Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Aerated concrete is a versatile modern building material. High-quality low-rise houses and various additional buildings are being built from it. In particular, it is actively used for the construction of garages. In this article we will talk about how the project of a garage is made of aerated concrete, what norms and standards of size apply, what can be a garage by type of construction and planning solution.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Aerated concrete garage

Before starting the design, you should carefully consider the design of the future garage. It should be decided whether it needs an inspection pit, what should be the height of the gate, whether the garage will be designed for one, two or three cars, whether it should be made attached to the house or detached, how much free space should be left to store tools. In addition, you need to think that the garage can be a multifunctional building, supplemented by a boiler room, pantry, summer kitchen or even a bath.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Garage with attached summer kitchen

Project types

Despite the fact that the garage belongs to additional buildings Its construction should be based on a professional project. Only a qualified designer will be able to correctly calculate the foundation so that it does not turn out to be too expensive, but at the same time it has sufficient strength. He will be able to provide the garage building with the necessary security, which is especially important when arranging garages attached to the house. There are many more important nuances - high-quality ventilation, insulation, summing communications.

There are two ways to get a project for the construction of a garage: to purchase a ready-made standard architectural design or to make an individual order to the architect. Typical designs are more popular. They are inexpensive and offered by design organizations in a wide range. Individual projects, specially created for a specific customer are needed in cases when you need to build a custom complex garage. For example, if it is planned to build on a plot with a strong incline, or if you need a garage with a utility block of a certain unusual layout.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Garage on a plot with a slope
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Garage size

A garage room can be designed for one or several cars. Usually, a single-car garage is built and an outdoor parking space with a carport is built nearby. Recently, however, more and more are building garages for two cars. If necessary, build a garage for three or more cars using individual projects.

In order to determine the parameters of a room for one car, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the car, as well as the dimensions of all the equipment and inventory that will need to be placed next to the car.

The minimum garage size is calculated based on the parameters of the machine and without taking into account the placement of inventory. At the same time to the length, width and height of the car add 0.5 meters, and thus get a dimensional minimum. However, such small buildings are built, as a rule, from light materials. The result is an economical portable structure. But from aerated concrete, solid buildings are erected, in which everything is provided for comfortable operation.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Garage dimensions for 1 car

Standard garage sizes for one car are as follows: 6 meters long, 4 meters wide, 2, 3 meters high. This standard is used in the construction of typical garages and meets the needs of all motorists. In any case, for convenient use, you must have a height of about 40 cm above the head of a standing person and 50 cm from all sides from the car to the walls or racks.

For two vehicles, calculations are made in the same way. In this case, it is necessary to provide a distance of at least 1 meter between two cars. When designing a double garage is often planned a separate race for each car. In some cases, provides for general arrival and one wide gate.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Sizes of a garage for 2 cars
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Location of the garage on the lot

Before choosing or ordering a garage project, it is necessary to determine the place for it on the lot. Many of its architectural parameters depend on how the building is located. When choosing a place, it is necessary to take into account all existing norms and rules, as well as the principles of a rational distribution of the site space.

Tips on the location of the garage on the plot

Norms of SNiP

Formally, the garage is an economic building, and its placement must be adhered to regulations relating to such buildings. For example, a distance of at least 6 meters must be maintained from the garage to the buildings on the adjacent plot. This distance can be reduced only if there is a written agreement with the neighbors.

If the garage is planned as a separate building, it must be at least 8 meters from it to other stone and concrete structures. If the plot already has a wooden structure, then the garage should be placed no closer than 10 meters from it. From the house you need to retreat at least 3 meters.

If you plan to equip a drive to the garage directly from the roadway, it should be “drowned” into the depth of the plot by 1 meter. This is to ensure that when you open the garage door did not obstruct the passage or passage along the fence. These and other standards need to be carefully studied. But it is better to consult with experts involved in the preparation of master plans for private households.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

General layout option with a cottage and attached garage

Fire safety

Most of the regulations included in the SNiP are necessary for ensure garage construction of sufficient fire safety. It is worth noting that with strict observance of all fire regulations, you can build a garage closer than provided in the regulations. But this applies only to unheated automotive buildings.

Garage attached to the house

If fire safety in a free-standing garage is achieved primarily through adherence to standard distances to neighboring objects, the extension garage requires additional measures. In addition, the extension must be designed with the planning decisions of the house. Therefore, projects attached garages are drawn up more carefully.

Houses with attached garages

It is advisable to have an attached garage in the cottage project. However, you can finish building a room for the car and to the already erected house. To do this, next to the facade, in which the project has no windows, a lightweight foundation is being constructed.

Houses with attached garages are designed according to certain rules. Garage extension in most cases adjacent to the right or left facade of the cottage. Sometimes, when designing a house for a narrow plot, a garage can become an element of the main facade. Often, the entrance to the garage and the entrance to the house are united by a single porch with a common shed. In many projects an internal entrance to the garage from the house is planned. For maximum security, the entrance to the garage from the residential part of the building is made out of a protective buffer zone. This can be a continuous boiler room or a storeroom, or simply a separation platform.

It is very important to consider building codes in the project. It is mandatory to maintain the distance from the attached garage to the neighboring plot of 5 meters. From the entrance to the garage to the nearest window or door must be at least 2.5 meters. From the ridge of the garage roof to the window of the house should be at least 2 meters.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Variant of a house project with an attached garage

Built-in garage

A built-in garage is one that is located on one foundation with the house and is its structural part. Such an architectural solution has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a separate foundation for a garage of aerated concrete may be less complex and expensive than the foundation of a house. Therefore, the extension is cheaper. On the other hand, the garage as part of the cottage turns out to be warmer, it is easier to bring all the communications to it, it is initially included in the layout of the first floor.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

The layout of the first floor of the cottage with a built-in garage

Garage in the basement

The basement is the technical part of the building , no more than half recessed into the ground. Above the ground, the ground floor rises no more than two meters. The construction of the basement is not cheap. But in it you can put all the technical premises, including the garage.

The design of the garage in the basement is complicated by the fact that you need to calculate an inclined ramp for arrival, as well as a reliable drainage system, without which the garage will be flooded during precipitation and melting snow. In addition, the automobile room must be provided with the most reliable ventilation system, and walls and ceilings must be especially carefully protected from fire.

Sometimes, instead of a ramp, special lifting devices are constructed to avoid oblique arrival, but they require the use of rather complex and expensive equipment.

Elevator to the underground garage

Construction of a garage made of aerated concrete

First, materials are calculated on the basis of the project.It is better to entrust this to professionals, since mistakes in the purchase of building materials usually lead to additional material costs. It is also better to choose gas-blocks with the help of a specialist in order to protect oneself from the acquisition of low-quality material or aerated concrete of the wrong type, which is provided by the designer.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Varieties of aerated concrete blocks

It is also very important at the design stage to think over the design of the foundation. In order to correctly determine its depth, it is necessary to take into account all the features of the soil on the site - the depth of groundwater, heaving of the soil, the depth of frost penetration, etc. All these data are needed primarily in the construction of the house, therefore at the time of the garage construction they are usually available to the homeowner. If they are not, you must first consult with experts, and only then draw up a draft garage.

The construction process begins with a markup. It is performed using threads and stakes. Marking is necessary in order to provide the corners and walls of the future garage with the correct geometry. After drawing a marking the foundation arrangement begins. Since aerocrete is a lightweight material, a garage can be built from them on a strip foundation recessed 40-50 cm.

For a strip foundation, they dig a trench of the desired depth and width, focusing on the marking thread. The bottom of the trench is covered with sand and rubble, then wooden formwork is mounted, the framework of reinforcement is laid and concrete is poured.

Construction of strip foundations for the garage

In areas with complex soil characteristics, the tape variant of the foundation does not apply. Instead, build a monolithic slab. The slab foundation allows you to build on areas with loose or mobile soil, as well as at high groundwater levels. This variant of the foundation is carried out in two stages. First, the reinforcing mesh is laid under the entire construction, then the site is filled with concrete. After the concrete has set, this construction will become a solid monolithic slab, which does not allow the building to move or deform. The thickness of the slab under the garage of aerated concrete is from 10 to 60 cm. If a simple one-story building is erected for one passenger car, a minimum thickness of 10 cm is sufficient. In all other cases, you need to rely on the architect's calculations.

At the next stage walls are made of aerated concrete. Blocks are usually placed on a special adhesive solution. To make the structure more reliable and durable, reinforcement of walls is used. Construction must be carried out in strict accordance with the project documentation.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

A garage of gas blocks in the construction process

After the garage box is completed, install the roof and install the gate. Then they warm the garage, if it was provided for in the project, install all the elements of the ventilation system, connect the communications and carry out the finishing work.

A separate stage is the construction of a viewing pit. It can only be done in a garage with a strip foundation. The pit requires particularly thorough waterproofing of the bottom and walls. It is necessary to veneer it with high quality materials that can withstand high humidity and sudden changes in temperature.

The interior and exterior of the automotive space can be made of any lining materials. The main thing is that they are not flammable and non-toxic. The easiest way to plaster a garage of aerated concrete blocks, both outside and inside. This is the most practical and economical way of facing, allowing you to choose any color solution for the interior and exterior of the building.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Garage lined with plaster
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Variants of aerated concrete garage projects

Aerated concrete blocks are versatile building materials from which you can build a warm and reliable garage, complete with a full-fledged utility unit. Often, aerated concrete garages are built with terraces, summer kitchens or baths. In addition, this material makes it easy to build garages attached to the house.

Project of a garage with hozblok

Below is a draft of the simplest garage for one car. The building is complemented by a convenient hozblok. Such a garage can be built as a separate building. But it can be attached to the house. The second option involves the internal entrance to the house from the garage and from the hozbloka. Choosing a similar project should pay attention to the fact that the utility room is designed separate from the garage, with a rendered entrance. It can be used as a boiler room, pantry or storage for garden tools. At the same time, the parameters of the automobile room allow you to install racks along the walls, on which it will be possible to place all the tools for car maintenance.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Garage with separate utility unit

Spacious garage project

The next project is the basis of the most simple in building space for auto. There is no separate storage, but there is enough free space to accommodate all the necessary. This garage is ideal for motorists who spend a lot of time in the garage. Free space can be arranged with the help of comfortable furniture.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Spacious garage for one car

Project of a garage for two cars

The following project is designed to accommodate two cars . Here is provided a hozblok, which is connected to the automobile room by the internal entrance. In addition, the utility room in this development is a checkpoint, and if you attach such a garage to the house, you can make it the entrance to the house. In the drawing to the left of the hozblok marked canopy for one machine. It can be located to the right of the building or just before entering the garage room. In any case, the canopy increases the functionality of the whole structure.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Garage for two cars with hozblokom

Garage project with bath

Aerated concrete blocks allow you to build buildings of any complexity . Therefore, some homeowners, having enough space on the plot and some additional funds, build not only garages from aerated concrete, but entire multi-functional complexes. The garage can be combined with a summer kitchen, a terrace for relaxation, or, as in this example, with a bath.

In the present embodiment, the garage room together with the utility block occupies the right wing of the building. In addition to the bath in the building is planned room for the boiler room. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in this project the exit from the garage leads through the bath lounge. For more convenient use and improving the safety of the bath part of the building, it is better to think about going outside through the boiler room, and do not do the door from the garage to the rest room at all.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

Garage with a sauna complex

A cottage project with an attached garage

The following example shows the most common design option attached garage with internal entrance. A house with an automobile room is connected through a buffer zone, the role of which in this case is played by a compact laundry room. Instead, it can be equipped with a boiler room or just a walk-through storeroom. For maximum protection of the residential part of the house, the exit from the garage is also separated from the entrance hall. If the separating buffer rooms are not designed, then car odors and fumes of combustible substances, which are often stored near the car, will penetrate into the living rooms.

Choosing a garage project from aerated concrete - the nuances of using the material

The garage must be reliably isolated from the main room
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Gas-blocks are increasingly used in the construction of garages in suburban areas. This material allows you to quickly and inexpensively build a high-quality home for a car of the desired size and the most suitable layout.


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