tips on choosing fashion trends

After reading the article, you will know how to choose the stylish interior items at home and at the same time protect yourself from making the most common mistakes. Listed useful recommendations, described fashion trends, given photos and videos, studying which you can easily navigate the existing range.

tips on choosing fashion trends

Successful combination of color

Recommendations that will avoid common mistakes

Even the most thoughtful and precise design the project, implemented in practice, needs to be finalized, which is carried out on site. To complete the design and put a bullet will help stylish, unusual home furnishings for home, which you can buy in specialized stores, flea market, on sale online. Something dear to the heart is always in the apartment at hand. If desired, it is not difficult for many old things to give a second life, slightly reworking them. Here the main thing - do not overdo it.

There are several unwritten rules that experienced designers willingly use in their work. They decided to share their knowledge and talk about how to avoid common mistakes and make their home, their apartment interesting, from a design point of view, an object.

tips on choosing fashion trends

Thematic home decor

Tip # 1 - explore the local market

Every country has its own decorative art crafts. In Vietnam, for example, there are many beautiful lacquer boxes, in Bali there are small wooden sculptures, in India there are Kashmir carpets. Murano glass, carnival masks from Venice, ceramics from Lisbon, Russian "Gzhel", Zhostovo trays, Khokhloma toy - sometimes one such bright souvenir can become a thematic decoration of the room.

tips on choosing fashion trends

Gzhel motives in the interior of the house

If the interior is a blank sheet of paper, with a finished stylistic concept, you can use souvenirs from different countries, as long as they are made in the same color scheme. The path at least one shade will overlap with the fact that it is present in the color palette of interior design. The technique plays well, when the main attention is taken by the texture: carving, casting a shadow, rustic surfaces, forging.

Tip # 2 - be guided by the benefits of

Studying the assortment of specialized outlets, you need to keep in mind the functional purpose of the room. It is inappropriate to hang plates in the bedroom and carpet tapestries in the kitchen. It is useful before you buy a decor, make a list of what is needed. In any interior is easier to "attach" the candlesticks, statues, vases, beautiful textiles. The main thing is to buy those things that can be used in everyday life (pillowcases on pillows, tablecloths, boxes for small items).

tips on choosing fashion trends

Collection of pillows for the bedroom

Tip number 3 - show moderation

This is the gold standard for those obsessed with shopping. You need to forget about buying trivia. As a rule, when you come home with a bag of knick-knacks, their charm quickly fades when such items are on shelves and chest of drawers. In this situation, many miss the mark. A large amount of money is spent, and purchases are still useless.

Well, if it works out, then it’s all over the place. And if not, the house will accumulate a large number of objects that quickly litter the room. It is better to buy one expensive, but worthwhile thing, which asks for a particular shelf or free wall. Sometimes, an unusual lamp hanged in a room can become its only decoration - self-sufficient and fully decorative.

tips on choosing fashion trends

A luminaire as the decoration of a room
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Tip # 4 - trust yourself

Many try to look for tips on how to do it on the forums, ask the opinion of their friends. There are cases when you make a purchase of a particular object, seen in the house of close people. They look very impressive at them, but not the fact that you will be able to find him the same application. Each interior has its own uniqueness, the life of its owners is the defining link that must be taken into account.

Sometimes you need to show off ordinary simple things, but frame them in the appropriate frame. They will look very different. Try, take a glass jar and fill it with shells brought from the sea. And get a luxurious decor. Next to them will be more advantageous to look white orchid.

tips on choosing fashion trends

Shells in a glass vessel

Decor that can become a bright accent

What specifically home interior products are better total purchase depends largely on the size of the rooms and the chosen color finish. Experts advise to carefully read the list and divide the entire decor into two large groups: stationary (the one that will be used to decorate walls, shelves, consoles, chest of drawers) and thematic. The last group should include accessories, which will have to be used temporarily, to create a certain atmosphere (New Year's holiday, romantic evening, dinner party, meeting with a business partner). It will be easier.

The process of filling the space can be compared to writing an artistic picture. You need to start creating it with the markup of the canvas and the designation of key elements. Accessories used should be commensurate with the size of the room: large items should not be used in a small room.

tips on choosing fashion trends

Accessories for a romantic evening complement the interior of the bedroom

If there is a desire to visually enlarge the area of ​​the room, the number of small details should be kept to a minimum. In such a situation, you need to decorate the house with a modest decor (only two, three objects), but it must have an unusual shape or texture. Experts recommend placing the used items at a considerable distance from each other. You can pick up cushions for the sofa, one vase of unusual shape, put the lamp on the coffee table - this will be enough.

tips on choosing fashion trends

A set of accessories for a small living room
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If the area of ​​the room allows for the active use of small objects, it is necessary to combine them with something — by form or arrangement. So on the walls can appear black and white posters devoted to the same topic, or on the shelf of the fireplace photos in frames of the same shape. But here it is necessary to focus on large objects.

A large clock may appear among the photos, one large picture on the opposite wall from the composition of the posters. It will turn out very beautifully, if you manage to form a semantic compositional complex, ideally, if it appears in the center of the room, and then place bright and unusual accessories in it. Then the guest who entered the room, this composition will fall into the eyes. Even if the design will be minor flaws, no one will notice.

tips on choosing fashion trends

Decor with a composite center

It is also important to take into account the style of the interior. For strict classics are unlikely to fit the paintings made in the spirit of pop art. In the living room with notes of oriental antiquity, the Stalin lamp will not look out of place. If you follow the principle of a single style, the choice of decor is much simpler. To understand what exactly is needed, you can look through the magazines, watch the video and decide which items are needed to maintain the chosen topic. Fashionable boutiques have ready-made collections formed by experienced designers. They cost dearly, but with the help of them it will be easier to solve the described problem. In them, everything is chosen with taste, taking into account the latest fashion trends.

In the video, the designer reveals where you can buy decorative items:

And one more important fact. Each house is a personal project. It should display the status of the owner, emphasize his individuality. Things tailored to the nature and habits of its inhabitants - aerobatics in design art. If the family likes to gather at the TV in the evening, there should be a large number of pillows. If households love to read printed books, there should be interesting shelves and unusual book holders in the house. When the hostess is proud of the fresh flowers grown with their own hands, she should have a single set of vases, stands. The collector must be equipped with exhibition space. No need to save on the design of such trifles.

tips on choosing fashion trends

Unusual limiter for books
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Six of the most fashionable trends

Every year international exhibitions are organized, where the latest developments, ideas, new concepts are presented, which make living interiors even more comfortable and attractive. After their completion, reviews of new trends are compiled, which are actively used by advanced people who want to keep up with the times. Specialists, talking about what will be relevant in the near future, pay attention to the six main trends of this season.

In the video, an expert reviews trends that will be popular in 2019:

Stone and marble

Everything is in fashion that is made from this natural material or represents its artful imitation. Each of us is used to seeing marble kitchen worktops in the kitchen, in the bathroom in the wall decoration. Today, the designers took as a basis the drawing of the stone and began to use it in the manufacture of decorative objects. So marble plates, caskets, table lamps were born. They look very impressive. The special atmosphere is given by the décor elements of the stones themselves.

tips on choosing fashion trends

Accessories from natural stone

Wave motifs

The movement of the sea wave is a fascinating phenomenon. It invariably attracts and causes a slight trepidation. Many designers, considering how much people are yearning for summer vacation, have developed and proposed a unique collection of home décor based on the waves. They bring special dynamics to the interior, give a feeling of complete peace. A similar theme is used today for the manufacture of carpets, paintings, vases, any other large and small accessories. Everyone will be able to pick up something unusual and suitable for themselves.

tips on choosing fashion trends

Unusual accessory in the form of a foamy sea wave
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Italian Renaissance Objects

They are part of timeless classics. Designers, inspired by art and architecture, proposed to use for the home decoration accessories in the form of Gothic columns, with an ornament with leaves of laurel, with a stand for a lamp in the form of a sculpture of a naked woman.

tips on choosing fashion trends

A lamp in which the body is made in the form of a female figure

Human hands as decoration elements

A new direction that conveys the modern spirit of the time. Hand gestures, which are used to make various accessories, will emphasize the owner’s extraordinary personality, his desire to stand out and invariably become the center of attention.

tips on choosing fashion trends

Hands as an element of decor

Bright vases

Playful and exciting accents look good against a monochrome background or warm bed halftone. They are the ideal basis for bold experiments. You can easily arrange a couple of bright vases or large plates in a boring room, the mood of the room will change immediately. This technique is perfect for those who do not like big changes and prefer to live in a conservative environment, but at the same time from time to time they want to do a little hooliganism and change the mood around.

The video shows several options for decorating living rooms where the first violin is played by vases:

Interior items in the form of animals

No one can resist them. Properly placed, they instantly bring fun and mischief into the house, enrich the interior spiritually. Today you can find such decor made of metal, wood, glass, and ceramics on sale. Everyone will be able to easily pick up something for themselves to taste and brag to all that follows the latest trends.

tips on choosing fashion trends

A convenient shelf of an unusual shape
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Generalization on the topic

Everyone wants an apartment or house to be a cozy nest that will be comfortable for all family members. A good expensive repair is not a reason to believe that every effort has been made to realize the designated purpose. Warmth and comfort - this is the atmosphere created with the help of decorative trifles. To pick them up so that everything around is in harmony with each other is difficult. If we take into account the advice of experts - everything will turn out.


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