installation of fireplaces and installation, construction, photo

The comfort of any room is not only in the details of its interior, but also in how comfortable and warm it will be, therefore the stove in a wooden house is the main element. Properly selected and installed heating system is the key to a safe stay in the house. Installation of furnace heating is a complex set of activities, including the choice of the optimal design of the furnace, its location in the room, compliance with all stages of installation.

installation of fireplaces and installation, construction, photo

Whatever function is assigned to the stove, in a wooden house the main question remains safety

What type of heating system to choose

A stove in a wooden house can perform not only the function of the main heating system. Another, no less important, its purpose is cooking. Accordingly, according to their type of use, the stoves have the following division:

  • heating system;

  • combined system (heating and cooking).

Often the second option is used in homes. However, most owners of country wooden houses are satisfied with installing a fireplace that looks much more aesthetic than a stove, but will lose in practicality. The main advantage of the fireplace is its efficiency, because many owners of wooden houses prefer to combine the stove with a fireplace.

Do not forget about the safe operation of the heating system. This figure depends on the design of the stove or fireplace.

The following types of heating systems are well suited for arranging a wooden house:

  • A classic Russian stove with a bench . Despite the complexity of installation, is ideal.

  • Decorative fireplace-stove will well decorate the interior of the room. It is a versatile and safe source of heat due to the presence of special heat-resistant glass that separates the fire from the living area.

installation of fireplaces and installation, construction, photo

The fireplace is equipped with glass doors - and it is pleasant to watch the fire and the sparks do not fly in all directions
  • The massive cast-iron furnace will fit perfectly into the interior of any room. It features a variety of models, ease of installation and high fire safety.

Important! If the choice was made in favor of the fireplace, you must give your preference to the model with protective glass. The ideal option would be to install a stove in a wooden house.

Choosing the installation location of the furnace heating system

When designing a stove or a fireplace, it is necessary to take into account the features of the heating system and its operation, installation of the chimney, recommendations from SNiP regulatory documents. Additionally, it is necessary to take into account the fire-prevention distances between the walls and the heating surfaces of the furnace.

Criteria for choosing a place to install a furnace in a wooden house:

  • Features of work of the heating system. Air-heating metal furnaces, for example, "Buleryan" or "The Potbelly Stove" must be placed indoors, taking into account the constant access to them by air flows. If it is necessary to heat several rooms, some modernization of the partitions between the rooms will be required in order to integrate the furnace into them. Another effective option is the installation of additional air ducts in heated rooms.

installation of fireplaces and installation, construction, photo

The “Buleryan” stove can look very stylish even in a modern living room

If as the main heating The system will use a stove with a water heat exchanger, its location in the room does not play a special role. The main thing is to ensure ease of use and to observe all fire regulations. During installation, it is necessary to place the heating circuit so that its heat exchanger is located at the lowest point.

  • Connecting the chimney to the furnace is perhaps the most basic criterion for choosing the location of the heating system in the room. As a rule, the stove or fireplace in a wooden house is placed in the place most convenient for connecting the chimney. All fire prevention measures are complied with.

  • Convenience at operation . For effective maintenance of the furnace (cleaning, heating, cooking, etc.), will require free space directly in the working area. This feature should be taken into account when choosing the location of the furnace.

  • Fire-prevention distances directly from the heated sections of the furnace to wooden partitions and walls must be at least 110 cm. The distance from the furnace to the wall is 120-150 cm.

Proper location of the furnace heating system minimizes the process of maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and will facilitate the operation process.

installation of fireplaces and installation, construction, photo

Coals falling out of the firebox should not fall on flammable objects, they should be at a safe distance
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In what cases does a foundation

be necessary for a metal furnace? Metal furnaces are very common in country wooden and frame-panel houses due to high heat transfer, economy, safety and ease of operation. However, these characteristics are directly dependent on compliance with all technological requirements in the design and installation of the heating system.

There is a certain number of rules that stipulate the foundation of a metal furnace. Consider in what cases it is necessary to fill the foundation:

  1. With a small weight of the furnace (up to 100 kg) you can do without arranging the foundation, but the product should be installed on a solid, non-combustible base, for example, on a sheet of iron.

  2. Metal heating systems, whose mass does not exceed 750 kg , are recommended to be mounted on a concrete base. Depending on the design features, foundation construction may be required. All this is necessarily prescribed in the operational book of the product.

  3. Heavy cast iron furnaces, the weight of which is more than 700 kg it is more expedient to cover with heat-resistant bricks. In this case, when deciding on the arrangement of the foundation type, it is necessary to take into account that the mass of 1 m 2 masonry is approximately 1.5 tons.

installation of fireplaces and installation, construction, photo

Any furnace requires a reliable base

Regardless of the weight and design of the metal furnace, before installing it yourself you should consult with a qualified technician who will tell you the best way to install it.

How to make the foundation for a stove in a wooden house in this video:

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Types and features of stove foundations in frame-shield and wooden houses

At the arrangement of stoves several types of foundations are used, each of which is distinguished by its own design features. Before you decide on the type of foundation for the furnace equipment, you must consider the following factors:

  1. Final cost of installing the foundation, which consists of the cost of purchasing materials, preparatory and construction work.

  2. Structural features of the foundation and the type of soil.

  3. Calculation of the dimensions of the foundation for the furnace, based on its characteristics.

In addition, the construction of furnaces in a wooden house may provide for the construction of the base for them simultaneously with the general foundation of the building. Common types of foundations for a stove or fireplace are concrete, piles and pillars. Note that most stoves can be mounted directly on the floor. To do this, it is necessary to take into account all the fire requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer of the furnace.

installation of fireplaces and installation, construction, photo

The most common concrete used to install a fireplace or stove is
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Installation of a brick kiln and its features

The construction of a brick kiln is notable for its complexity. Depending on the type and design of the furnaces, most of the work can not be done independently without qualifications and certain skills. It is better if the brick kiln is built by a highly qualified specialist stove.

Before installation, equip the foundation in accordance with the dimensions of the furnace. Often in wooden houses, brick ovens are located in the kitchen, since most of them have cooking surfaces.

In the place where the stove will be located, it is necessary to isolate the underground space using roofing felts or roofing felt, then determine the location of the chimney and make appropriate markings. Note that the chimney should be placed only between the rafters and beams. In no case can not violate the integrity of the supporting elements of the ceiling and roof during the arrangement of the chimney. It is best to place the chimney in the space between the rafters near the outer wall of the house, since this arrangement is considered the most optimal for a wooden building.

installation of fireplaces and installation, construction, photo

A brick kiln is not just a lined box, any masonry scheme provides several cameras that must have certain parameters Finishing the finished brick kiln, you can use fireproof plaster or heat-resistant tile.The second option is most preferable, because the tile has a good heat transfer.
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Installation of a metal furnace in a wooden house

Modern metal furnaces are notable for ease of installation, aesthetics and ease of operation. To mount such a furnace in the house you need to spend several hours, after which you can safely drown it. Note that most models of metal furnaces can be made independently. True, this requires appropriate metalworking skills and tools.

It is necessary to strictly observe the main rule of installation of a metal furnace. Namely, do not place it close to the wall, even if it is lined with non-combustible material, for example, tiles. It is necessary to have a heater at a distance of at least 25-30 cm from the walls. Also a prerequisite for the installation of a metal furnace in a wooden house is facing non-combustible material of all surfaces in the area of ​​the heater.

installation of fireplaces and installation, construction, photo

Even from the brick walls, a metal furnace must be placed at a certain distance

For a compact furnace made of metal, it is not necessary to build a foundation; place it on a low base of non-combustible material, or set on a dense steel sheet. It is advisable to arrange additional safety beams under the floor, which will take over the whole mass of the structure.

Arrangement of a fireplace

When installing a fireplace, it is necessary to take into account a number of requirements :

  1. As a rule, the presence of a fireplace in a wooden house is provided another at the design stage . The wall, near which it will be located, must necessarily be insulated with a metal sheet, this will completely eliminate the risk of its fire in the future.

  2. You cannot place the fireplace close to the walls.

  3. It is necessary to make non-combustible base under the furnace of the fireplace, and isolate its location from the living area with non-combustible materials.

  4. A prerequisite is ceiling protection against elevated temperature.

  5. If there are several floors in the house, during the design it is necessary to provide a fireplace for each of them in such a way as to combine them into a common system.

  6. The installation of chimneys should be carried out in accordance with existing rules and regulations.

installation of fireplaces and installation, construction, photo

The stove can be located between two rooms: the firebox goes out to one, and the other

goes to the other Installation of chimney

Installing stoves and fireplaces in a wooden house necessarily implies the presence of chimneys. Perform their installation at random, anyway, that make a fire inside a wooden house. The thing is that during the operation of the furnace heating system in the chimney there can be a short-term temperature, which sometimes exceeds 800 degrees. For this reason, fire breaks must be provided in chimneys.

The installation of chimneys is carried out in accordance with the rules:

  • the chimney is made of refractory bricks, stainless steel or ceramics, which has a thermal insulation layer;

  • it is not advisable to position the chimney close to the wall. Places where chimney pipes will pass must be insulated;

  • the junction of the pipe and the ceiling is insulated with basalt cardboard, stainless steel or galvanized sheet.

What influences the choice of a stove for a wooden house is described in detail in the video:

The chimney must be turned outside wall of the house. If necessary, additional fixation of the pipe to the wall is used, which will enhance its strength with significant gusts of wind.

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Proper installation of furnace heating, the mandatory use of insulating refractory materials, and compliance with fire regulations are a guarantee of the safe and long-term operation of stoves and fireplaces in a wooden house.


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