Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

Forged swings in the garden or in the courtyard of a private house are fun for children, romance is for adults and aesthetic pleasure for people of venerable age. Metal structures are different from other variety of design solutions, with which the Internet is replete with. In order not to "get lost" in them and choose the right option for you, the article discusses the main classifications of the forged swing.

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

Forged Swing

The Benefits of the Forged Swing

The Forged Swing is everywhere: in city parks, squares, on summer terraces cafes, playgrounds, in the courtyards of country houses. The popularity of this artistic design is explained by its ability to blend in with any style of landscape design. It goes well with brick, stone and wood. In addition, for several reasons, forged swings are many times superior to their “brethren” from other materials. Here are their undeniable advantages:

  • Strength, as a guarantee of safety .

On a wrought-iron swing, you can safely ride together or together. Even an obese person can sit on them without thinking, because they can withstand any pressure. Monumentality goes to the bank of its reliability - a metal product is almost impossible to budge. With such an acquisition, parents can safely go about their business, leaving children to ride.

  • Rich design potential .

Experienced blacksmiths who know the art of artistic forging, help to adapt the swing to any style of exterior. In addition, they can be painted in any color. White construction, for example, is an attribute of vintage style.

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

Swings can be painted in any color

By themselves, forged swings are also quite versatile. Wherever you put them, they everywhere bring the spirit of noble antiquity. If the landscape with a swing complements forged lights, gates, furniture or arches, then harmony in landscape design will be achieved easily and quickly.

  • Easy to use and maintain. .

Once installed, a wrought-iron swing can be used for many decades. Their lifespan is almost endless. Eco-friendly design is suitable even for babies with weak immunity. Metal is not only harmless, but also resistant to external aggressive influences.

Mechanical damage and extreme temperatures are not terrible for him. Forged swings always look like they were bought yesterday. Neither moisture, nor ultraviolet, nor corrosion takes them. In this regard, the product does not require additional processing. Only one thing is necessary - to periodically remove dust from it.

Forged swing types for the garden

Forged garden swings are different. To determine their choice, read the following classifications of metal structures.

According to the materials used:

  • 100% forged metal;

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

Swing forged metal
  • With a metal frame and a seat made of other materials.

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

A swing with a metal frame and a seat made of wood

The first ones are pleasant only in neutral weather. During the heat it is hot on them, and cold in the cold. The second category involves hard seats made of plastic, plywood, cant, boards and soft - felt, foam rubber, dressed in covers. The latter, of course, much more comfortable.

By capacity, forged swing for giving can be divided into:

  • single;

  • double;

  • "benches".

Individual designs are adored by children, because, having a small size, they develop a decent speed. In addition, such swings are safe, because here the child is holding the railing with both hands.

Doubles are perfect for twins, inseparable friends and couples in love. They can "take off" without interrupting the conversation. The absence of third parties allows you to share secrets.

On the benches usually accommodate 3, maximum 4 people. A variation of this design - swing sofa.

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

These massive, smoothly swinging structures will certainly be appreciated by older generations
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The absence or presence of openwork forging, its character highlights the following types of swing:

  • Conventional . They are a device with smooth pillars and a crossbar welded to them. There are rare, but appropriate in the style of "minimalism". To get rid of the ordinary look it is recommended to paint them in life-affirming color.

  • With figures of animals or fairy-tale heroes. Favorite characters on the swing will always cheer up the inhabitants of playgrounds.If you have kids, forged swings with such decor in the garden will bring them much joy.

  • With floral designs . Wrought bunches of grapes, leaves, flowers, buds, etc. serve as adornments here. To make these details stand out from the general background, they are sometimes made of stained glass, bronze or another, different from the main metal. Similar "floristic" swings are ideal for a garden.

  • With an abstract decor . Nothing meaningful curls and geometric shapes make forged swings a versatile item.

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

Due to the predominance of roundness, smooth lines or sharp angles and clarity, you can give them any character

Country swing with a roof made of polycarbonate

Forged swing with a roof makes it possible to ride under the scorching rays of the sun, and under the streams of rain. Covered construction is especially invaluable where it is impossible to find a shady area.

Today, a polycarbonate roof for a wrought-iron swing is the most sought-after roof option. Its ability to transmit light depends on the color of this material. Transparent sheets, for example, retain less than 10%, red and yellow - from 55% to 70% of the light, and white - and even more. So, focusing on this ability of polycarbonate, they select the optimal solution, both for the open area and for the place under the trees.

A wrought-iron country swing with a polycarbonate roof can be ordered with on-site delivery and assembly — many sellers offer this service. If you really liked a particular model of swing, but it is without a roof, then the canopy can be ordered separately. In the latter case, it is desirable to pay attention to the quality of the material. The price of such, as a rule, can not be cheap.

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

Cellular polycarbonate sheets 7-8 mm thick
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However, there is rarely a need for a separate shed - if the swings are purchased for a particular place, then the appropriate option is chosen - an open frame, or with a visor that provides protection from the sun, wind and oblique rain behind.

The size of the supporting frame of the structure can be arbitrary. It is only important to pay attention to the distance between the moving part and the sidewalls. Otherwise, you can constantly cling to the frame while riding, or even get injured.

From the video you can learn how to make forged swings:

Photo examples of forged swing

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

This product can be installed in any convenient place.

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

The sofa swing can be used by both adults and children

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

Use similar constructions to maintain the overall design of the site

Forged swing. Types of forged swing for the garden

Long service life - One of the main advantages of
It can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about decorative garden figures: what are they made of used in any styles of landscape design.


From a luxury item, a wrought-iron swing turns into a mandatory attribute of landscape design. The metal construction not only entertains and "pleases the eye", but also gives the status of its owners, because the swing, forged of expensive metals and hands of recognized masters, is not enough for everyone. But, expensive or cheap, wrought-iron swings will give you many hours of happiness in solitude or socializing with loved ones.


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