Wooden beds: photos of the best options

Flower beds will be a spectacular decoration of any private area. In addition, such designs carry many other useful functions, for example, creating a good mood, emphasizing a certain style of the territory. You can find a variety of options for tanks for plants, the materials from which the buildings are made. One of the most common include flower beds made of wood. After studying the information from the article, you can understand what forms are available in stores, as well as how best to decorate the garden with such decorative elements.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

A beautiful flower bed made of wood in the concept of the flowerbed itself, find out what it is. Decorating with flowers can be very confusing because there are different options: flowerbeds, curbs, rabatki, rock arias, slides, and so on.

A flower bed is a flower garden that has a geometric shape, either a circle or a rectangle - it all depends on the wishes of the customer. In landscape design, these decorative elements are used with a diameter - from 1 to 30 meters. It is important to note that these sizes are only approximate. If desired, the diameters can be reduced to a number less than 1 meter. As for the 30 meter structures, then, of course, it cannot be placed on a private territory or cottage. Such structures are located only in large public parks.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

In a small area you can make a neat, small bed

Wooden beds are classified according to the following parameters:

  1. Durability and flowering inside planted plants.

  2. Types of fillers that will be placed inside the container.

  3. Flowering time plants.

  4. Landing character .

  5. The complexity of the picture that will be created from flowers.

  6. The location of the created picture relative to the capacitance.

But these characteristics are of secondary importance when choosing a flower bed, and therefore no one will pay special attention to them. And first of all you need to pay attention to the form, which can vary greatly depending on the preferences of the customer:

  1. Round .

  2. Square . The simplest variety. It is a regular box made of different materials. Cost is also one of the cheapest, but because such a bed more often than others prefer.

  3. Oval .

  4. Figured . The most complex and expensive type of design. It looks interesting on any site and immediately catches the eye.

  5. Rectangular .

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

The variety of forms is a pleasant plus.

Beds can be divided into main (central) and minor. It is rare to see a large private area where a wooden flower bed is located along the very center of the site. In most cases, use for such purposes other materials. But for medium and small private courtyards or cottages, flowerbeds made of wood - this is an ideal option that will emphasize all the advantages of the plots, as well as decoratively decorate the garden.

As for the style, it should be combined with the environment, not violate the created concept, if it exists. If there is simply no nuance described above - the plot is not properly drawn up and is used exclusively for the production of products, then a flower bed can be used to create a certain coloring, to give its territory a unique character.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

The structure must comply with the garden style

When purchasing wooden beds, you need to pay attention to a few details so that after the replacement you will not face difficulties :

  1. When the diameter of the structure exceeds 5 meters , the surface must necessarily have a convex shape, as well as a slope of 5-10%. Otherwise, the construction will look extremely dull, gray and unremarkable at the site. Namely, many owners try to get rid of this by means of an interesting flowerbed.

  2. Small beds ordinary ones are made as smooth as possible, but if you like, you can arrange a small bias. You should not get carried away with the modifications, because there is a risk to turn a beautiful thing into the subject of ridicule of neighbors.

Advantages and disadvantages of a wooden flower bed

When purchasing a flower bed made of high-quality wood, the following positive aspects of the product are guided:

  • Wood is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials from which you can create a variety of interesting designs. Family, pets - no one will suffer from the purchase. The tree does not emit unpleasant or dangerous odors, and therefore there is no point in worrying about health.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

Wood is a safe material for people and animals
  • Users are attracted by small price , compared to clubs made of concrete or other expensive material.

  • Relatively The light weight and ease of installation is another definite plus.

  • The material is very cheap and available , so masters can turn on their designer imagination to the maximum and create truly interesting patterns. In specialized stores for this reason, you can find a wide variety of different designs that are suitable for decoration of any kind of garden.

  • By purchasing a bed of wood, you can not only decorate your territory , but also get rid of the extra rubbish , which, like, interferes, but throw a pity. It's about old stumps. Having hired a specialist in decorating, he will be able to create an interesting flowerbed from the old stump.

  • If the flower bed decays or deteriorates in any other way, then it will turn out to be used as a fertilizer , since the material is natural and will not damage plantings private territory or cottage.

These are the main advantages of a flower bed made of wood.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

Wooden structures have a lot of positive properties
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But, despite the wide list of advantages, wooden flowerbeds can have certain disadvantages that you also need to be aware of before making a purchase. More specifically, the design has only one significant negative side. A flower bed of extreme wood is short-lived, especially if poorly treated with paint and varnish coatings. Over time, the wooden flowerbed will start to rot or pests will attack it, which will thoroughly spoil the appearance of the structure. But, in order to prolong the life of the flower bed, you can buy engine oil and process wood with it. The use of varnishes and special paints increases durability.

Tree bed varieties

Wooden flower beds are available in different forms. They are stationary, made of timber. It will look very original designs made of ordinary boards that are driven into a row one after the other. Some owners hire special teams that help build a flower bed right in the old stump.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

Flowers in the old stump - an original and interesting idea

After thinking about the above, it can be concluded that the wooden clubs can be practically any please, and most importantly, that it is as harmoniously combined with the appearance of the site.

If you have any doubts when choosing a structure (not compatible with a specific site), then you can purchase a special mobile flower bed made of wood, which, if necessary, can be put in any more suitable place on the site.

Beds are made of any wooden materials:

  • Bar or a bed of boards . These materials are ideal for the construction of flower beds. A flower bed from a bar looks very original.

  • The structure from sawed trees or thick branches looks original. If desired, experts will collect beds literally from what is available at the dacha or any other private territory.

  • An interesting option is a flower bed in a live stump .

In most cases, users purchase the following popular options:

  • Beds from barrels. This type of construction is a simple wooden barrel of the required size, which is then filled with broken bricks or gravel at the base, and after that it is covered with a layer of soil for good flowering of plants.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

It is not necessary to throw out the old barrel - an experienced master will make a useful thing out of it
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  • From the boards. Also a popular design option - closely knocked down with each other wooden boards. They are located exclusively in the vertical plane. The height can be different - to be monotonous or at different levels - depending on the preferences of the owner of the site.

  • A bed of logs . In specialized decorative shops you can find interesting samples of flower beds made of logs. The middle of them is qualitatively hollowed out and processed. After buying a flower bed from a log, the owner needs only to fill the inner space with soil, and plant the corresponding plants.

  • Mobile design . It will look very original on the section of the flowerbed, which is made in the form of a mobile cart. It is mobile and can be moved at any time to the opposite side of the site. On top of the design there is a special pallet where the flowerpots with flowers are placed.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

The mobile construction will be envied by all the neighbors
  • Flowerbed-fence . There is always an option to decorate your old wooden fence decoratively if boxes are placed on it in which different types of plants will grow. In this case, the shape of the flower bed is chosen the most simple - square. This is just an ordinary box made of wood, fastened with screws on the fence. But there is an important nuance - the fence must be strong enough and stable to withstand the weight of the structure.

These are the main and most popular types that are suitable for any garden.

Placement options on the site

It will not be difficult to place a wooden flowerbed in a large area. To do this, you need to find the most open place, and install the chosen flower garden there.

More hassle with arranging a not too wide area. In that case, if the whole territory is already surrounded by plants and other types of planting, this complicates the task, but it will not cause any special problems, since you will still be able to find the optimal places anyway.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

There is always a placement option
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A good placement option is near the wall of the house, where you will be able to unfold a very long, spectacular raised level flower bed of wood.

Tree flower beds are often located near fences. Thus, it turns out decorated entrance to the garage or any part of the garden. But in this version there are also various options for the location of the beds - everything will depend on the location of the lawn. It should be noted that high designs look very original near the fence.

Wooden beds are also very often located outside the house - near the gate. But it should be noted that the construction should be as strong as possible, since strangers or neighboring children who play in the nearest territory can walk along such a structure.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

And at the old gate it looks great

If the yard is completely surrounded by walls, the flowerbeds are hung directly on them. The result will be a kind of flowering wall. For this you can use flower beds, pots.

Another popular option for building a flower bed is right around the old tree. This is a garden version of the design. To decorate the garden in such a way as effective as possible, you will need to use interesting purchase options of flowerbeds.

To create an interesting design of the territory, you must follow 4 simple rules:

  • The tallest plants that will be located inside the flower bed, are necessary place as close as possible to the center . Thus, they will grow, and cover the entire selected area evenly and beautifully. As a result, the flower garden will be as bright and eye-catching as possible.

  • Flowers should be chosen as harmoniously as possible . It is advisable to use such flowers that complement each other.

Wooden beds: photos of the best options

Flowers should be in harmony, not overwhelm
  • By plant edges are seated as tightly as possible , and the closer to the center, the greater the gap between them must be set.

  • There is no need to create various complex designs and drawings , as this may look funny. This item is especially relevant if the newcomer is engaged in registration before never working with flower beds. It is recommended to create complex exposures only if you have experience.

From the video you can learn how to make a flower bed with your own hands:

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Summing up the information, we can conclude that there are options to find a wide variety of flower beds made of wood. Only a few of the options that were most popular among gardeners were presented. All possible options can be seen in the portfolio of a professional designer, who will tell you what and where is best to use, so that the site is as close as possible to your ideas of comfort.


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