Trends and forecast in the suburban real estate market in 2019 - where this world is heading

If you can expect anything from a woman, the real estate market in 2019 will simply amaze with its predictability: the economic situation should be improved only closer to the autumn, so relax and enjoy the epic economic extravaganza that will be observed in the coming winter months.

Trends and forecast in the suburban real estate market in 2019 - where this world is heading

Unfortunately, the opportunity to build a new home for many is a dream

Forecast for 2019: the road to hell

As a rule, a revival in the suburban real estate market is observed at the moments of an increase in the purchasing power of the population. But now the population is impoverished along with the ruble, however, the state stubbornly continues to support the course directed to hell.

Despite the periodic collapse of the ruble, in 2018 there has been a slight decline in sales, especially in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Experts believe that in 2019 you will not have to expect a stable pricing, which will enable some categories of citizens to have time to “snatch” their tidbit in the form of buying a house at a bargain price. Especially this information is useful to those who intuitively feel that a shovel should have a motor.

The year 2019 promises to be generous with scarce gifts. There is no doubt that the demand for the purchase of real estate is observed mainly in the summer period, however, this year, this tale is not for us. Proposals on the real estate market will not satisfy all categories of citizens, which will affect prices and force sellers to reduce the cost by the beginning of September.

B well ! Pay attention to the internal rate of exchange prostitutes: these litmus papers respond well to any changes in the economy.

Trends and forecast in the suburban real estate market in 2019 - where this world is heading

Mortgage loan with Russian salaries - a quarter of a century of heavy burden

Next year will be marked by a decline in mortgage loans and bank deposits, which hints that people do not have extra money. At the end of 2018, about 40% of all Russian citizens withdrew their savings. This, of course, may affect pricing next year: at the beginning of the year, banks will not have money to issue mortgages and, as a result, property values ​​will increase.

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The impact of oil prices and the American trap

Of course, the imposed sanctions against Russia affect not only the value of the gross product, but also, to some extent, regulate real estate prices. The artificially caused fall in oil prices has hit hard the wallets of ordinary citizens, and now the able-bodied Russian citizen can afford 20-30% less compared to the previous year. The impoverishment of foreign currency deposits will not provide banks with the necessary airbag, which will affect not only the refinancing rate, but as a result, even the interest on consumer loans.

Trends and forecast in the suburban real estate market in 2019 - where this world is heading

It would be funny if it were not so sad

Americans stubbornly continue to carry democracy to the masses, while simple pensioner from the provinces already hid revolver "Nagant".

Life example: A decent retired Nadezhda, has earned her ticket to paradise only because could silently defend the turn to the therapist in the clinic.

Increased VAT and tax on sausage

Worsens the situation in the economy and the increase in the value added tax, which is included in the price of any product up to the packaging of matches. In addition, now the purchasing power and activity of citizens, as consumers, will be an order of magnitude lower than in 2018. All this could be forgiven, if the authorities had not encroached on the sacred - sausage. Now meat products and champagne will be able to afford to eat only aristocrats or degenerates for breakfast.

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What to expect at the end of 2019: the end of the world is canceled

The simple Russian peasant, unlike the standard European one, certainly doesn’t care what the end of the lights is, because for him the primary task is to build a wife, to raise a son, but if you still have the strength, put a neighbor.

Trends and forecast in the suburban real estate market in 2019 - where this world is heading

Get a loan, build a house, raise a son and further the primary task - to live together, no matter what, so that you don’t have to share your gain with hard work

Despite unfavorable factors, an improvement in the situation can be observed already in the second half of summer.Definitely, the impetus for increasing sales will be not only demand, but also a large number of offers from developers. They will play a key role as soon as they feel a stable position of the ruble in the market.

Expert Opinion! Of course, price cuts are also determined by the season, so if you want to buy a house 20-30% lower, you can contact the construction company on the eve of the winter holidays. At this particular time, promotions and sales are most often held, which will help you to save decent money and move into a house in the new year!

For the forecast of what will happen to real estate prices in 2019, see the following video:

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Experts recommend investing your money in a business that can bring real money. In addition to various stock exchanges, the most successful business is earnings on the suburban real estate. As practice has shown, over the past 10 years, the cost of housing, on average, has not lost in price, but it means that in dollar terms your money has not been lost. Everyone remembers the dashing 90s, when money instantly became a simple cut paper and won only by those who managed to spend it in time.

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