Modern vinyl siding for exterior home, types of siding for finishing work.

The article contains all the information about what vinyl siding is for outdoor decoration of the house. You will learn about what it is, about its advantages and disadvantages, you can familiarize yourself with similar types of finishing materials and installation features of this material. After reading this information, it will be easier for you to choose the best vinyl siding and order its installation.

Modern vinyl siding for exterior home, types of siding for finishing work.

An example of building design with the use of vinyl siding

What is siding and what does it use

Siding, made of any material is always a great solution for the exterior design of the building. There is a huge variety of different colors, shapes and textures, which makes it possible to choose the option that best suits you. In addition, a wide range of prices allows you to order home decoration for any wallet.

We can say that any modern siding is needed to perform two functions: protecting the house from moisture and wind, as well as for decorative decoration. The material copes with the first task perfectly, due to its strength and excellent fusion. With proper installation, it ensures complete tightness, which completely stops the ingress of moisture on the walls and on the layer of insulation.

In addition, there is a large selection of siding models that are resistant to hurricane winds and significant physical impact. Pleasant and neat appearance makes the building more perfect in terms of aesthetics. It is possible to choose the most suitable color and pattern, similar to any building material.

Modern vinyl siding for exterior home, types of siding for finishing work.

With the help of such vinyl siding, imitation of wooden walls is created

But there are also other models created for decoration under wall paneling, brick or even natural stone. These sheets are mounted and joined to each other, with each next segment complements the previous one. With proper installation creates a correct and clear picture, without gaps and offsets. In order to avoid the devastating impact on the walls of water vapor, holes are made in the siding for ventilation, but they do not affect the decorative qualities of the coating.

Most manufacturers ensure that their finishing siding will last no less than 35 years, but there are also models that can reliably protect your home from all external influences for 50-60 years.

Modern vinyl siding for exterior home, types of siding for finishing work.

Even after a few years, the house trimmed with siding will remain in its original form
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Another advantage of facing siding is that it is easy to clean. To do this, just enough water at room temperature and detergent. After all, this building material is resistant to corrosion and chemical attack.

Vinyl siding and its features

This type of siding is made of polyvinyl chloride. Because of this, it has a rather large number of individual qualities:

  • PVC siding is very flexible

  • This material is very resistant to sunlight

  • Vinyl never cracks

  • Such a siding weighs a little, thus avoiding the additional load on the walls

  • Installation is inexpensive because it is simple

  • PVC is a completely environmentally friendly material

  • It can be used in a wide range of temperatures, from -50 up to +50 0 C

  • This type of siding excludes the possibility of possibility of corrosion, due to its composition

Modern vinyl siding for exterior home, types of siding for finishing work.

High-quality vinyl siding is not afraid of corrosion - cuts do not require treatment
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Freedom for design decisions gives excellent flexibility of this material. It can take non-standard shapes and smooth corners. Plus, the fact that this quality has a positive effect on pay for professionals hired to install finishing materials.

Vinyl siding for exterior home has a much larger number of colors than aluminum, steel or any other. This is due to the fact that during manufacturing, the necessary pigment is added to the casting mass. The advantage of this method is that in the event of damage, the defect retains the shade of the rest of the coating.

Polyvinyl chloride siding is not afraid of any kinds of acids, which makes it more attractive for finishing buildings located near large-scale chemical plants. Segments can be installed both vertically and horizontally.Even at high temperatures, this type of finishing material does not emit any harmful elements. But before installing it, be sure to pave the walls with an additional layer of insulation, located directly under the sheets.

Modern vinyl siding for exterior home, types of siding for finishing work.

This is how PVC siding looks very neat and beautiful

Unfortunately, like all other materials, such siding also has its cons. When compared with other materials, PVC tolerates physical loads rather poorly. And the most important disadvantage is that if one section is damaged, it cannot be replaced without dismantling the neighboring ones. But still such siding for exterior home decoration can be called a good and profitable solution.

What else is siding

There are other types of siding for exterior home. They have unique qualities, and also belong to different price categories. Based on a wide choice, anyone can purchase finishing materials that are most satisfying and suitable for a given exterior. Let's consider what else the siding can be made of:

  • Wooden siding has a rather high price and is made of natural hardwood and softwood. The most important advantage is that it is completely eco-friendly and harmless finishing material. It is used in conjunction with an additional layer of insulation. There are three types of wooden siding: raised timber, block house and ship board. The covering exactly joints in a joint keeps within. But he has a lot of flaws. The most serious of these are fragility, instability to environmental influences and an increased likelihood of ignition.

Modern vinyl siding for exterior home, types of siding for finishing work.

Wood siding for home decoration looks very interesting and pretty
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  • Ceramic siding is just beginning to come into vogue in our country. Given that this material has a relatively low cost, it differs in quality and reliability. The bulk of the mass for the production of such sheets is clay. Also in the composition can be added some impurities that improve its characteristics. Ceramics siding does not cause any harm to health and does not cause allergies. He looks very beautiful and attractive.

Modern vinyl siding for exterior home, types of siding for finishing work.

With the help of ceramic siding you can very successfully finish the building
  • Aluminum siding is very high strength and resistant to mechanical damage. According to these characteristics, it can provide the best indicators among all the finishing materials. This type weighs very little and can be used for finishing of multi-storey buildings without creating additional load on the walls. The disadvantage of aluminum is the increased cost, but it is compensated by excellent moisture resistance and fire resistance. This provides this type of finishing material with very good durability.

Modern vinyl siding for exterior home, types of siding for finishing work.

So you can finish the building with aluminum siding

There is a huge variety of different materials for the production of siding eg galvanized steel or cement based compounds. But they have not found such wide application as the types of such finishing materials described in this article.

There is one more interesting type of this finishing material - a socle siding. It is used for cladding the bottom of the building. This allows you to protect the base of the house from any adverse influence of external factors. The thickness of the coating should not be below 3mm. Parts of the segments, which are the attachment points, are specially made thicker, which contributes to better sealing. The socle siding can be made absolutely of any material, including PVC. In addition to protecting the building, this type of cladding is used for decorative decoration of houses.

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Technology of installation of vinyl siding

Quite affordable prices were established for this type of construction work. The fact is that fixing small and non-heavy sheets is quite simple and fast. And if you have already selected the most suitable type of siding for your house, then you will find useful information on how to install vinyl segments.

Modern vinyl siding for exterior home, types of siding for finishing work.

For finishing work, it is better to use the services of construction companies

First, set the starting level. It is necessary so that all sheets of the first row are arranged in a single line. Then fixed vertical strips, designed to ensure that they are attached components of the cladding of siding. After that, the panels themselves are screwed.

The installation starts from the bottom, so that the upper segments overlap the lower ones.On this depends on the security of the building from moisture and blowing. Installation is carried out with the help of screws and a drill. At the same time, special drills are used that correspond to the material of the lining.

The next stage is framing and finishing door and window openings. In order to properly and beautifully perform this operation, the siding panel is trimmed, giving them the desired shape. The hardest part of the installation process is facing the arches. It is carried out with special attention and care.

This video contains a detailed story about the features of installing PVC siding panels

After that, the installation of all protruding elements begins. This includes window sills, shutters and cashing. At this, the finishing work for the walls ends, it remains only to hem the overhangs of the roof with soffits and to elevate the pediment.

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Vinyl siding is a very good solution for finishing any building. It can be used even in aggressive environments and temperature extremes. Its composition is chosen in such a way that the material could not harm your health, but at the same time it has high flexibility and durability. But we must remember that, despite the ease of installation, in this case there are quite a few pitfalls, therefore, it is better to trust the decoration of the house to professionals who will do the work quickly, at one time and will give it a guarantee.


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