Stoves fireplaces wood for a country house, prices in Moscow, description, how to choose, photo

Modern stoves for a country house are full-fledged heating appliances with high efficiency. And if you consider that many models have a hob, and some ovens, the burning of fuel passes with a "double" efficiency.

Stoves fireplaces wood for a country house, prices in Moscow, description, how to choose, photo

A fireplace stove with a hob and oven

Features of burning solid fuel

A classic fireplace stove for a house with wood with an open hearth do not meet modern requirements for energy efficiency. The efficiency of an ordinary wood fireplace is generally one of the lowest - no more than 20%. A Russian stove or a dutch woman is more efficient, but not by much. The reason for this is a high burning rate and the need for large volumes of fresh air. And this leads to the following consequences:

  • warm air just flies into the pipe, and its place in the room is cold, which must be heated again;

  • solid fuel does not have time to completely burn through - there is a lot of solid residues in the ashes;

  • large traction carries away unburned fuel particles with smoke;

  • 1> smoke contains carbon monoxide CO, which is not completely burned carbon - ideally it should burn out to safe carbon dioxide CO 2 ;
  • do not have time to completely burn formed pyrolysis gases.

Note! In addition to carbon, there are other combustible substances in wood (and other solid fuels) that are released (evaporated) when heated. For firewood, it is methyl alcohol, benzene, acetone and other less familiar components. And if we talk about visible signs of burning pyrolysis gases, then this is the "favorite" all languages ​​of flame.

Stoves fireplaces wood for a country house, prices in Moscow, description, how to choose, photo

A closed firebox eliminates the possibility of carbon monoxide getting into the room

Furnaces and fireplaces for houses with closed fireboxes that work in the mode of long burning and almost completely burn the fuel.

Long-burning stove

The working principle of a long-burning fireplace has much in common with similar heating solid-fuel boilers.

A common symptom is burning with a lack of oxygen. As in the gas boiler, there is a "smoldering" of wood. As a result, flammable gases are released, which burn down along with carbon monoxide (CO) in the upper part of the chamber. The burning temperature of pyrolysis gases is higher than that of "pure" carbon. More heat is emitted, and all fractions of fuel are burned with almost no residue.

The difference from the gas generator boiler is non-volatility. There is no forced air supply, although it also takes place separately:

  • in the lower part - “primary air” (including for ignition of firewood and work in normal mode);

  • in the upper part of the furnace - "secondary air" (when switching to long-burning mode).

But for the "independence" of electricity you have to pay - the efficiency of stoves and fireplaces for long burning is less than that of boilers. Although the best models can "boast" quite high rates of 75-85%.

Stoves fireplaces wood for a country house, prices in Moscow, description, how to choose, photo

Long-burning stove in the interior of the house
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In addition, with the same volume of the combustion chamber, the stoves have less firewood compared with long-burning boilers. That imposes restrictions on both the duration of continuous combustion and thermal power.

There are differences between boilers and stoves in the way of heating the room. Independent heating systems with boilers heat the house due to the presence of a "water jacket" and the transportation of heat carrier through pipes to radiators. For stoves this is one of the possible options. Any model of a stove-fireplace still heats the room due to the radiation of heat by the body (this ability is less at the fireplace). There are convection heating fireplaces and stoves for a country house - they can heat both one room and several, if a part of the pipes surrounding the firebox is “closed” to the air ducts.

Note! In Moscow and the region there are specialized companies that offer the development and implementation of projects for "air" heating of country houses and cottages with fireplaces or stoves-fireplaces.

But the main feature of fireplaces and stoves for a country house is the atmosphere of comfort that they create. The kind of "dancing" flame behind large transparent doors is the best way to relax in the evening after a busy day.

Stoves fireplaces wood for a country house, prices in Moscow, description, how to choose, photo

Fans of sitting by an open fire can open a fireplace hearth


To achieve such a high level of efficiency by the fireplace or brick kilns are almost impossible. Gas-dynamic combustion processes in the furnace are quite complex and depend on many parameters.Repetition of finished projects manually from such a "piece" material as fireclay bricks will not give stable results - each copy will be individual.

Factory fireplace stoves and fireplace inserts make it possible to translate design characteristics into real ones with great accuracy. And each model before launching into serial production passes a mandatory test cycle, which confirms the specified parameters.

Structurally, a wood-burning stove for a house on wood is a completely ready heating device that you just need to install in place. For removal of combustion products use special factory pipes specified by the manufacturer. A model, power, method of installation and heating, additional options - all this is chosen based on the area, architectural features of the house, seasonality of living and other "individual" customer requirements.

Unlike a fireplace insert, stoves do not require installation in any brick or stone structure. They do not need a portal and a chimney shelf - there is already a finished building with decorative trim.

Stoves fireplaces wood for a country house, prices in Moscow, description, how to choose, photo

Even despite the closed furnace body, safety requirements should be in the first place
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The fire chamber and doors from heat resisting glass are specially arranged. "Secondary" air is supplied from below and, before reaching the upper part of the furnace, blows through the glass, preventing it from settling down with soot.

The relatively small size and weight of metal stoves do not require reinforcement of the foundation, and especially the laying of a separate foundation (as is the case with brick fireplaces and stoves). They do not need massive brick chimneys, and the ceramic and metal pipes used to divert combustion products weigh a little. The main thing is that the floor and the floor withstand the cumulative load.


The furnace body is made of steel or cast iron. And as a decorative finish can be used ceramics (for example, majolica or tiles), tiles made of natural stone, inserts of artistic cast iron. But the "simple" models, in which the steel case is covered with enamel, look very attractive. They also produce models in high-tech style with stainless steel case.

Cast iron is considered the most reliable material of the firebox. It warms up longer, but also cools more slowly, does not corrode, "lighter" transfers temperature drops and does not deform, is more durable at high intensity of operation.

Stoves fireplaces wood for a country house, prices in Moscow, description, how to choose, photo

Cast iron stove for a country house

Steel furnaces, even from a heat-resistant alloy, burn faster than cast iron, but they are more lightweight and easier to manufacture. In expensive models of furnaces, the inner surface of steel fireboxes is protected with special heat-resistant materials - lining. To do this, use:

  • cast iron;

  • chamotte (refractory clay);

  • special ceramics capable of withstanding up to 1500 ° C (the know-how of some manufacturers, for example, MCZ is the Alutec brand composition from a mixture of chamotte clay, aluminum and titanium);

  • vermiculite-based composite materials (in directories often passes simply as "vermiculite").

Features of selection and operation

The advantage of a completely finished structure is that it does not need to be installed. But it has a downside. Furnaces-fireplaces can not heat the next room due to the radiation of heat by the wall, as is done by built-in fireplaces or wall brick stoves installed on an interior partition. A stove for a country house of several rooms must be equipped with a water or air jacket to create a heating system.

Stoves fireplaces wood for a country house, prices in Moscow, description, how to choose, photo

The scheme of the stove in the water heating system
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For small cottages and cottages for seasonal living, the best option is air heating. And although there are no batteries in the scheme that can accumulate heat, convection ovens warm up the house faster and there are no problems with defrosting the system.

For giving from one room (studio) the furnace fireplace is the best decision.

The criteria for choosing the power of the furnace do not differ from the generally accepted ones - with normal house insulation and a ceiling height of up to three meters per 1 kW there is 10 m 2 . In this regard, stoves have their own advantages.

The power range of models without a water circuit lies within 4-12 kW. This allows you to heat a separate room with an area of ​​up to 40 m 2 , and a small house at 120-150 m 2 . Although there are manufacturers who produce fireplaces with a heat output of more than 15 kW.

The total power of the water-heated stove can reach up to 25 kW.But for such models, there is a separation of thermal power according to the method of recoil - they separately indicate how much the coolant receives and how much is radiated by the body. For example, if 8 kW of 24 kW of rated power is emitted into the air, then 16 kW of water “takes”. In this case, the room where there is a stove, can have an area of ​​up to 80 m 2 , and another 160 m 2 other rooms are heated with radiators of water heating.

Obviously about the heating of the house with a wood-burning stove, see the video:


In the catalogs of shops you can find offers to sell domestic stoves, fireplaces from 5000 rubles. These are compact modern fireplaces for a country house of steel without lining of the fuel chamber and a choice of burning modes. In some ways, such samples are analogs of the simplest "burzhuek" with a glass door. They even have a small hob, but there is no secondary afterburning of fuel and long burning (economy modes). Although as a heater for a small garden house is a good option.

Stoves fireplaces of domestic production in the "normal" version start from 15,000 rubles. The power of such models lies within 6-9 kW, they do not have a water jacket, but there may be a lining of a steel furnace, and the decorative finish is the simplest - heat-resistant enamel and ceramic tile.

Stoves fireplaces wood for a country house, prices in Moscow, description, how to choose, photo

Engineer Fireplace

Tiles, stainless steel and natural stone tile trimming, combustion mode adjustment, obligatory lining of the firebox - This set is found in domestic models from 20,000 rubles. The same options for stoves performed by European "inexpensive" manufacturers (for example, Polish and Slovak) start at 25,000 rubles. And "Italians", "Germans" and "Scandinavians" have an even greater value.

Domestic wood-burning stoves for a house that can heat a house with an area of ​​over 100 m 2 , with high performance in power and efficiency, will cost in the range of 30,000 rubles. up to 70,000 rubles. But this is not the limit. Leading European manufacturers offer real masterpieces in terms of decorative stoves, fireplaces and heating and cooking stoves from 70,000 rubles. up to 400,000 rubles. And it is not necessary that such expensive models will have high power.

A fireplace stove may be stationary. For a brick oven that is used for water heating, see the video:

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It is easy to choose a small stove for heating the cottage and garden house. It is even easier to install it - usually delivery is organized by trading organizations, and when a certain threshold of cost is exceeded, it is included in the price. But if the same task is facing the owner of a country house, and the furnace is only part of the autonomous heating system (albeit the main one), then the selection and installation should be entrusted to professionals.


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