Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

In this article, information is collected that such wave sheeting is. You will find out how such a material differs and what are its main operational characteristics, in what areas of construction is profiled with a wave profile, as well as what dimensions and weight a standard covering sheet has. The article contains useful tips on choosing a professional flooring wave and an interesting video about the material. Also at the end there is information about the prices of this coverage in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

Wall of corrugated flooring with a wave profile

A little about wave profiling

Wave profiled is very popular among consumers. Outwardly, it looks like painted slate. Such material differs from the usual professional sheet only in profile. Often this form is used for the roof of barns, warehouses or other technical premises. In addition, wave profiled used to create buildings in the old style.

But still, the direct purpose of a profiled sheet with a wave profile is the facing of the walls and facades of buildings, because most of the corrugated flooring belongs to class "C".

Metal slate of class “C” is galvanized wall steel sheets intended for facing works, as well as erection of fences or fences. This profile is poorly suited for use as a roofing coating because of its low performance. The thickness of this coating varies from 0.35 to 0.8 mm. Since the material has a low bearing capacity, it does not withstand the snow load during heavy snowfall.

Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

Wave sheeting is well suited for the construction of fences

However, as already mentioned, there is also a roofing wave sheeting. It belongs to the classes "H" and "CH". This material is characterized by a sufficiently large sheet thickness and a good bearing capacity. It is used for arranging the roof of both residential and technical buildings.

A profiled sheet is made of thin steel by cold rolling. Of the protective compounds used galvanized and special varnish. Also, the material can be painted with a polymer coating. There is also an aluminum profiled sheet with a wave profile, which itself is well protected from corrosion23.

Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

Rolling wave sheeting

Characteristics of wave sheeting

In many ways, this material is similar to ordinary metal slate.

Operational properties

As already mentioned, the main mass of wave sheeting is facing wall material. The fact is that the bearing capacity of the coating is largely determined by the number of stiffeners. The wave with a big stretch can be called a stiffener.

Only a material with a short wave that complies with GOST 24045 94 is suitable for roofing, according to which it must be able to withstand moderate snow load and an average person's weight.

Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

Wave profiled sheet

Otherwise, corrugated profile with a wavy profile has typical characteristics:

  • High corrosion resistance due to multi-layer protective coating. Steel under polymer dye and galvanized is fully protected from contact with liquid;

  • Quite low weight compared with other roofing coatings . Q1 m of material weighs only 5-7 kg, at a time when the same area of ​​ceramic tiles will weigh 17-20 kg.

  • Decking - universal material . With proper roofing, they can cover roofs with slopes from 3 o .

It should be noted that the professional flooring will be fully protected from corrosion only if during laying no damages in the form of scratches and chips are caused.

Dimensions and weight of sheet

Most sellers are ready to cut or make for you sheets of certain dimensions. But in general there are documented standards by which the dimensions of the wave sheeting are determined.

Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

There are standard sizes of sheeting with a wave profile

The size range of professional sheets of the wave is as follows:

  • Thickness - 0.4, 0.45, 0.5, 0.55, 0.65 and 0.7 mm;

  • The mounting width of the sheet is - 1100 mm;

  • The weight of the running meter length is from 4.3 kg to 7 kg depending on steel thickness;

  • Workpiece width is 1250 mm.

GOST provides for the measurement error of the dimensions of the wave sheeting, which is 1 mm for the height of the profile, 0.8 mm for the width and 10 mm for the length of the sheet.

The length of the sheet is made to order or trimmed on site. Moreover, to work with metal slate, you can use only cold methods. Welding and grinders are not suitable, as they damage the anti-corrosion coating.

Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

Professional sheets can be cut only with the cold method
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It is worth noting that the wave profile is heavier than any other. Therefore, for buildings constructed using a large number of such a profiled sheet, a reinforced foundation is required.

Where wave profiled

is used The corrugated wave for the roof can be used for roofing on a continuous batten. And this is a prerequisite for use, since the bending stiffness of such sheets is small.

Often the professional flooring wave is used by summer residents. Usually they sheathe garages or other non-residential buildings. Such material is good for finishing a complex surface, because it bends quite well.

In the commercial sphere, wave sheeting is used for cladding stores, stalls, kiosks, and for the construction of storage facilities. This material covers trade pavilions.

Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

Wave sheeting is used for cladding storage areas

In construction, corrugated profile sheets are often used to create fireproof partitions that are galvanized steel is able to withstand high temperatures.

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How to choose a wave profiling

The right choice of professional flooring is the key to a long service life of the building. The range of this material is very wide, so it is important not to get lost in it and choose the option that is suitable for the intended purposes.

To begin with, it is worth paying attention to whether the professional sheet complies with GOST 24045 94. This information should be indicated in the product certificate. The fact is that now product certification is a voluntary procedure, the passage of which is a sign of the manufacturer’s good faith.

Next you need to turn to exactly the material that belongs to the necessary scope. So for wall cladding and construction of fences wall professional sheet is used, and for roofing work, bearing or universal.

Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

For the roof, suitable or versatile profiled

material should be of suitable thickness. For the roof it is 0.8-1.2 mm, because the profiled thinner is not able to withstand the average load on the roof. For cladding and fences any thickness is suitable. It is important to choose the right polymer coating: polyester, pural, plastisol and others. After that, you need to choose the dimensions of the sheet.

Depending on the goals, choose a material that is suitable for the bearing capacity: the higher the wave height, the harder the professional sheet. And the last thing you should pay attention to is color.

We recommend to watch this video where a professional will tell you how to choose a professional flooring and what requirements this material should meet:

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How much does a professional flooring cost wave

Now consider such a question as the price of professional flooring wave for a roof and its dimensions. The cost of the material depends on the raw materials (aluminum or steel), the type of polymer coating, sheet thickness and profile.

The most simple is a galvanized, unpainted professional sheet wave. For the thickness of 0.45 mm and the profile MP-20 will have to pay 270 rubles per square meter. m. The same material with a thickness of 0.6 mm will cost 340 rubles for the same area. For the thickness of 0.7 mm you will have to pay 380 rubles already. Unpainted wave sheeting of greater thickness is not available.

Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

A simply galvanized professional sheet costs less than

Now, about a metal slate coated with polymers. A polyester-painted professional sheet 0.4 mm thick with a C21 profile costs from 320 rubles per square meter. m. The material with the same coating thickness of 0.75 mm will cost 480-500 rubles per square meter. m.

Wall profiled profile C08 with plastisol coating and 0.5 mm thick costs at least 540 rubles. It's all about the high cost of coverage.

A video about the production of steel profiled sheeting with a wave profile:

In general, summing up, it should be said that the price of steel wave sheeting ranges from 220 to 700 rubles. The wall professional sheet is cheaper, the carrier is more expensive.

Profiled wave how much is, the size of the sheet wave profiled

Construction sheathed with steel wave profiled

The price of an aluminum profiled sheet with a wavy profile varies from 230 rubles for a thickness of 0.4 mm to 450 per coating 0.75 mm thick. Such material is cheaper only due to the fact that no protective compounds are used in its manufacture.

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Wave profiled sheet is a good and common material. Most often it is used for wall cladding of technical buildings, to create fences and fences, as well as for the construction of commercial facilities. According to its characteristics, the profiled sheet with a wave profile is very close to an ordinary corrugated board. Belongs to the category of available building materials.


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