Reconstruction of the foundation with screw piles: causes, stages of reconstruction, technology

Foundation renovation refers to a series of measures that are carried out to eliminate defects caused by chemical, natural, biological, and mechanical effects on the foundation.

The action algorithm is aimed at strengthening the base and hardening the ground to prevent deformation and destruction of the room.

Reconstruction of the foundation with screw piles: causes, stages of reconstruction, technology

Renovation of the foundation with screw piles

Reasons for the reconstruction

Repair of the foundation is due to the 10 reasons listed below:

  1. Increase in longitudinal and transverse loads.
  2. Ease of laying.
  3. The carrying force of the soil on the site has decreased for some reason.
  4. Roll, internal and external damage, splits and cracks.
  5. The groundwater level began to fluctuate.
  6. Thawing and freezing of the soil at the base.
  7. Presence of karst deformation.
  8. Draft foundation.
  9. It is necessary to correct errors made during the design of the house.
  10. Changes in hydrogeological conditions at the place where the building was constructed.

Reconstruction of the foundation with screw piles: causes, stages of reconstruction, technology

Crack in the foundation

Any of the above reasons should be followed by a reconstruction of the foundation.

Technology of renovation of foundations

Repair of concrete and brick buildings is more difficult to carry out due to heavy room boxes. The reconstruction of the basement of a wooden house is much easier. The skeleton of a wooden dwelling is raised very simply with the help of jacks. The procedure will not be complicated even by a temporary loss of rigidity in a log house.

Reconstruction of the foundation with screw piles: causes, stages of reconstruction, technology

Using a jack to raise a house
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To repair the foundation of a building with a brick box, you will need to use a more powerful method. In rare cases, stone buildings can be lifted, thereby unloading the deformation site in order to get a chance to fix a small part of the foundation.

Because of this, the reconstruction of the foundation and its reinforcement are carried out using the following techniques:

  1. Strengthening the base using clamps and concrete bands that fix the collapsing fragment in the foundation.
  2. Repairing the foundation using a change of structure, strengthening the strength of the base due to compaction of the upper layers of the block with gunning cement.
  3. Increase in the bearing area in the foundation. In this case, the changes will affect only the old foundation, and it will be necessary to build on several new layers to strengthen the support system.
  4. Restoration of soil bearing capacity. This is often used by people involved in the restoration of old buildings and monuments. Also, the method is claimed if necessary to preserve the authenticity of the building after restoration.
  5. Reconstruction of the foundation with piles, in fact - re-equipment of it into a pile-belt type.
Need to know! All of the above methods for strengthening the foundation are carried out by conducting certain excavation works. Therefore, to choose any one technology should be based on the specific case, taking into account the level of destruction and other circumstances.

Preliminary works before reconstruction

Before the process begins, there are several stages of preparation. They will need to find out the real causes of the destruction of the foundation, become familiar with the methods of solving a specific problem, and only then proceed to the works themselves. It is recommended to be serious about identifying the cause. Otherwise, there is a risk to do the work for nothing, and after a while it is necessary to perform the same steps again.

Reconstruction of the foundation with screw piles: causes, stages of reconstruction, technology

The main reasons for the destruction of the foundation

Analysis of the existing situation

Before choosing a method and technology to change the base:

  1. A draft of future work is being drawn up.
  2. Redevelopment volumes are approved.
  3. A preliminary study is being conducted to identify the destroyed place.

To do this, a small trench is dug from the outer sides of the foundation to the depth of concrete to check:

  • are there any places where the cracking process began;
  • whether erosion has appeared;
  • whether flooding is noticed by groundwater.

Reconstruction of the foundation with screw piles: causes, stages of reconstruction, technology

The trench to assess the situation.

If there is a basement in the building, you need to punch holes from the inside of the room.

Strengthening the surface layer

As soon as the mechanical cleaning of the surface of the foundation structure is completed, it should be treated with thin jets of solution, which can be accelerated by a gun to 80 - 90 meters / second.

Thanks to such work, a rather strong and dense layer of concrete appears on the crumbling surface, which increases strength by 18-20%. In addition to the seals of cracks and enhancement of strength, these works are able to provide protection against water.If a layer has been applied, which will not be enough to restore the support function, it is recommended to strengthen the bulk of the foundation by applying bandages or reinforced clips on both sides. In such cases, it is necessary to open damaged areas to the width necessary to install the formwork and reinforcement cage, at least 33-34 cm.

A small part of the steel rods with a grid should be punched into the old foundation and tied with reinforcement. Thanks to this, it is possible to get a rather cheap reconstruction of the base, putting a part of the foundation in a “shoe”.

Reconstruction of the foundation with screw piles: causes, stages of reconstruction, technology

Fittings for building the foundation

The installation of cages and gunning is successfully used to reconstruct the block type of the foundation system: if the destruction of concrete begins, but retained steel reinforcement tape.

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Increase in the carrying capacity of the soil and the bearing surface

Sometimes it is not possible to dig near the base of the building, or it is prohibited for other reasons. In such cases, use another method to increase the carrying capacity of the earth.

  1. The surface of the soil for this is subjected to statistical compaction using jacks. Topsoil, blind area and insulation are removed.
  2. To compensate for the vertical force, a special beam clamp is used on the jack, which transfers the entire load to the wall masonry.
  3. After compaction along the foundation and sediment of the soil, broadening is carried out.

Thanks to this, the base of the foundation is almost doubled. Additional broadening in this case, the reconstruction begins to feel the load only after shrinkage of the foundation in the future.

If the above method did not succeed in increasing the carrying capacity of the soil, professionals recommend installing a drill-inlet pile or drilling wells.

Reconstruction of the foundation with screw piles: causes, stages of reconstruction, technology

Brown injection piles

In the first version, the prismatic pile should be pressed under the base layer pad. This will help compact the soil, thereby locally increasing its stiffness. In most cases, the result is higher for the injection of high-speed composition for the foundation. Such a reconstruction can be considered one of the best options for retaining subsiding soil for monuments erected in places with a high groundwater level or on a slope.

To create a massive cushion using a mechanical auger, a number of cavities are created. Further, a mortar based on calcium chloride and sodium silicate is pumped into this cavity. The result is a chemical compound that is several times stronger than high-quality concrete. The foundation of the Leaning Tower was built in a similar way.

Universal method

With a comparatively low weight of the structure, if the main task concerns heaving of the soil and loss of stability of a high and narrow structure due to small depths, a reconstruction should be carried out by creating an anchor effect and installing inclined piles diagonally. This option is perfect for the reconstruction of the foundation of a country house.

  1. At a distance of not less than 1-2 pile diameters from the base of the building, drill holes that are angled tangentially to the sole should be punched with a drilling tool.
  2. As soon as the installation of a bored or reinforced concrete pile is completed, a system of supports is formed in the soil near the foundation that looks like a crown, which is turned upside down.
  3. After this kind of work, fixing the reinforcement to the bearing walls of the building is performed.

Reconstruction of the foundation with screw piles: causes, stages of reconstruction, technology

Bored piles

Using bored piles, they work with areas of a shallowly recessed foundation. For these procedures it is necessary to make a number of wells near the base and catch the pile support. Tie piles from external sides to the rods of reinforcement, having beaten off beforehand. This compensates for the deposition of the foundation.

Reconstruction of the foundation of a wooden house

The foundations for wooden country houses are made of piles. The building is also installed on a brick support. There are 3 ways to repair such grounds:

  1. Replacing all piles. This method should be resorted to if the supporting elements are completely destroyed or have undergone serious deformations. First you have to jack up the house. Then the chute and pit are dug with a slope for the installation site. Need to install a new prop. It is recommended to use asbestos cement pipes with a length of 20 cm. A cushion of sand and gravel settles down. The pipe is placed vertically, and the cement mixture is fed into it.
  2. The leaned-on pile straightens. The main task is to return the support to its original position. Then you should make horseshoes from the side opposite to the skew. After that, the part is straightened, and the vacant space is filled with cement and gravel mixed with water. The proportions of cement and liquid - 2 to 1.
  3. Reconstruction of a brick pillar. It should be strengthened by means of a concrete belt.

It is worth choosing the method for improving the base, after consulting with a specialist. And for the implementation of the work to hire professional teams of masters.

Detailed video on replacing a spoiled foundation with screw piles:

Finishing a pile-screw foundation

When the reconstruction of the foundation was completed with screw piles, you need to start finishing. There are several basic materials for finishing:

  • bricks;
  • plastic panels;
  • siding;
  • metal sheets.

Reconstruction of the foundation with screw piles: causes, stages of reconstruction, technology

Finishing of the pile-screw foundation
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