Metal fences and fences: variety, cost, choice, installation

Fences and fences made of durable and ductile materials - special alloys, are offered in a wide range, are created for various purposes. Places that need fencing surround us: car parks, children's, sports and school grounds, various institutions and hospitals. Particularly demanding customers are the owners of private cottages and houses. They often strive to get the most exquisite and original products, which will favorably emphasize the beauty of a residential building.

Metal fences and fences: variety, cost, choice, installation

Metal fence design

Variety of choices

The consumer can always choose the best option for himself of metal fencing, suitable for price, quality and appearance. A detailed description with photographs of the most requested products is usually presented on the websites of manufacturing companies.

Profiled sheet fences are a smart choice!

Profile sheets are thin sheets of ferrous metal with a geometrically complex large area profile. Sheets are required galvanic processing - galvanized. High-quality anti-corrosion coating gives galvanized sheets even greater rigidity, resistance to mechanical stress and aggressive environmental influences.

Metal fences and fences: variety, cost, choice, installation

Professional fence fence


Professional fence fences and sheets are beautiful, practical, designed for a long time service. Advantages of the structures:

  1. The corrugated form increases the strength characteristics of the alloy, resistance to deformation under the action of force, makes the product particularly attractive. Material possesses worthy sound-proof characteristics. The high fence from a professional leaf provides comfortable stay on the fenced area.
  2. Profiled - light enough material, transportation and installation of the fence are not accompanied by heavy lifting of sheets and do not require the use of specialized equipment.
  3. The assembly technology is fairly simple; professionals will install the fence in a short time. Dismantling is just as fast.
  4. The product range of products is represented by a wide variety of color shades, able to satisfy any needs. Special strengthening additives protect dark shades from burning out under the rays of the sun.
  5. The low price of the material will delight customers.
  6. The fence does not require additional maintenance: due to the glossy top coat, it is enough to wash off the dirt with a water jet.

Metal fences from a professional sheet are suitable for any territory, including industrial and commercial objects, often used to protect private sites.

Grades and dimensions of the material

There are several types of profiled sheeting that are in particular demand among consumers:

  • C8 is the cheapest in its series, a sufficiently strong material;
  • C-10 - takes the 2nd place by price, more stable and durable;
  • C-21 is the most expensive brand, but its characteristics are similar to the second option.

Metal fences and fences: variety, cost, choice, installation

C-10 corrugated fence

Sheets with dimensions of 1150x2000 mm and 1200x2000, thickness 0.45-0.50 mm. Such sheets can easily hold one person. Material thickness of 0.5 mm resists deformation even from the effects of serious mechanical loads.


Decking - the most profitable material made of metal, allows you to get a good, practical fence for little money. The cost of the fence depends on the factors:

  1. Stamps of the selected sheet, which determines its characteristics and cost.
  2. The number of sheets and additional materials required for the organization of supports and lag.
  3. Length and height of the fence.

The total amount also includes payment to the craftsmen who install the fence.

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building fences and fences. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Strong fences made of corrugated pipe

Metal fences and fences made of shaped pipes are quite popular. Initially, the plant manufactured sections, which consist of variously combined profiled pipes connected by welding. Already at the facility, a single stable construction is created from separate sections, much more reliably than metal wall structures. The fence looks almost as rich and elegant as elite wrought iron fences, and its cost is much more attractive.

Metal fences and fences: variety, cost, choice, installation

Fence from profile pipe

Fence from the corrugated pipe are installed for fencing of commercial and industrial buildings, territories of various municipal organizations, suitable for fencing areas around the mansions and cottages.

What are good fences from corrugated pipes? 26>

Fences characterize the following points: expenses.

  • Possibility to develop your own configuration with additional elements of decoration, this will allow you to have a beautiful fence in a single version.
  • Automated manufacturing process ensures the fulfillment of individual orders in a short time.
  • Profiled pipes are made of metals of various quality: black (non-galvanized) or galvanized. Galvanized pipes do not corrode, are designed for a long period of operation. Blacks are subjected to subsequent painting, which protects the metal from rusting.

    Metal fences and fences: variety, cost, choice, installation

    Galvanized profile pipes

    The design feature allows the mounting of polycarbonate or other material to the fence. This allows you to hide the territory from the view and protect from the penetration of sunlight.

    Picket fences

    A fence is an element assembled into a single structure and attached to support posts - picket fence made of profiled metal. Profiles of the most different configuration from material 0,5 mm thick are issued.

    Metal fences and fences: variety, cost, choice, installation

    Metal fence fence

    Pros of the fence

    These are modern metal fences that first appeared in Europe , and quickly gained popularity among our compatriots. What they are good for:

    1. The number of support columns required is noticeably less than for fences from the pipework because of the lower windage.
    2. The design blocks the penetration of sunlight, which is significant for suburban areas.
    3. The material is lightweight, which facilitates transport and assembly work.
    4. The pointed upper edges of the fence reliably protect the dacha from outsiders.
    5. The support pillars perfectly serve as the basis for fixing video cameras and alarm sensors.

    A picket fence is simply installed and served for decades.

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    Traditionally, a chain-link is considered to be the simplest and most affordable solution when a temporary fence is needed. There are several options for fencing of this material:

    1. A rectangular frame of metal profiles is welded, and a grid woven of strong and ductile metal wire is tied onto it and firmly fixed. On the site set support columns, which are then attached to the frame with the grid.
    2. A grid is attached to the posts without a frame. This is the most cost-effective option, but such a fence will not last long.

    Metal fences and fences: variety, cost, choice, installation

    Rabbit net fence

    Rabbit net is a traditional choice of owners of small land plots. As a result, they get the cheapest and most reliable fencing. The sun rays freely penetrate through the net, it is the basis for the development of the hedge.

    "The simpler the better"

    Rabbit mesh fences, despite their simple appearance, have a number of advantages:

    1. Do not require additional care.
    2. Possibility of dyeing in any color.
    3. Lack of difficulties during transportation and installation.

    With proper installation, the fence will last a long time.

    Fence for lining

    Recently, fences are popular, representing a welded metal frame of the original appearance - a section, which is then sheathed with various materials:

    • profiled sheet;
    • wooden bars;
    • polycarbonate;
    • picket fence.

    If you wish, you can choose other materials you like for finishing, combine different materials with each other.

    Metal fences and fences: variety, cost, choice, installation

    Fence under the trim

    The main advantages of such a fence:

    1. Original appearance.
    2. High assembly speed.
    3. Opportunity to independently choose a cladding material according to external, strength and price characteristics.

    Sections are often decorated with forged elements. Such metal fences - fences with forging elements - are perfectly combined with any materials, they are distinguished by an expensive and elegant look.

    Other types of fences

    In real life, various types of metal fences are required, differing in design and size, performing various functions: decoration, protection, and area limitation. Some of the types:

    • construction;
    • lawns; ยท
    • for monuments;
    • temporary;
    • portable.

    Different metals are used for domestic fence and fences, which differ in profile, composition and protective coating.

    A variety of design decisions regarding metal fences are presented in this video:

    The advantages of professional construction

    It is clear that, if required , physically trained people will install some types of metal fences on their own. Beforehand, it is necessary to clarify the value of the bearing load on the created structure. This should be done so that the fence does not collapse from a gust of wind.

    Metal fences and fences: variety, cost, choice, installation.

    Drawings for mounting the fence

    Seeking help from a construction company has several advantages. Professional masters will quickly and correctly, for reasonable money:

    • perform the necessary measurements and calculations;
    • will bring, unload all materials that the customer himself will select;
    • will install the supporting beams to the desired depth;
    • they will erect a fence corresponding to the wishes of the customer at a convenient time for him.
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    The accumulated experience will make it possible to reduce the senseless costs that a person dealing with this matter will make for the first time. In addition, a reliable firm will pre-contract, which will reflect the total cost of construction, and will take on the warranty obligations on the erected structure.


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