Easy house with a steel rod

For those who, in addition to bricks and wood, consider other technologies, there is an excellent solution at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country" - houses built using LSTC technology. The abbreviation of four letters means light steel thin-walled structures.

Easy house with a steel rod

The basis of the walls in the house LSTC - metal profiles

What is the technology LSTC

Houses from light steel thin-walled designs is one of the innovative and young types of frame housebuilding in our country. It is based on a durable profile made of sturdy steel with a zinc coating that reliably protects the metal from rust and corrosion.

Such a frame can stand for up to 100 years and preserve the immaculate geometry of the structure. Fully mounted and securely fastened on the foundation of the house is a single holistic design. He is not afraid of hurricanes or earthquakes. With proper care, it can be your family family nest.

A bit of history

LSTC technology was born in the 50s of the last century in Canada, where it was thought up to build private houses, and then public buildings with the help of steel and very light thin-walled structures. In our country, it appeared at the beginning of this century and immediately began to gain popularity among Russians - thanks to the availability, speed of construction, excellent heat and sound insulating properties, and also, importantly, efficiency in operation.

A special feature of the technology is the vast variety of fantasy in the development of architectural and planning solutions: with it you can build a copy of an old Russian manor or a high-tech or fusion house.

Easy house with a steel rod

A light frame can be the basis for the home of any style solution

LSTC technology today

The structure is based on metal frame of various types of steel profiles with a thickness of 0.5-3.0 mm. After assembling the skeleton at home, then it is warmed and sheathed with exterior trim.

The supporting elements of the ceiling are beams, installed with a certain pitch and resting on the longitudinal and transverse walls. For insulation and wall decoration materials are used, which were created by nature itself, which means that they are environmentally friendly and suitable for life. Among them are mineral wool plates, basalt fiber, drywall, glass-magnesium sheet, oriented strand board, plywood, aluminum and much more.

Remember the children's designer? So, the collection of the house on technology LSTK - is an adult designer. Steel and thermal profiles are brought in factory assembly directly to the site. Here, they are assembled at home with the help of standard fasteners: bolts, self-drilling screws, screws, forging riveting. On the inside and outside, structures can be covered with plasterboard sheets. Facade finish can be made of brick, stone, wooden timber or siding.

Easy house with a steel rod

Installing a house according to LSTC technology is no more difficult than assembling a children's designer

LSTC houses are reasonable savings

Oleg Lumps from the company "StroyDom" shows that the technology LSTK will save money on construction even when laying the house. Due to the lightness of the whole structure, there is no need to make a deep foundation, since buildings from LSTC can be erected on different types of soil. Therefore, you can lay a strip foundation, or piles, which will keep a multi-storey building.

Easy house with a steel rod

The weight of the building framework of LSTC allows even “light” foundations to be used

Together with the costs for the foundation, you can significantly reduce the costs of The main building material is a steel profile, as its value is lower than wood or brick. In general, with the help of LSTC, you can build a house of more than 100 square meters. m for 2-3 months from the moment when I came across a picture on an advertising poster, before the turnkey house delivery. On average, in Russia the market value of a square meter of a building using the LSTC technology does not exceed 20 thousand rubles.

Easy house with a steel rod

A house built according to the "Marcel" project can always be seen at the exhibition

The company "StroyDom" also notes that Such buildings are possible all year round, since their construction does not require mortars and cement mortars. This allows the installation of LSTC at any temperature.

How the LSTK house is being assembled can be clearly seen in the following video:

Modern insulation technologies inside the building give your nest comfortable microclimate. And the heat loss is less by half than that of wooden or brick walls of the same thickness. Steel itself is completely harmless to human health and the environment.

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