. For example, if you need the layout of the dacha 10 hectare - the scheme is already there in finished form and it remains to correct them for the individual wishes of the customer. In addition, it is necessary to order the landscape design of a country house. In this article, you can first learn how to create a design of a 15 hectare site - photos and projects, expert advice will help to deal with a number of nuances.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

Competent planning of the suburban area includes all the necessary structures

Another thing to consider here is that the combination of original architectural forms and the need to use every square The meter of the area turns the planning of the suburban area into a difficult task that is better to be entrusted to a specialist. Convenient and aesthetic placement of buildings in the local area requires knowledge in the field of landscaping gardens, construction and decoration. Therefore, landscape designers can offer solutions that do not always correspond to the original idea.

Design of the suburban area: where to start

Creating a cozy suburban property, thinking through the design of the suburban area begins with the preparatory work to assess the available space. To form a plan for the necessary buildings, plantings and reservoirs, it is worth assessing the available land area.

The presence of water sources (streams, ponds, keys) will affect the zoning of the future site and the choice of its design style.

Often a small stream becomes a conditional "dividing line" of the local area, and around the ponds there are spaces for active rest.

Schemes of future engineering communications are created depending on the terrain: smooth, hilly, teeming with ravines or hills.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

The Alpine Hill is one of the options to disguise engineering communications on a plot with a height of

if the customer is a lover of abundant vegetation in the country, then the designer need to pay attention to the quality of the land itself: the content of clay, sand, groundwater level. Depending on these characteristics, plant varieties are selected for arranging the garden, vegetable garden and decorative flower beds. When ordering a landscape design country house photo gallery of work performed will help determine the choice of studio.

If there are usually no questions with small areas, even the layout of the 10 hectare site already depends heavily on its shape. Traditionally, rectangular grounds are easier to settle down and zoned than square or triangular options. In any case, there is only one way to plan a plot of 10 acres - the scheme. It is compiled in the first place and can give a complete picture of how everything will look after finishing work.

Important nuances that need to be taken into account - in the video:

Before planning estimates, it is recommended to assess the general condition of the territory: whether a drainage system will be required for disposal from excess moisture, whether it is necessary to level a site, to uproot trees.

After carrying out the preparatory work, they switch to land planning, with the options being drawn up on paper or using computer programs.

The site planning procedure: general rules

A competent plan for placing the desired objects on the site is a guarantee of a pleasant view from the window, convenient use of economic structures and good harvests, comfortable use of the recreation area at the cottage. The design of the plot of 10 acres - photos and projects for such an area are placed in the article - creating is not as easy as it may seem. The process of planning the site is based on three components.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

Convenient summer cottage - the result of competent planning

Parties of the world

Taking into account the sides of the world when planning guarantees harvest from fruit trees and garden beds, as well as natural lighting of residential buildings. The northern end of the property is suitable for planting trees, creating a pleasant coolness and not cluttering up the central part of the land. East and southeast sides - to create a garden, planting fruit trees and arranging the main entrance to a residential building.

It is advisable for fans of an orchard to pay attention to the compatibility of tree species and shrubs. For example, cherry trees and sea buckthorn should be planted away from other varieties, and sweet cherries do not grow well next to plums. 10 acres are not recommended to plant more than 15 seedlings.All this is extremely important to consider when working on the landscape of the garden plot.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

A small orchard located along the fence


The size of the slope of the territory and the difference in the level of heights take into account when placing the foundation of the house, as well as the design of outbuildings. The entrance to the living room, artificial reservoir located in the highest places of land. This protects the foundation and structures from leaking water and pollution from the entire area.

If you are a landowner in a lowland, the architect will recommend planning with the construction of a high-quality drainage system.

Depending on the groundwater level and the amount of rainfall, drainage systems are shallow ditches tiled or systems of narrow pipes and wells. They can also be skillfully inscribed in the garden design.

Accommodation of a residential house

Country house for permanent residence is the basis of the composition around which the rest of the elements are located. The house is recommended to be located in the center, further from the fence and the road, in order to reduce the noise level and allow the owners to enjoy the view of the garden from the window. For example, the landscape design of a country house, the photo of which is posted below, meets all the requirements.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

House located far from the road
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer a landscape design service. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Large-scale buildings, located in areas of curved, triangular or trapezoidal shape, look better when choosing projects with an abundance of broken lines. Similar layouts of 10 acres with a house and a bath house a large number of spacious rooms, and the overall appearance of the house looks harmonious.

Before building a house, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of legislation for construction, think over the location of engineering communications. Leading gas, plumbing, electricity and sewage - this is all the work of relevant specialists, and these works must be completed before the construction of the house.

Clearly about the layout of the plot on the video:

Functional zones in the summer cottage

The optimal distribution of space between the functional zones is not important only for premises, but also for land. But although the general principles remain the same, it should be understood that even, for example, the layout of a 12 hectare site and the layout of a summer cottage of 10 hectare, the scheme involves different. In addition, much depends on the owner’s desire to allocate (increase / decrease) any zone.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

Separating the recreation area and garden using the tracks

Living area

Zoning is recommended to begin with the placement of the house. As a rule, the central part of the land is suitable for this, the facade of the building faces the road, the windows overlook the garden. The owners of spacious estates create small guest houses, while the design of the 12 hectare site may include a summer terrace located at a distance from the "main" housing.

Buildings in the residential area are used extensively, so decorative elements should not be overused, and it is also not always advisable to decorate the buildings with flower beds and flowers.

Commercial area

Auxiliary buildings, which include barns, cellars, sheds and hangars for tools, products and animals, are recommended to be placed in the depths of the garden. Most often, these structures do not differ in the beauty of the finish, so they are planted with trees.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

Vertical gardening is a suitable option for masking outbuildings

Garden work lovers place several beds with plantings and greenhouse complexes in the economic zone. Modern technology allows you to care for the garden with minimal effort.

Recreation area

The third largest territory, equipped on the site, includes a bath, gazebo, playground, swimming pool, swings, hammocks and other structures for relaxation of the owners and their guests. Unlike utilitarian outbuildings, these buildings are an expression of the overall style of the out-of-town property.

When arranging a recreation area, it is recommended to combine safety, comfort and a pleasant appearance. In general, the filling of this zone depends on the needs of the owners and the size of the plot, for possessions of 10 acres there is a rather miniature playground, a bathhouse, gazebos with barbecues and several "alpine slides". Owners of spacious grounds can accommodate an indoor pool on the site.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

Arranging a Recreation Area Close to the Garden Zone

Garden Zone

Fruit Trees, Flowering Shrubs, Ornamental Beds and flowers traditionally belong to the garden zone, which is located near the facade of the building, providing the owners a pleasant view from the window.The second placement option is decoration with ornamental plants throughout the site. For example, small shrubs are planted along the paths, large ornamental trees are located at the corners of buildings.

When making a project for a dacha plot, it is necessary to take into account the level of illumination, as well as to comply with the measure so that the plants do not interfere with each other, creating a feeling of "cluttering" the plot.

About the zoning of the summer cottage on the video:

Methods for placing objects on the site

Depending on the shape of the site, size house and the number of objects placed, choose one of the options for planning.

The rectangular version assumes the design of separate functional zones on the territory of the site, using the grouping of objects. For example, all plants are located on the southeastern tip, and farm buildings and recreation facilities occupy the northern part near the fence.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

Traditional rectangular placement of objects
It might be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the layout suburban area.

A round version is used to design irregularly shaped areas, the corners of which are “smoothed out” using flowerbeds and flower beds. Around them are placed the necessary buildings.

A diagonal layout is the placement of buildings and structures along the diagonal of a plot. Visually, this method expands the space, while respecting the geometry.

The free version of the layout is most often found on modern sites: the layout of buildings and structures is limited only by the imagination of the owners.

Regardless of the chosen option, the layout should meet functional criteria:

  1. Household buildings are recommended to be located near a residential building.

  2. It is recommended to lay out the paths from the house to the gates, recreation areas and outbuildings with paving slabs or gravel to protect them from precipitation.

  3. Decorative compositions - flowers, shrubs, flower beds - are recommended to be placed in the central part of the site, where they will attract attention and not interfere with access to farm buildings.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

Rules for placing buildings in country houses

Bed flower options for the garden plot

A common and easy-to-care option for decorating a country house is a bed of various types, located in the central parts of the land holdings.

An alpine slide is a flower bed with decorative stones located between flowers in an “artistic mess”. For the design of such beds are used cobblestones, creeping rocks of flowers, in addition to the alpine hill is decorated with a small pond.

Vertical gardening is a way to create shady zones by planting plants along walls. Unpretentious perennial varieties mask household buildings, give the site a kind of "natural beauty."

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

A classic alpine slide in the landscape of the dacha

Classic beds of round or rectangular shape, located in the central part - an easy to design option decorations of possessions. At the same time, depending on the selected varieties of flowering plants, the flower bed can please the owners with continuous flowering from early spring to late autumn.

Addition of landscape design with garden sculptures

Garden sculptural compositions are made of architectural concrete (the heaviest and strongest option), stone, plaster or polyurethane foam. The design and size of such elements is limited only by the taste preferences of the owners and the landscape design of the dacha plot chosen during construction.

There are several rules for the placement of garden sculptures:

  • When choosing stylized sculptures, you should decorate the entire area in the same style.

  • It is better to disperse the abundance of small sculptures over the territory to avoid the effect of oversaturated space.

  • The economic zone is recommended to be decorated with a small number of sculptures, without sacrificing its functionality.

On our site you can familiarize yourself with the companies providing services in the field of landscape design and gardening , which are represented at the exhibition houses Low-Rise Country.

Design ideas of the site in the photo and video

Clearly, a few examples of how the landscape design of a country house looks like, shows a photo gallery: 10 acres, 12 or 6 - each plot can be made not only practical, but also beautiful.

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

6 hectare plot design: a classic version with a house, a pool, a gazebo and an outbuilding

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

Design dacha in the 10 hectare for lovers of garden plantings and outdoor activities

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

Design of the dacha 12 hectare with plenty of deciduous trees as a landscape design

Dacha 10 hectare - design in theory and in the photo

"American style" in the design of a 15 hectare site: gable roofs, pillars and lifting doors

What you need to know about the design and arrangement of the suburban area, see the following video:

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A consistent approach to the planning of the suburban area will allow you to create not only a visually pleasing, but also a comfortable living space. The division of ownership into functional zones and the appropriate use of decor allow you to arrange ownership in any style.


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