How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

The owners sometimes devote even more attention to the design of a country house than to the decoration of a city apartment. If the city is usually full-length housing, then in houses in the country the space is often limited and this serves as an excellent warm-up for the owner’s imagination when planning the design of a small country house. Especially a great desire to restore order arises after all those things that no one had previously thrown into a landfill moved to the dacha to the dacha. Now they aimlessly occupy a place not on the balcony, but in a country house, but they have to forget about rest in cleanliness and comfort.

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

Driving trash to a dacha is wrong housing in different styles and adapt them to your needs. Moreover, the general rules for the use of small space always remain the same.

Small cottage: how to use the space

The size of a typical summer cottage is on average 30 m² with an attic. Therefore, it is important to properly dispose of the place. Get rid of excess furniture and equipment.

Light tones and mirrors visually expand the space. Items should be a minimum: kitchen cabinet, dining table, chair and bed. In the store it is difficult to find the perfect furniture, so it is easier to make it yourself or ask friends to help.

It is better to leave the center of the common room free in order to expand the room. Furniture-transformer helps to save space in the house. It can be a sliding dining table, chair-bed or a folding sofa. In the kitchen, there is usually enough a refrigerator, a stove for 1-2 burners and several open shelves.

Always remember that a mini-cottage is needed for rest, not for storing rubbish.

Miniature houses

Today, very small change houses are popular. Their area is 7-8 m², but even in such conditions you can comfortably equip a place to rest.

All furniture is placed along the walls. Here, without transformers can not do. For storage will fit the boxes, built-in niche sofa or table and mezzanine.

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

An example of the compact interior of a house-change house

The bed can be placed on a small platform under the ceiling. The height is enough 1.5 m from the roof level. The ladder is suitable ladder or capital, under which the closet is located.

Place kitchen utensils on the shelves so as not to clutter the room. Furniture with smoothed corners provide more space for passage. Competent layout allows you to even equip the bathroom inside the cabins (dry closet and shower).

Examples of solutions for saving space on video:

In what style to decorate the cottage

One of the traditional styles suits the villa : Country, Provence, Scandinavian, Classic or Retro. All of them use natural materials and soothing colors for decoration. To determine the stylish interior to give, examples in the photo below.


American country is characterized by natural materials in the decoration of rooms and furniture. As well as simple patterns on textiles. Shades are used pastel and woody.

Country welcomes the simplicity of the form - a circle or square. No extra items in the room should not be.

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

American Country

The common room has a lamp shade, sofa, soft carpet, or imitation of animal skin. On the walls of pictures in the framework. On the table is a checkered tablecloth. A rocking chair in front of the fireplace, rugs and small pillows are also part of country music. If there is a sleeping place in the common room, then you can hide it behind a curtain or a row of wooden columns.

A bedroom furnished on the attic does not need extra furniture. Maximum - bed, wardrobe, dressing table or dresser. Onions in long nets and mushrooms on a rope are part of the design of a country house in the American style.

Country likes those who suffer from country life. Simple, comfortable and beautiful.


According to the French tradition of Provence, wooden furniture is painted white. Sheath fabric with pastel colors with floral ornaments. The legs of the chairs are curved and decorated with carvings. Be sure to light curtains on the windows. Allowed wallpaper with a small pale pattern. At the same time, the basement of the walls is lined with light wood panels.

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

Romantic Provence creates an atmosphere of relaxation.

White prevails in the interior of Provence. This is good for a small country house, which will become more spacious. In the house should be a lot of plants in pots and vases. Rare hours and lamps, family photos, openwork napkins are part of the decor of the French countryside.

Provence is great for holiday homes. In such a house is always comfortable, light and calm.

Scandinavian style

This design direction is similar to the old Russian one.It is based on natural, white or yellow wood. The walls, floor and ceiling are sheathed in plain panels. The furniture is simple, angular. Allowed bright accents in the decor:

  • Colored sofa cushions

  • Striped rugs

  • Souvenirs

The Scandinavian style is discreet and cold. In the summer in such a house it will be nice to relax from the heat. The interior does not require a lot of furniture and trifles. If the curtains, then roll or tulle. Tablecloths and napkins do not spread. But there should be a lot of fixtures. Cabinets in height at the level of the dresser. For books hang open shelves. As an ornament, Scandinavians love deer and tree branches.

This style of dacha interior is suitable for unpretentious household families or single owners.

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

Laconic Scandinavian style for the Russian country house


Classic style is luxury and chic. From materials uses wood, marble, velvet. The color scheme of saturated colors: brown, white, gold, green, burgundy.

The classic interior of a living room in a country house looks like this. Furniture on curved legs, decorated with gilded monograms around the perimeter. On the walls and ceiling frescoes, stucco plaster or modern polyurethane foam. Tiered chandeliers, sconces with classic round lamps or candle-shaped.

Textiles are thick and heavy. The windows have double curtains - organza and velvet with drapes and tassels. The tablecloth on the table is wide, to the very floor, and the edges are fringed. The ornament on the fabric with curls or stripes.

Classic loves crystal: in a sideboard, on thumbs, chandeliers. As well as expensive paintings in luxurious baguettes and other antiques.

The classic style will look organic in a large country house. Suitable for conservative residents.

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

Luxurious classics in the country for aristocratic natures


Retro is a favorite and simple style for the country. Furniture, accessories, kitchen utensils of the Soviet era probably remained in every family. Many electrical appliances are still functioning. It is a pity to throw it away, and in a country house a steel iron or a “Baby” machine will still last for several decades.

Grandma's buffet or wardrobe will look decent against the background of other furniture of the last century. If the trim on the couch worn out, it is easy to replace it with a similar one.

For typical retro striped wallpaper, wooden floor, whitewashed ceiling. Natural materials: wood, cotton, flax, wool. Cabinet furniture polished.

Comfort is created by carpets, bright pillows with embroidery, rugs with rhombuses, reproductions and black-and-white photographs in frames. As well as lamps with wide lampshades. The stores have a large selection of items for interior design in retro style, if suddenly at home nothing has survived.

A dacha in the spirit of the Soviet time is ideal for lovers of the 80s. There will always be vivid memories from the past.

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

Cottage in retro style will remind you of the good old days

Functional zones in the country house

In a typical country house There is a bedroom, living room and kitchen. If the building is one-story, then at least two functional areas are in the same room. Therefore, we need a distribution of space.

The first option is a bed in the living room. To make everyone comfortable, the bed is hidden behind curtains, a screen, wooden columns or plywood partitions. Alternatively, install a loft bed in the far corner of the room.

The kitchen-living room can be divided by the bar. She will become a dining table. If there is a glazed porch, then it is better to eat there. The tile with the refrigerator will also fit in the corner. Then the house will become a full-fledged resting place.

When all three main zones have to be in the same room, the same interior items will help you live comfortably. The kitchen is better equipped closer to the living room. If there is a shortage of space, the owners will sleep on a single sofa, an inflatable mattress or a cot.

When there is a second floor in the country, the design should be the same. Zoning is useful if there are several beds for adults and children upstairs. You can separate them with a bookcase or partition.

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

Miscellaneous flooring and columns are zoning the country house

Lifehacks for the house interior

Even on summer nights it is cold therefore it is necessary to provide for heating in the house. Fireplace or wood stove will be the center of evening gatherings. In this case, for a small house, it is necessary to take into account that electric models save space with the same heat transfer. Old Russian style corresponds to the traditional clay stove. In our time - brick, plastered and painted with white paint. On it you can adapt to cook. To entrust the work of installing a fireplace or stove is better for professionals who take care of fire safety and long equipment life.

There are a lot of useful and unusual things that will be useful in the country.Example on the video:

At the cottage you can show all your talents. For example, in the carpentry business. Make a bed with your own hands from scrap materials:

  • Old doors

  • Parts of the dismantled cabinet

  • Wooden pallets

  • Runners from large sleds, etc.

Instead of a heavy, dusty mattress in the country, an inflatable bed would be appropriate. At the end of the season, just blow it off and put it in a drawer. Craftsmen-smiths can try to make a metal sleeper with a beautiful twisted headboard. Another option is to hide the bed in the closet. It will be put forward and clean up on gas-lifts or hinges.

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

A fireplace at the cottage - heating and a place for conversations

Needlework at the cottage is welcome. You can decorate the screen in decoupage technique. Embroider a bead or cross picture. Decorate your lamp shade with a beautiful cloth, woolen thread, or tin can lids. For lovers of knitting in the country, there is also a use: rugs, blankets, napkins, vases, cozy slippers. Blind between the rooms can be done by hand. For this you need a fishing line or a thick thread, filler, glue and cornice. String anything you want:

  • Beads

  • Twisted colored cardboard

  • Hollow wood

  • Buttons

  • Knitted balls

  • Shells, etc.

Any thing made with your own hands will add comfort and warmth to the dacha interior.

The exterior of the cottage

The house on the garden plot is usually built of bricks, logs or foam concrete. External design style may be different: modern or classic. The main thing is that the elements and colors are in harmony with the design inside the villa.

For country, the facade cladding should be under the tree - natural or as plastic panels. Open terrace, many rectangular windows, soft tile roof.

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

The facade in Provence style is surrounded by flowers and greens.

Provence needs decorative plaster or stone on the facade. The shutters on the windows, flower beds around the house. The main palette of finishing materials: white, beige, brown, pale yellow.

A tree is used to support Scandinavian design. The house itself may be blocky, but painted in pastel colors or sheathed clapboard. The windows are large for natural light. The roof of the metal.

The facade of a classic house is decorated with stucco. The walls can be brick or concrete, painted in light colors. Many narrow windows and columns always bleach.

A brick summer cottage suits the retro style. Usually, an orange simple ornament (rhombus, dotted line) is embedded in white walls. Roof of slate or modern ndulina. The fence should be a type of shtaketnika - low and translucent.

General tips

You can create the interior of a country house, the photo of which you liked very much, on your own. The following points are important:

  • Safety materials

  • Functional furniture

  • Washable wallpaper and textiles

  • Primary, tint and contrast color

  • Large and bright windows

  • Zoned area

How to make the interior of a country house inside: photo

Functional wardrobe-bed will save space at the cottage

The house is equipped in terms of practicality. It's not scary if you can mix several styles into one. The main thing is to make it harmonious and comfortable.


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