Buy a plastic shower tank with heated, summer shower for garden: price in Moscow

If you want to learn how to choose the right plastic tank for a shower to the country, read this article to the end. You will receive information about water tanks, their advantages and disadvantages. The obtained information will help buyers to purchase a product with all the necessary properties at the lowest price.

Buy a plastic shower tank with heated, summer shower for garden: price in Moscow

The shower tank is the main part, the choice of which should be approached thoroughly

Types and materials of shower containers

Gone are the times when only metal barrels were used for the summer shower. Now the choice of material for the tank is very wide: you can use plastic and various types of steel.

Every year more and more gardeners prefer plastic tanks. The advantages of this material are many. Here are some of his positive qualities:

  • Low price;

  • Low weight does not require a massive foundation, material savings are obtained;

  • Resistance to corrosion, rotting and ultraviolet rays;

If you are going to buy a tank for a shower to the country, it is better to give preference to a plastic container. For their production, food grade polypropylene is used, it is completely harmless, does not decompose from either heated water or ultraviolet rays. Do not be afraid if, while bathing in the shower, the child begins to catch with the tongue a stream of liquid. The water in such tanks for a long time remains clean and fresh, not a single polymer molecule will enter it.

Buy a plastic shower tank with heated, summer shower for garden: price in Moscow

Plastic shower containers are made of environmentally friendly materials

What to choose: tank or barrel

First of all it is necessary to solve the question of which is better: a flat tank or a barrel for a shower to the country. Each tank has its pros and cons. One of the advantages of the barrel is that it can be used as a container for transporting water. Indeed, plastic products are not heavy, even a teenager can remove and install them. If you are not afraid to damage the vessel itself or other soul parts during removal and installation, you can do so. But it is better to use other inexpensive container for transporting liquids. Repairing a damaged shower is more expensive.

In the same way, the remaining qualities of both variants should be assessed. First, you can consider the advantages of the tank:

  1. A flat surface can serve as a roof, which will save money on the floor device.

  2. In the sun, the water in the tank heats up faster than in a barrel of the same volume.

If you use an elongated model, you can use part of the roof under solar panels or install 2 tanks: for cold and warm water.

Buy a plastic shower tank with heated, summer shower for garden: price in Moscow

A barrel for a summer shower can be metal
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Of the drawbacks, it can be noted that when using a heater, the process is much slower. When the liquid level drops, the heating elements can overheat and cause a fire. For safety reasons, it is advisable to purchase models with fluid level control and autoheating.

One of the advantages of the barrel is the low price. If a simple plastic tank costs from 3000 rubles, and with a heater - from 7000 rubles, then round products are about 1.5 times cheaper. There are other advantages:

  • The round shape is stronger and less often deformed.

  • When using a shower drum to a country house with heated water heats up quickly and evenly.

  • The liquid in the barrel cools more slowly.

Among the shortcomings it is necessary to note the need to build a roof over the shower. High capacity is more difficult to fill with liquid. Sometimes a pump that easily pumps water into a tank may not cope with the flow of fluid into the barrel.

Buy a plastic shower tank with heated, summer shower for garden: price in Moscow

There must be enough pressure in the water supply system to supply water to the tank in order to raise water to a height of

Tank prices with heater

On a hot sunny day, for a couple of hours, the water in the black tank will take a comfortable temperature for washing. Unfortunately, work in the country has to be carried out in cold cloudy weather. In order not to create unnecessary difficulties for yourself with bathing and watering the landings in the greenhouse, it is better to purchase a heated garden shower tank. The price depends on the complexity and equipment of the product:

  • Buck 100 l with heating up - about 4900 rubles;

  • Buck 100l with heating and thermometer - about 5500 rubles;

  • Bak 200 l with heating - about 5600 rubles;

  • Bak 200 l "Lux" with heating and flexible hose - about 7000 rubles;

  • A barrel of 65 liters with a thermometer and a water level is about 3,400 rubles;

  • A Sadko shower water heater 90 liters with a temperature regulator - about 2,600 rubles.

If electricity is delivered to the dacha without interruption, there will be no greater difficulty. The trade offers many heating devices. You can use conventional heating elements, but you have to carefully monitor that the device is not turned on in the absence of liquid. In the event of a power outage, the owners may forget to turn off the heater if there is no current. They will wash with cool water, empty the tank and leave. When power is applied, not only heating elements can burn out, but plastic can melt and even a fire can occur. In such cases, it is desirable to purchase a more advanced device, with automatic shutdown when the water level drops, or with infrared heating.

Buy a plastic shower tank with heated, summer shower for garden: price in Moscow

Automatic switch-off Ten will help to avoid many troubles
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In some areas there is no electricity at all or it is turned on only for the summer season. Heated summer shower tanks can even be used in such conditions, but solar panels will have to be installed. Contrary to the name, they can provide the house with electricity and in cloudy weather. With such a device you can come to the country in the winter, take a shower, turn on a light bulb, use a tablet and a mobile phone.

How to correctly calculate the volume of the tank

It is necessary to solve the problem with the volume of the tank. The method the more the better, it does not fit here. First, there are extra costs when filling capacity. When using a heater, extra electricity and time will be spent on heating an unnecessary amount of liquid.

If there are no plants on the site that require warm watering, and only one person will wash, 50 liters will be enough. For a large family with children who need to be bathed several times a day, you may even need a garden shower tank for 200l. It is not difficult to calculate the volume necessary for bathing, given that one person needs 35 liters of water for bathing.

Buy a plastic shower tank with heated, summer shower for garden: price in Moscow

The size of the tank is selected based on the number of people who will use it often

It is desirable to choose the color not only according to your taste, but and guided by rational considerations. On clear days, there is no need to turn on the heater and waste energy; this work will be done by the sun. The darker the tank, the faster the water will warm. The best option would be a black tank. If someone does not like this color at all, you can choose dark green or dark blue tones.

Continuing the theme - features of a heated tank for a shower. Overview in the video:

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Without a summer shower, it is impossible to relax comfortably at the cottage. Incorrectly chosen water tank can turn bathing into stress and hassle. No one will like it if the shower turns out to be too cold and the water runs out when the person has just soaped. A good heated tank ensures a pleasant swim under warm streams at any time.

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