Metal roofing calculator: calculator instruction manual

Roof installation is an important stage in the construction of a house, which requires not only professional execution, but also awareness of the required amount of building material. For the convenience of planning a budget for the arrangement of the roof, we will describe how to use a metal roofing calculator, the knowledge of which parameters will be necessary to obtain a preliminary calculation.

Metal roofing calculator: calculator instruction manual

Metal roofing

Instructions for using the calculator

If you know what the project of the house will be, you have decided with the material for the roof, then you can easily calculate the cost of the roof. Any online calculator requires the collection of certain information for the calculation: to do this, select the technical characteristics, and also enter specific numerical measurements in the cells. Consider in stages what parameters will be needed to calculate the metal tile on the roof:

  • Type of roof . The design of the roof can be single-pitch, gable, hip, hip, mansard.

Metal roofing calculator: calculator instruction manual

Types of roofs of dwellings
  • Sizes . Here indicate the length, width of the slopes, the length of the gutters, eaves, ridge, distance from the eaves to the ground.

  • Type of tile : metal, cement-sand, ceramic, etc.

  • Additional parameters : when calculating the cost of the roof, some calculators may require more detailed information on the availability of plastic soffit, insulation, vapor barrier, the number of roof windows, etc.

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Pros of using the calculator

If you know the required parameters, then based on the proposed calculation, you can estimate the cost of materials for the purchase and on the basis of this apply to the services of construction companies. They will install a turnkey roof and will take real measurements of the working object along with detailed visual nuances according to a specific project for the “cost calculator”. What advantages do you get if you calculate the cost of a roof using a calculator?

  • More precisely determine the amount of costs for building materials and plan your future budget.

  • When communicating with construction companies, you will be better aware of the nuances of calculating and you can ask related questions about this topic.

Metal roofing calculator: calculator instruction manual

When using the calculator, you can find out the approximate cost of materials
  • Having a visual example of calculation from installers, you can in more detail check the issue of budgeting and spending money for the purchase of necessary materials.

Choosing the type of tile for the roof

If you calculate the cost of the roof, then a fundamental part of the financial investment is to purchase the right amount of tile for work, and the price of installation services depends on the type building material and scope of work. For the installation of roofing there are such types of tiles:

  • Metal is one of the inexpensive popular options. Calculating the cost of the roof of metal can be done using any online calculator.

  • Ceramic is the most expensive type of roof, it has an impeccable aesthetic appearance. To install this material sometimes requires additional waterproofing.

  • Composite - at a cost less than ceramic, but more expensive than metal tile. It has high noise insulation and waterproofing properties.

Metal roofing calculator: calculator instruction manual

The material includes steel covered with a layer of alyumotsinkovogo alloy together with colored granules of natural stone

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  • Cement-sand is a variant of the roof made of natural materials, which is characterized by high resistance to freezing temperatures and low waterproofing properties. Calculating cement-sand roof tiles using a calculator is often used for homes in northern areas.

  • Bituminous - refers to the soft and light type of roofing. To install need crate. At cost, this is one of the inexpensive options.

When choosing a material, its performance, durability, aesthetic appearance, as well as the cost that will be optimal for the planned budget are taken into account.

Pros and cons of metal tiles

Statistics of the calculation results with the help of calculators demonstrates the predominant demand for metal tiles among other roofing materials. The main advantages include the following points:

  • One of the low-cost and lightweight roof installation materials.

  • Thanks to the wide sheet format of the tile, the roof can be easily installed with a minimum number of joints , which increases the strength of the roof structure.

Metal roofing calculator: calculator instruction manual

The metal tile increases the strength of the roof structure
  • The presence of several layers of galvanizing together with primer, epoxy and spray paint provide reliable corrosion protection .

  • Manufacturing technologies for coatings based on polyester, plastisol, Pural, allow you to choose a product of various colors and shades, suitable for any facade and building concept.

Despite the advantages of metal tile, the following disadvantages are inherent in this material:

  • Low noise insulation level . With the roof of metal you can hear the sound of rain and wind.

  • To install , wooden lath is required, as well as waterproofing.

Metal roofing calculator: calculator instruction manual

To install the metal tile, wooden lathing
  • is needed If the top layer of the tile is damaged , then this area may be subject to corrosion, therefore the installation requires special care from installers.

  • The more intricate the roof structure, the more there are scraps of roofing material.

Considering the last item, the metal roofing calculator will calculate for you the total number of sheets of the material needed, but due to possible trimming during installation, you may need another 5-10% of the metal tile. Therefore, if your roof project involves frequent bends or turns, then get ready, that there may be a lot of trim pieces.

When choosing metal tiles, it is important to pay attention to the thickness of the soil and zinc layer, which should be more than 15 microns and more than 200 g / m², respectively, as well as the thickness of the sheet itself - not less than 0.5 mm.

In the video you can see the dimensions of the metal tile:

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When performing any calculations on any construction calculator, it must be remembered that this is far from a professional tool, suitable only for an approximate estimate of estimates for any type of work. The results of calculations performed by hand can sometimes differ significantly from those issued by the program. The reasons for this may be many. Starting from the fact that no one knows by what formulas and tolerances the calculator makes calculations and ending with the fact that most of these programs are “sharpened” for calculating the simplest areas and figures.

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