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The article tells about the vent to the roof. From what materials such constructions are made, important points when choosing the place of installation and other features. After reading the article, you will know the installation features of the upper part of the ventilation system in the house. When talking with a construction company, you can make the right choice, optimize your expenses without losing quality.

pipes, fungi, caps, what better to buy in Moscow

Proper selection of ventilation outlets requires specialized knowledge


Several types of structures are used to output the ventilation shaft materials. In the production of ventilation pipes, plastic and galvanized steel are considered the most popular.

  • Plastic products are one of the most popular parts of ventilation in the house. They are often installed on a number of advantages, among which we can distinguish corrosion resistance and a smooth surface of the walls. Both qualities increase the efficiency of the ventilation shaft and its service life.

  • Products made of galvanized steel are elements of high strength and a good protective coating that prevents the formation of corrosion on the material.

Requirements for ventilation structures

Different designs are available on the market. Regardless of the material production, select the appropriate ventilation properties on the properties. This is to increase the quality of the whole system.

General requirements:

  • Number of connections between elements. The smaller this parameter, the higher the throughput of the pipe.

pipes, fungi, caps, what better to buy in Moscow

Besides the number of connections, it is recommended to minimize the number of turns of the flue channel
  • The smooth internal surface reduces air resistance. This increases the efficiency of ventilation.

  • Sufficient material rigidity . In this case there should be a small thickness of the walls themselves. This combination increases bandwidth capabilities.

  • Moisture and Corrosion Resistance . During a decrease in air temperature, condensate forms on the walls of the ventilation shaft, which begins to spoil the material. That is why choose designs with stable characteristics.

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Choosing a place for a ventilation outlet

During the design and selection of a place where the ventilation outlet will be installed, several important factors are taken into account - the minimum number of pipe bends, its inclination, what form of roofing (pitched or flat), SNiP requirements.

When a structure has minimal bending and tilting, its performance tends to maximize. The ideal option is to install the pipe directly above the internal riser of the ventilation system. When for some reason bends cannot be avoided, a corrugated pipe is used. With it, the installation is performed with the desired turns.

pipes, fungi, caps, what better to buy in Moscow

In some cases, the best solution would be to make several ventilation outlets

On the sloping roof, the upper part of the ventilation system is mounted as close as possible to skate. In this case, the largest part of the entire pillar remains in the attic. As a result, there is a uniform heating of the inner part of the ventilation pipe and protection against temperature difference and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The whole pipe is better resisted even by strong wind, because most of it is protected.

When installed on a flat roof, the geometry of the ventilation stack is taken into account in the first place. It is located directly under the exhaust pipe, so that the air had an unobstructed exit to the outside.

The height of the outlet pipe is also taken into account. If the ventilation outlet for the roof is low, the thrust force and the efficiency of all ventilation in the house will decrease. A high pipe also reduces traction and creates the need for additional fastening, so that the mine does not suffer due to strong gusts of wind.

During the design and installation, they are guided by the requirements of SNiP. A number of rules depend on the type of roof, the presence of other elements on the roof and other conditions.

Some of the requirements:

  • If the ventilation outlet is installed near the exit point of the chimney, then its height should be flush with the chimney.

pipes, fungi, caps, what better to buy in Moscow

Height of the ventilation vent in relation to the ridge of the roof
  • On a flat roof adhere to the recommended level of at least 50 cm.

  • Consider how far the ridge is at. Make a height greater than 50 cm, if the distance from the pipe to the ridge is in the limit of 1.5 meters.

  • If the distance from the ridge to the pipe exceeds 1.5 meters, then the height must be at the level of the ridge or be above this part of the roof.

Based on these factors and the requirements of the SNiP, choose a place for the ventilation pipe.

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Stages of installation of the ventilation outlet

When the place of ventilation exit is designed, they are transferred to the main part of the work - installation. The installation of the ventilation pipe above the roof takes place in several stages:

  • before the start of all works, the installation site is cleaned of moisture and dirt;

  • make a markup, which corresponds to the diameter of the outlet pipe;

  • with a special tool cut a hole in each layer of the roof (first in the roofing, then in the next layers of waterproofing and insulation);

  • using a liquid sealant, attach the gasket;

  • on top of the gasket, fix the grommet and fasten it to the roof, using screws I

  • vertically adjusted and fixed by means of fasteners duct pipe.

pipes, fungi, caps, what better to buy in Moscow

Waterproofing of the ventilation outlet - one of the most important stages of work

After completing the main stages of the installation of the ventilation outlet, carry out additional work and install auxiliary devices.

Important points of installation

When installing the upper part of the ventilation system, they take into account the material from which the roof was made. Building on this factor, installation may differ slightly between different roofing materials. For example, if a ventilation passage through a roof of metal tile is mounted, a flexible sheet is used for waterproofing this area. This is due to the fact that to fill all the irregularities and eliminate the possibility of moisture ingress can only flexible material.

It is also taken into account that the upper ventilation elements overlook the street. Therefore, they are exposed to environmental factors (for example, temperature drops), due to which individual parts or the entire ventilation system in a house can fail. To prevent the influence of natural factors and increase the service life of products, produce insulation.

There are products on the market that are manufactured with thermal insulation, but their cost is higher than ordinary products. When installing simple options, insulated with special materials.

pipes, fungi, caps, what better to buy in Moscow

The order and mounting scheme of the vent
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Polypropylene shells are one of the most common insulating materials for insulating the upper parts of ventilation with a number of advantages. Insulation put on the pipe and secured with wire in the joints. Sometimes the seams are immediately equipped with special latches for ease of installation and the formation of a protective structure.

To insulate the ventilation pipes on the roof, use other heaters. The main condition is compliance with technical standards and safety requirements.

When you finish work with a compactor, apply compactors. At the end, a good fixation of the material is carried out so that rain or wind will not damage it.

pipes, fungi, caps, what better to buy in Moscow

Some ventilation pins are sold almost ready-made - they only need to be connected and sealed under the roofing

Additional equipment that improves performance ventilation system

To improve the efficiency of the ventilation system, install additional equipment.


  • Deflectors . Nozzles are installed to reduce pressure and increase thrust, which occurs as a result of the blow of the wind in the side walls. They are mounted on the extreme high points of the ventilation system.

  • Aerators . Improve air circulation between the outer roofing and the thermal insulation layer. They are often used when there is not enough natural thrust, increased humidity and poorly exchanged air.

  • Visors . One of the parts of the special cap that protects the ventilation outlet from the ingress of foreign objects.

  • Kapelnik . The second part of the cap. It removes rain and melt water from the visors, preventing moisture from getting inside the pipe.

The process of fixing the pipe on the roof is shown in the video:

Vent for metal tile

Often, together with the output of the hood to the roof through metal tile work is being done to create ventilation for the roof itself. Roof ventilation is also important for the whole house. Over the entire period of operation of the roof, condensate accumulates between its layers, which can destroy the material.

In order to provide the roof with air circulation, create a ventilation outlet for the metal tile. There are several methods of installation of the hood, one of which is the connection to the main duct with a corrugated pipe.

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The removal of the hood to the roof requires professionalism. In order for unpleasant smells to leave the premises of the house, and the ventilation served for a long time, even the most insignificant rules must be observed.

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